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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «The Ivey Mission To develop outstanding business leaders who think globally, act strategically and contribute to the societies in which they operate. Ivey ...»
  2. «Policy Research Working Paper 6439 Public Disclosure Authorized Why Is Voluntary Financial Education So Unpopular? Experimental Evidence from Mexico ...»
  3. «February 2014 1 The authors acknowledge the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Advisory, ...»
  4. «A Thicker Judaism Means a Better World 3.5.16 ~ 25 AdarI 5776 Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg, Beth Am Synagogue Parashat Vayakhel (Shabbat Shekalim) 5776 If you ...»
  5. «Volume Title: Law and Employment: Lessons from Latin American and the Caribbean Volume Author/Editor: James J. Heckman and Carmen Pagés, editors Volume ...»
  6. «Chapter Title: Italians Are Late: Does It Matter? Chapter Authors: Francesco C. Billari, Guido Tabellini Chapter URL: http://www.nber.org/chapters/c8422 ...»
  8. «EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Owners and operators of aircraft equipment are increasingly looking to the debt capital markets for a substantial portion of their ...»
  9. «BLOSSOM HILL NURSERY Celebrating 22 years of growing excellence PLANT LIST 2016 Est.1994 Blossom Hill Nursery 681 Fife’s Bay Road Selwyn, Ont., K9J 6X4 ...»
  10. «Protecting Indigenous Peoples through Socially Responsible Investment BENJAMIN J. RICHARDSON∗ I IMAGINING A NEW APPROACH 2 II THE FINANCIAL SECTOR: A ...»
  11. «Beijing . 2004 Contents Foreword Chapter 1 National Circumstances 1.1 Natural conditions and resources 1.2 Population and society 1.3 Economic development ...»
  12. «Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Open Government Information (Adopted by the State Council on January 17, 2007; Effective May 1, 2008) ...»
  14. «Abstract: Bradley University completed the conversion of all mainframe administrative software to a client/server environment. These mission-critical ...»
  15. «Chapter I General Provisions Article 1 This Law is formulated with a view to safeguarding the healthy development of socialist market economy, encouraging ...»
  16. «Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests (Adopted at the Fourth Meeting of the Standing Committtee of the ...»
  18. «Q4 & FY13 Post Earnings Conference Call April 26, 2013 Participants from Biocon Group’s Senior Management Team Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: Chairman and ...»
  19. «Summary Blooming of self help groups nurtured by Naman Sewa Samiti into a cooperative bank is an inspiring journey of those living on fringes working ...»
  20. «Roles and duties of Datacolor AG Datacolor AG as top holding company of the Datacolor Group manages its business by means of objectives, it is involved in ...»
  21. «HGY/2005/1521 448-454 High Road N17 9JN Extension of temporary planning permission HGY/1998/1687 previously granted on 23.02.1999 for the use of the first ...»
  22. «Tel: (01624) 648800 email: enquiries@snhs.sch.im Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this guide is accurate at the ...»
  23. «Indigenous Peoples and Conservation Janis Alcorn Theme on Governance, Equity, and Rights of the World Conservation Union Commission on Environmental, ...»
  24. «Non-destructive Evaluation of Thick-walled Concrete Structures Proceedings of an OECD/NEA WIAGE Workshop Prague, Czech Republic 17-19 September 2013 ...»
  25. «INTERFACE, UPPSALA 2005 ISBN 91-974705-6-2 ISSN 1652-9529 INTERFACE Series editors Staffan Löfving, Heidi Moksnes, and Lars Rudebeck Design and ...»
  26. «Rethinking the economy with thick description and weak theory J.K. Gibson-Graham Current Anthropology 59, Supplement (forthcoming) 2014 Abstract In this ...»
  27. «Hicham AOUN Date of Birth : October, 18, 1991 Nationality : Lebanon Email : Hicham.aoun@edu.em-lyon.com Tel : +33 (0) 6 52 15 05 63 Professional Profile ...»
  28. «Current position: Professor of Economics, University Toulouse I Capitole (UT1C) Professional Address: Institut d’Economie Industrielle Université ...»
  29. «Project Number Wireless charging for Electric Vehicles Project title: Final Status: UNIFI Authors: CONTI, CRF, ENDESA, ENEL, HELLA, VTEC Contributors: ...»
  30. «The beginning of professional careers is often characterised by intensive job mobility, which may influence wage progression. In this study, we aim to ...»
  31. «However, various sources of grants, loans and funding exist with a mandate that is in line with core infrastructure and service areas of municipalities. ...»
  32. «The Defence Equipment Plan 2012 Contents Foreword 4 Context and Background 5 The Equipment Budget 5 Approach 5 Summary of equipment spending plans 7 ...»
  33. «Developing a Societal Cost Calculator June 22, 2015 Developing a Societal Cost Calculator Table of Contents Introduction _ 3 Developing a Cost Calculator ...»
  34. «Intervening to improve outcomes for vulnerable young people: a review of the evidence Janet Walker and Cam Donaldson This research report was commissioned ...»
  35. «DH INFORMATION READER BOX Estates Policy HR / Workforce Commissioning Management IM & T Planning / Finance Clinical Social Care / Partnership Working Best ...»
  36. «Geoffrey Desa A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington Program ...»
  37. «“TOWARDS EXPANSION OF THE ECONOMY” Presented by Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit Prime Minister and Minister for Finance 23rd July 2014 Madam Speaker, Members ...»
  38. «Madam Speaker, Cabinet colleagues, Members of this Honourable House, Distinguished Guests, Fellow Dominicans, residents and friends. I thank God that I am ...»
  39. «1 Summary Information 2 Company Overview 3 Chairman’s Statement 5 Asset Manager’s Report 8 Directors 9 Service Providers 11 Management Report 12 ...»
  40. «1 Summary Information 2 Company Overview 4 Chairman’s Statement 7 Asset Manager’s Report 10 Directors 11 Service Providers 13 Management Report 14 ...»
  41. «1 Company Overview 4 Chairman’s Statement 6 Asset Manager’s Report 10 Directors 11 Service Providers 13 Management Report 14 Directors’ Report 19 ...»
  42. «1 Overview 3 Chairman’s Statement 5 Asset Manager’s Report 9 Directors 10 Service Providers 12 Management Report 13 Directors’ Report 19 Independent ...»
  43. «1 Summary Information 2 Company Overview 4 Chairman’s Statement 6 Asset Manager’s Report 9 Directors 10 Service Providers 12 Management Report 13 ...»
  44. «Creating business value and development impact in the WASH sector Drawing upon leadership perspectives from Diageo, IBM, Marks & Spencer, The Coca-Cola ...»
  45. «THE BUSINESS SCHOOL FOR FINANCIAL MARKETS ‘Leger est aprendre mes fort est arendre’: Wool, Debt and the Dispersal of Pipewell Abbey (1280-1330) ISMA ...»
  46. «National Institute of Economic and Social Research, 2 Dean Trench Street, London SW1P 3HE A STUDY OF PATENT THICKETS A Study of Patent Thickets* Bronwyn ...»
  47. «IZA DP No. 4433 PAPER Did the National Minimum Wage Affect UK Prices? Jonathan Wadsworth DISCUSSION September 2009 Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der ...»
  48. «IZA DP No. 8419 PAPER Minimum Wage Systems and Earnings Inequalities: Does Institutional Diversity Matter? Andrea Garnero DISCUSSION Stephan Kampelmann ...»
  49. «IZA DP No. 8540 PAPER 30,000 Minimum Wages: The Economic Effects of Collective Bargaining Extensions Pedro S. Martins DISCUSSION October 2014 ...»
  50. «You must read & understand this before driving any Union Vehicle This document is available on different colour pages - please ask at the Transport Office ...»
  51. «Authors: Chin Huang, Nimesh Bhatia, Steve Chu Web address: ibm.com/websphere/developer/zones/hipods Date: April 9, 2009 Status: Version 1 Abstract: ...»
  52. «Economic Conversion, Demobilization and Reintegration - L.J. Dumas ECONOMIC CONVERSION, DEMOBILIZATION AND REINTEGRATION L.J. Dumas School of Social ...»
  53. «Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Twenty-fourth session Vienna, 18-22 May 2015 Agenda item 6 Use and application of United Nations ...»
  54. «Minimum Wages and Changing Wage Inequality in Indonesia Natalie Chun and Niny Khor No. 196 | March 2010 ADB Economics Working Paper Series No. 196 Minimum ...»
  55. «DOCUMENT RESUME El 008 037 ED 119 383 Zymelman, Manuel AUTHOR Financing and Efficiency in Education: Reference for TITLE Administration and Policymaking. ...»
  56. «www.edlc.co.uk EDLC TRUST ANNUAL REPORT 2014 – 2015 CONTENTS Chairman’s introduction 3 Who are we? 4 How well did we do? 10 Review of the year 14 The ...»
  57. «The Acadian Forest offers the best economic potential By Sebastian Manago, Woodlot owner Introduction: First, I want to congratulate you on a well drafted ...»
  58. «PERSONAL  DATA   French citizen, Swiss permanent resident. Born June 30th, 1967, in Paris, France. Married, two children. EDUCATION   2001 UNIVERSITE ...»
  59. «El Niño 2015 Conference Report 1 Introduction 3 Conference program 5 Opening remarks 8 Looking back to move forward 11 Implications of a large El Niño ...»
  60. «Benjamin Collier, Ani L. Katchova, and Jerry R. Skees1 This is an electronic version of a journal article, please cite as: Collier, B., A.L. Katchova, and ...»
  61. «Employers’ Perspectives Part Two: The Minimum Wage System DOL 12081 AUG 12 Rosalind Houghton Labour and Immigration Research Centre Labour Group ...»
  62. «ERIA Discussion Paper Series Disaster Management in ASEAN Yasuyuki SAWADA Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) Fauziah ZEN Economic ...»
  63. «SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS IN ASIA James C. Knowles, Ernesto M. Pernia, and Mary Racelis November 1999 E.M. Pernia is Lead Economist and ...»
  64. «Monetary and Fiscal Operations in the People’s Republic of China: An Alternative View of the Options Available L. Randall Wray and Yolanda Fernandez ...»
  65. «Preliminary observation 1 The following rules are not intended to describe in detail a model system of penal institutions. They seek only, on the basis of ...»
  66. «• Introduction • Annexes: I. Questionnaire for applications for financial assistance from the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Populations ...»
  67. «Report on Corporate Governance Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited (IRFC) is a Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE). Its entire paid up share ...»
  68. «Minimum Wage: Maximum Impact Alan Manning April 2012 © Resolution Foundation 2012 E: info@resolutionfoundation.org T: 020 3372 2960 F: 020 3372 2999 ...»
  69. «Financial Inclusion in Gulbarga: Finding Usage in Access January 2009 Minakshi Ramji Minakshi Ramji (minakshi.ramji@ifmr.ac.in) is a Research Associate at ...»
  70. «-iii - Table of Contents Governors and Trustees Letter from the Senior Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Independent Auditors’ Report ...»
  71. «Christopher Flinn James Mabli Department of Economics Mathematica Policy Research New York University 955 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 801 Cambridge, MA ...»
  72. «William A. Fischel Department of Economics Dartmouth College Hanover, NH 03755 Forthcoming in The Tiebout Model at Fifty: Essays in Public Economics in ...»
  73. «This project was carried out by Forest Peoples Project, the charitable arm of Forest Peoples Programme, in conjunction with CAURWA (Communauté des ...»
  74. «ECONOMIC CHOICE IN DARK TIMES The Vichy Economy Kenneth Mouré University of California at Santa Barbara Alya Aglan, Michel Margairaz, and Philippe ...»
  75. «Promoting Empowerment of People in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and full employment integration and full employment and decent work ...»
  76. «Corporate Participants Dilip Shanghvi Managing Director, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Sudhir Valia Whole Time Director, Sun Pharmaceutical ...»
  77. «Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, 105 St. George Street, M5S 3E6 Toronto ON, Canada. Email: alberto.galasso@rotman.utoronto.ca. ...»
  78. «The Hong Kong of Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express is one that operates in the interstices of the cliched city of wealth and economic success and Ackbar ...»
  79. «by Kurt A. April∗ & Samantha Dreyer Respectively Professor at the Graduate School of Business (UCT) & Research Fellow of Ashridge, and Researcher at the ...»
  81. «Final Report 2012 - 2015 Riverside Mobile Farm Shop - Business Plan and 2012 Report for BOBL June 2012 Contents Page Section 1 1.1 Executive summary ...»
  82. «Waterfall Charts: Play the Mario with your data Niraj J. Pandya, Element Technologies Inc., NJ Sapan M. Raval, Independent Consultant, CT ABSTRACT ...»
  83. «Abstract State-of-the-art: A growing literature has begun to address the company strategies behind the acquisition and use of intellectual property (IP), ...»
  84. «SOLE/EALE World Conference 2015 Submission. April 29, 2015. Abstract This paper empirically analyzes the impact of the Chinese minimum wage regulations on ...»
  85. «Connectorization Saves Money in Both Manufacturing and Maintenance Cory Jenkins and Richard Carlson HARTING of North America, Inc. Most industrial ...»
  86. «September 1998 Stockholm School of Economics Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance, No. 263 Abstract. A smooth transition autoregressive model is ...»
  87. «Contents lists available at ScienceDirect European Journal of Political Economy j o u r n a l h o m e p a g e : w w w. e l s ev i e r. c o m / l o c a t e ...»
  88. «Trainer: Kimberly Lau Rundown Parts Contents Estimated Time 1. Introduction to Business Proposal 9:30-10:15 2. Initial Business Planning 10:15-11:30 3. ...»
  89. «Nimesh Salike 4004S010-2 Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan February 2009 Summary ii Dedication To my father I would ...»
  90. «Characteristics that Assist Future Public Accountants Pass the CPA Exam on Fewer Attempts Curtis Howell Georgia Southwestern State University Brian ...»
  91. «Conferenza di Programma di Sinistra Ecologia Libertà Laboratori Sabato 24 gennaio Milano, 23 - 25 gennaio 2015 LABORATORI h. 9.00-11.30 Lavoro povero e ...»
  92. «Economic Economic and Social Commission for Commission for Europe Western Asia Economic and Social Economic Commission Commission for Asia for Latin ...»
  93. «Uniformity, Economy, and Simplicity in Minimalism Linda Samadi 1*, Safieh Sayyar 2, Firooz Sadighi3 1. Department of Foreign Languages, Sepidan Branch, ...»
  94. «ISSN: 0976-6669 International Journal of Management Research Volume 4, Number 1 & 2 December 2013 Editor Dr. D. K. Malhotra, Philadelphia University (USA) ...»
  95. «Enabling Social Justice through Progressive Taxation in ‘Discriminated’ Societies Ray Titus Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, ...»
  96. «The Application of a Knowledge Transfer Model for Global Impact Marc Fleetham MBA FInstKT Rebecca Macdonald BA(hons) AMInstKT Nigel Birch IDMS MIoD ...»
  97. «ISAs Guidance Notes for ISA Managers Flexible ISA guidance Chapters / paragraphs with no amendments have been omitted 2 December 2015 Chapter 3 The ...»
  98. «04/2016 GUIDANCE NOTES FOR ISA MANAGERS These notes provide general guidance for ISA managers on how to operate the ISA schemes. They replace all previous ...»
  99. «Reading & Writing Task 2 – Multi-Text Reading: National Customs At a glance Level: ISE II Focus: Task 2 – Multi-text reading Aims: To gain familiarity ...»
  100. « ...»
  101. «Ivory Coast: Amendments to the mining code Briefing Introduction August 2014 In March 2012, the Government of the Republic of the Ivory Coast (Côte ...»
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