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  1. «Endogenous Group Formation via Unproductive Costs JASON A. AIMONE Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute & Baylor University LAURENCE R. IANNACCONE ...»
  2. «Martin H. Redislh INTRODUCTION At least since the Supreme Court's 1976 decision in Buckley v. Valeo,' the constitutionality of campaign finance reform ...»
  3. «adb Working paper SerieS on no. 134 regional economic integration may 2014 aSian DeVeloPMent BanK adb Working paper Series on regional economic ...»
  4. «Noble Group, a Repeat of Enron First Report: Noble’s Associates and Noble Agri Report date: February 15, 2015 Noble Group Ltd Rating: (BBB-/Baa3) ...»
  5. «Noble Group, a Repeat of Enron Second Report: Fair values and Operating Cash Flows Report date: February 25, 2015 Noble Group Ltd Rating: (BBB-/Baa3) ...»
  6. «Noble Group, a Repeat of Enron Third Report: Governance and Debt Report date: March 21, 2015 Noble Group Ltd Rating: (BBB-/Baa3) Industry: Commodities ...»
  7. «Noble Group, a Repeat of Enron Fourth Report (Follow up): Noble’s Credibility Report date: February 25, 2016 Noble Group Ltd Rating: (BB+/Ba3) Industry: ...»
  8. «This article follows ‘Revenue Powers – what to do when the Revenue arrive’ which was published in the January 2005 edition of the IBA magazine. My ...»
  9. «Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION The force that through the green fuse drives the flower drives my green age; Dylan Thomas1 A. Overview In our secular society, ...»
  10. «Richfield Oil & Gas Company (OTCQX: ROIL) Significant near-term, low-risk production in MidJune 28, 2013 Continent; high-reward, high-risk E&P potential ...»
  11. «Opacity and Disclosure in Short-Term Wholesale Funding Markets Michał Kowalik Risk and Policy Analysis (RPA) Working Papers present economic, financial ...»
  12. «INTERNET OF THINGS: SCIENCE FICTION OR BUSINESS FACT? Copyright © 2014 Harvard Business School Publishing. sponsored by SPONSOR PERSPECTIVE Each year the ...»
  14. «LEARNING TO LOBBY? EDUCATION, INSTITUTIONS, AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE UNITED STATES Ashley Schmider Submitted to the Economics Faculty in partial ...»
  15. «Centre on European Political Economy INSTITUTIONS AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: EVIDENCE FROM HUNGARY AND UKRAINE Adam Swain University of Nottingham SEI ...»
  16. «Abstract This paper studies how hospitals respond to profit shocks and the loss of profitable service lines. I use the entry of specialty hospitals, ...»
  17. «(JOB MARKET PAPER) AMIT SERU∗ Ph.D. Candidate Stephen M. Ross School of Business University of Michigan 701 Tappan Street Ann Arbor MI 48105. ...»
  18. «Service Provider Opportunities & Strategies in the Internet of Things Matt Hatton, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, and Godfrey Chua, Principal ...»
  19. «DENNIS G. SHEA February 5, 1962 Department of Health Policy and Administration The Pennsylvania State University 116 Henderson Building University Park, ...»
  20. «Abstract This paper explores liquidity risk in a system of interconnected financial institutions when these institutions are subject to regulatory ...»
  21. «Current Position: Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of California Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management, July 2008-present Past Positions: ...»
  22. «BOOK REVIEW Ben Bernanke’s The Courage to Act: A Review Essay Noah Smith College of Business, Stony Brook University. Ben Bernanke. The Courage to Act: ...»
  23. «Financial Analysis Overview This Financial Analysis section covers economics associated with site revitalization including: Financial Management and ...»
  24. «Perceived Impacts from Wind Farm and Natural Gas Development in Northern Pennsylvania* Jeffrey B. Jacquet Department of Sociology and Rural Studies South ...»
  25. «WHAT IS SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION? Paul A. Boghossian Social Construction Social construction talk is all the rage. But what does it mean and what is its point? ...»
  26. «Direct Impact Business Model Market / Sector Indirect Impact 2 2 Financing Sustainability 3 3 Social Return Impact Mission & Risk Values Financial Risk ...»
  27. «Entrepreneurial Spawning: Public Corporations and the Genesis of New Ventures, 1986-1999 Paul Gompers, Josh Lerner, and David Scharfstein* This paper ...»
  28. «September 2015 Giles Dickenson-Jones is a Research Fellow, and Kanay De is a Research Associate at the Myanmar Development Resource Institute's Centre for ...»
  29. «Achieving Financial Stability and Growth in Africa Stephany Griffith-Jones and Ricardo Gottschalk (eds.) Research funded by: Chapter 9: Conclusions ...»
  30. «NEW FEDERALISM: IMPACT ON STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS Kathleen K. Anders and Curtis A. Shook* ABSTRACT. This paper explores the changing nature of ...»
  31. «ABSTRACT We investigate the role of financial reporting quality in reducing a firm’s over- and underleverage problem. Prior research suggests that due ...»
  32. «Working Paper No. 26 November 2015 ABSTRACT I describe the American economy in the twenty-first century as a dual economy in the spirit of W. Arthur ...»
  33. «Polar ice caps are melting, hurricanes swirl in the seas, wars are heating up around the world, and the job market is in a deep freeze. Whoa. It’s ...»
  34. «MAJ The impact of audit quality 24,4 on earnings predictability Khaled Hussainey Division of Accounting & Finance, Stirling Management School, University ...»
  35. «May 2016 Page 2 of 9 Executive Summary Property managers often struggle to get technically sound energy efficiency and renewable energy projects approved ...»
  36. «Highlights from . The Little BIG Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence This is the era of short attention spans. And short business books. And yet The ...»
  37. «The question of the wealth of nations has been at the center of economics for over two centuries. There is now increasing focus, both in academic and ...»
  38. «Abstract: This paper analyzes the effectiveness of limitations of the tax deductibility of interest expenses for multinational corporations, so-called ...»
  39. «Book Summary: Thinking Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman (FSG, NY: 2001) Summarized by Erik Johnson Daniel Kahneman’s aim in this book is to make ...»
  40. «Think Women, Think Warm: Stereotype Content Activation in Women With a Salient Gender Identity, Using a Modified Stroop Task Judith B. White1 Wendi L. ...»
  41. «Robert S. Kaplan Steven R. Andrrson To Robin Cooper, for his creativity and friendship, and to Ellen, for everything -Robert Kaplan To my wife, Chelsea, ...»
  42. «Against Divisiveness: Digital Workers of the World Unite! A Rejoinder to César Bolaño and Eloy Vieira Christian Fuchs1 Abstract This piece is a short ...»
  43. «Abstract: Investors, operators, policymakers and other stakeholders need to contemplate the likely market structure for ultrabroadband (UBB) in various ...»
  44. «Abstract: Ultrabroadband (UBB) is becoming increasingly an important techno-economic and policy issue. New advances and greater convergence of wireline ...»
  45. «Guidance for governments, local authorities, businessesand other Guidance for governments, local authorities, businesses and other organisations ...»
  46. «Shifting the Basis of Perceived Similarity: Implications for Inference, Judgment and Choice OLEG URMINSKY DANIEL M. BARTELS ***THIS IS A PRELIMINARY DRAFT ...»
  47. «July 2016 Plan Construct The introductory section contains an Executive Summary, a History of Uppingham and a review of The Plan’s economic aims and ...»
  48. «Women’s Narratives: Resistance to Oppression and the Empowerment of Women in Uzbekistan Zulfiya Tursunova Algoma University Key Words empowerment • ...»
  49. «INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW Vinay Dharwadker Kerala and India are woven into the fabric of Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. The novel assumes that ...»
  50. «MEETING AGENDA Veterinary Medical Board 1747 N. Market Blvd. - Hearing Room Sacramento, California January 20-21, 2015 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, January 20, 2015 ...»
  51. «Bengt Holmström’s paper is a response to the Great Financial Crisis of 2007 – 2009, a crisis that started in the U.S. mortgage market, almost brought ...»
  52. «VTC Ownership Change Form Privacy Notice: All information submitted during the application process will be managed in accordance with ARC’s Privacy ...»
  53. «Robin Greenwood Harvard University and NBER Augustin Landier Toulouse School of Economics David Thesmar HEC Paris and CEPR First draft: October 2011 ...»
  54. «REVEALING FAILURES IN THE HISTORY OF SCHOOL FINANCE Peter H. Lindert Working Paper 15491 http://www.nber.org/papers/w15491 NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC ...»
  55. «THE FIRST DEAL: THE DIVISION OF FOUNDER EQUITY IN NEW VENTURES Thomas F. Hellmann Noam Wasserman Working Paper 16922 http://www.nber.org/papers/w16922 ...»
  56. «ENTREPRENEURIAL SPAWNING: PUBLIC CORPORATIONS AND THE GENESIS OF NEW VENTURES, 1986-1999 Paul Gompers Josh Lerner David Scharfstein Working Paper 9816 ...»
  57. «This paper attempts to go beyond what the author sees as an unproductive confrontation between the proponents and the opponents of industrial policy and ...»
  58. «Folder Title: Contacts with member countries: Nigeria - Correspondence 01 Folder ID: 1771139 ISAD(G) Reference Code: WB IBRD/IDA 03 EXC-10-4549S Series: ...»
  59. «As a result of a recent change to the unprofessional conduct section of the licensing law, many members are asking what patient records are appropriate ...»
  60. «edited by Andrew Wilson EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS ecfr.eu ABOUT ECFR The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is the first ...»
  61. «Diana Scearce, Katherine Fulton, and the Global Business Network community WHAT IF? THE ART OF SCENARIO THINKING FOR NONPROFITS Diana Scearce, Katherine ...»
  62. «March 2010 Abstract: Research shows that many animal species have morphological and cognitive adaptations for fighting with others to gain resources, but ...»
  63. «Workshop Hosted By: Heinrich Böll Foundation Pan African Climate Justice Alliance Transparency International Kenya 21-23 May 2013 Villa Paradiso Country ...»
  64. «Vickrey earned a B.S. in mathematics from Yale University in 1935, and was associated with Columbia University’s Economics Department for nearly all the ...»
  66. «Statement of purpose: The purpose of these working papers is to promote the circulation of research results (Research Series) and analytical studies ...»
  67. «Labor Market Activities and Fertility Stephen D. Younger Cornell University                             ...»
  68. «Optimal Financing by Money and Taxes of Productive and Unproductive Government Spending: Effects on Economic Growth, Inflation, and Welfare by David Alen ...»
  69. «Productive and Destructive Entrepreneurship in a Political Economy Framework Robin Douhan and Magnus Henrekson Research Institute of Industrial Economics ...»
  70. «Financing from Family and Friends Samuel Lee and Petra Persson Research Institute of Industrial Economics P.O. Box 55665 SE-102 15 Stockholm, Sweden ...»
  71. «Policy Research Working Paper 7851 Public Disclosure Authorized Strategic Investment Funds Opportunities and Challenges Håvard Halland Michel Noël ...»
  72. «Tassazione e Sostegno del Reddito Familiare by Fernando Di Nicola ISAE, Piazza dell’Indipendenza, 4, 00185 Roma, Italia e-mail: f.dinicola@isae.it ...»
  73. «DIPARTIMENTO DI ECONOMIA E POLITICA AGRARIA Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II Collana Working Paper Questa pubblicazione è disponibile ...»
  74. «*This paper reports research undertaken as part of a Ford Foundation project, “A Research And Policy Dialogue Project On Improving Governance Of The ...»
  75. «Abstract. Does music theory produce only interpretive statements, or does it produce statements that resemble scientific explanations as well? Peter Kivy ...»
  76. «A Framework of Happiness Survey and Evaluation of Gross National Happiness∗ Haiou Zhou† Abstract Happiness surveys based on self-report can generate ...»
  77. «Nancy L. Nolan, Ph.D. Ivy League Admission: 180 Successful Business School (MBA) Essays Nancy L. Nolan, Ph.D. First Edition Magnificent Milestones, Inc., ...»
  78. «Yoram Gorlizki University of Manchester msrgsyg@fs1.ec.man.ac.uk PERSA Working Paper No. 10 Political Economy Research in Department of Economics Soviet ...»
  79. «Ruben van Loon1 Piet Rietveld1,2 Martijn Brons1 1 Department of Spatial Economics, VU University Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, 108 HV Amsterdam, The ...»
  80. «Preparation of financial statements CHAPTER Accounting and reporting on a cash flow basis 1.1 Introduction Accountants are communicators. Accountancy is ...»
  81. «MINUTES OF THE MARCH 17, 2016 MEETING OF THE MEMBERS OF THE FINANCE AUTHORITY OF MAINE Chair Nowak called the March 17, 2016 meeting of the members of the ...»
  82. «2015 is a pivotal year—a year when the international community will commit to a shared vision on goals for international development through 2030 and ...»
  83. «This piece argues that by intermediating society’s savings and allocating them to their best uses, financial systems have a critical function for ...»
  84. «Passage 361 Monday Date: / / / (D/M/Y) Words: 200 Time Spent: Score: /5 Holidays and Vacation Holidays in the United States usually occur at least once a ...»
  85. «The financial crisis of 2008, as well as many earlier crises, had an important political dimension.1 Government not only failed to intervene to restrain a ...»
  86. «Abstract This research reports on primary school children’s experiences of programs facilitated by social work students. This is the first documented ...»
  87. «By Troy Davig and Craig Hakkio F inancial stress recently pushed the U.S. economy into its most severe recession since the Great Depression. Despite the ...»
  88. «Financing social security – business as usual? — Norman Wagner Working Paper 2011.09 Financing social security – business as usual? — Norman ...»
  89. «Critical factors of IFRS adoption in the US: an empirical study Arsen Djatej Eastern Washington University Duanning Zhou Eastern Washington University ...»
  90. «ISLAMIC FINANCE SRI: AND ANY CROSSOVER? Contents Overview I. From Christian finance to SRI Sector-based exclusion Active ownership Other SRI approaches ...»
  91. «= = Working Paper = = Field Structuration Around New Issues: Clean Energy Entrepreneurialism in Emerging Economies Peter Adriaens Stephen M. Ross School ...»
  92. «A cost-benefit analysis of accounting undergraduate education Robert Schadrie St. Norbert College Matthew Van Lanen St. Norbert College Amy Vandenberg St. ...»
  93. «Bribes and Firm Value Stefan Zeume Stephen M. Ross School of Business University of Michigan Ross School of Business Working Paper Working Paper No. 1273 ...»
  94. «Bribes and Firm Value Stefan Zeume Stephen M. Ross School of Business University of Michigan Ross School of Business Working Paper Working Paper No. 1273 ...»
  95. «Report of the Committee on Comprehensive Regulation for Credit Rating Agencies December 2009 Ministry of Finance, Capital Markets Division Page 2 Preface ...»
  96. «The current situation of gender equality in Iceland – Country Profile This country fiche was financed by, and prepared for the use of the European ...»
  97. «ORIGINAL ARTICLE Recognition of Expertise and Perceived Influence in Intercultural Collaboration: A Study of Mixed American and Chinese Groups Y. Connie ...»
  98. «The relationship between 150-credit hours, accounting credit hours and CPA pass rates Jason Haen St. Norbert College Amy Spielbauer-Vandenberg St. Norbert ...»
  99. «July 2015 This report is based on the results of a survey conducted in Q2, 2015 by ISME, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association. ISME is the ...»
  100. «by Ronald S. Jarmin Center for Economic Studies, US Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC and J. Bradford Jensen Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University, ...»
  101. «COMMITTEE ON ADMINISTRATION/INFORMATION SYSTEMS October 7, 2003 5:30 PM Chairman Gatsas called the meeting to order. The Clerk called the roll. Present: ...»
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