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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «Discussion Paper No. 96–14 Employment and Wage Effects of Social Security Financing – An Empirical Analysis of the West German Experience and some ...»
  2. «ZUSAMMENFASSUNG Wir argumentieren, daß die Umlagefinanzierung, auf denen die meisten Alterssicherungsverfahren in Europa beruhen, nicht die Flexibilität ...»
  3. «GERMANY: A SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM ON THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE Paper presented at the 1997 Kiel Week Conference on „Redesigning Social Security,“ Kiel, ...»
  4. «Keskusteluaiheita – Discussion papers No. 985 Pekka Sulamaa* – Mika Widgrén** ASIAN REGIONALISM VERSUS GLOBAL FREE TRADE: A SIMULATION STUDY ON ...»
  5. «On the Economics and Politics of Corporate Finance and Corporate Control 1. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to call for a reassessment of the ...»
  6. «Sustainable Buildings and Sites Policy 1. Goal The goal of a Citywide policy on sustainable buildings and sites is to maximize the environmental quality, ...»
  7. «OVERVIEW In this module students will examine the causes and consequences of grand corruption the abuse of public office by a nation's leaders –- and ...»
  8. «K. Vela Velupillai October 2012  Invited contribution to the volume, Irreducibility and Computational Equivalence: 10 Years After Wolfram's A New Kind ...»
  9. «Dr Tony Gilmour Elton Consulting Kinetic White Paper Series December 2010 Kinetic Information Systems Pty Ltd . PO Box 514 Mayfield 2304 . 02 4940 0666 . ...»
  10. «To be published as: Miller, G. F. (in press). Evolution of human music through sexual selection. In N. L. Wallin, B. Merker, & S. Brown (Eds.), The ...»
  11. «Draft Community Engagement Framework Revision: P01 Contents Document no.: Page 1 Uncontrolled when printed Draft Community Engagement Framework Revision: ...»
  12. «Legal Theory Lessons from the Financial Crisis David M. Driesen INTRODUCTION I. TRADITIONAL LAW AND ECONOMICS AND THE FINANCIAL CRISIS A. Law and ...»
  13. «Driver/Pedestrian Behavior at Marked and Unmarked Crosswalks in the Tahoe Basin Meghan Fehlig Mitman, Douglas Cooper, Brooke DuBose, Swati Pande ...»
  14. «Scouting past lessons helps us be prepared So it started with rain,. and then got frosty and even led to snow in some parts of the state. The climate is ...»
  15. «CONTACT DETAILS Address D 852, Second Floor : New Friends Colony New Delhi-110025 Telephone and Fax : +91 - 11- 26320579 +97 – 11 - 198279 Mobile : ...»
  16. «Co-Chairs’ Summary Report Co-Chairs Sabino Francis Ogwal and Maria Schultz. Conveners Governments of Ecuador, India, Japan, Norway, the Republic of ...»
  17. «Crowdinvesting in the Netherlands: Market Analysis, Securities Regulation and Policy Options Armin Schwienbacher January 2015 DSF Policy Paper, No. 48 ...»
  18. «Financial Markets and the Production of Law Jörg Guido Hülsmann GRANEM, Université d’Angers juin 2014 Document de travail du GRANEM n° 2014-02-041 ...»
  19. «Impact Investing: a Way to Finance the Social and Solidarity Economy? An International Comparison Camille Guézennec Guillaume Malochet No. 2013-02, June ...»
  20. «Diploma in Treasury, Investment and Risk Management Rules & Syllabus 2012 ABOUT THE INSTITUTE GENESIS Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, a body of ...»
  21. «Diploma in Treasury, Investment and Risk Management Rules & Syllabus 2015 OBJECTIVE With the advent of market oriented approach to banking, globalization, ...»
  22. «Iran Terror Financing and the Tax Code Mark Dubowitz Executive Director Foundation for Defense of Democracies Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance ...»
  23. «Implications of a Nuclear Agreement with Iran Mark Dubowitz Executive Director Foundation for Defense of Democracies Center on Sanctions and Illicit ...»
  24. «1. INTRODUCTION Many computer programs must be ‘non-stop’, that is, run continuously and without interruption. This is especially true of mission ...»
  25. «What factors lead to a solid financial backing of an earlystage business? Reaching the optimal capital structure of Power of the Dream Ventures Viktor ...»
  26. «What is the Place of Strategic Planning in Christian Ministry? We all make plans for the ministries for which we are responsible. We make choices about ...»
  27. «LSE Review of Books Sex and Psychopaths Celebrating 100 years of Freud’s On Narcissism Sex and Psychopaths Celebrating 100 years of Freud’s On ...»
  28. «Financial services Financial Services and competition law : An overview of EU and national case law Anticompetitive practices, Abuse of dominance, ...»
  30. «ESSAYS IN INTERNATIONAL FINANCE are published by the International Finance Section of the Department of Economics of Princeton University. The Section ...»
  31. «September 2010 Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Business Process Guide E18367-01 Copyright © 2000, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All ...»
  32. «Final Phase 1 Report for Consideration in CPUC A. 14-02-006 June 19, 2014 Valuing Energy Storage as a Flexible Resource Final Phase 1 Report for ...»
  33. «Bob Lissingtona and Claire Matthewsb* School of Economics and Finance Massey University Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North, New Zealand 4442 a ...»
  35. «December 14, 2005 *4837 King Solomon Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 USA, 703-978-3495. Financial support was provided by The World Bank. The opinions ...»
  36. «5847 San Felipe St # 930 Houston, TX 77057-3074 (713) 952-3550 www.eagleglobal.com Updated: March 2016 This brochure provides information about the ...»
  37. «Discussion of “Earnings Management and the Revelation Principle” az50@columbia.edu AMIR ZIV Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, New ...»
  38. «At all levels of American government, many candidates provide substantial amounts of personal money to their own campaigns. This practice, known as ...»
  39. «For Processing R. A. Hamilton and H. Seagrave-Smith Extension Bulletin 63 University of Hawaii July 1959 THE AUTHORS Dr. Richard A. Hamilton is an ...»
  40. «OFFICE OF PRICES AND LIVING CONDITIONS Bias in the Consumer Price Index: What Is the Evidence? Brent R. Moulton Working Paper 294 October 1996 I thank ...»
  41. «Steven N. Durlauf, Andros Kourtellos, and Chih Ming Tan1 September 22, 2005 1. Introduction For much of the postwar period, empirical work on economic ...»
  43. «FOURTH MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE ENVIRONMENT FOR EUROPE Århus, Denmark 23 - 25 June 1998 REPORT ON THE CONFERENCE Prepared by the ECE secretariat in ...»
  44. «Indonesia’s growth experience in the 20th century: Evidence, queries, guesses Pierre van der Eng School of Business and Information Management Faculty ...»
  45. «Economic impacts of Tourism Economic Impacts of Tourism Daniel J. Stynes Businesses and public organizations are increasingly interested in the economic ...»
  46. «ANNUAL REPORT: New York State Governor David Paterson Senate Finance Committee Chairman Carl Kruger Senate Finance Committee Ranking Minority Member John ...»
  47. «Prepared by Economists at Large Pty Ltd June 2013 Report prepared by: Economists at Large Pty Ltd Melbourne, Australia www.ecolarge.com info@ecolarge.com ...»
  48. «Prepared by Economists at Large Pty Ltd November 2012 Report prepared by: Economists at Large Pty Ltd Melbourne, Australia www.ecolarge.com ...»
  49. «The book titled The Limits to Growth, written in 1972 by Meadows, Meadows, and Randers, precipitated the idea of sustainable development. The authors were ...»
  50. «Working Paper Series Monetary Policy with Diverse Private Expectations Mordecai Kurz, Maurizio Motolese, Giulia Piccillo and Howei Wu Working Paper n. 22 ...»
  51. «Ludwig von Mises Translated from German by S. Adler MISES INSTITUTE AUBURN, ALABAMA “Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth” appeared ...»
  52. «Ryan M. Yonk PhD & Randy T Simmons PhD with Kayla Dawn Harris Economic Impacts of WildEarth Guardians Litigation on Local Communities Final Report March ...»
  53. «Ending “Too Big To Fail”: Government Promises versus Investor Perceptions Todd A. Gormley, Simon Johnson, and Changyong Rhee No. 314 | October 2012 ...»
  54. «Student Handbook 2012-2013 Bowdoin College Department of Economics 9700 College Station B r u n s w i c k , M a i n e 0 4 0 11 Te l e p h o n e : 2 0 7 - ...»
  55. «Academic Year 2013/2014 LLP ERASMUS Edited by: The Student Exchange Office Viale Romania, 32 00197 Rome - Italy Rome, October 2013 ▌TABLE OF CONTENTS ...»
  56. «David Scharfstein Harvard Business School and NBER Adi Sunderam Harvard Business School First Draft: February 2011 This Draft: August 2011 ABSTRACT This ...»
  57. «Economic Impacts of the Olympic Games through State Comparison Samantha Edds* April 2012 Abstract After the financially profitable 1984 Los Angeles ...»
  58. «Circularity in economics The financial crisis still involving us has many distressing aspects. On the theoretical level, however, it is also a great ...»
  59. «July 2015 An independent commission appointed by Government Airports Commission 6th Floor Sanctuary Buildings 20 Great Smith Street London SW1P 3BT Web: ...»
  60. «Economic theories of the break-up and integration of nations *, Patrick Bolton aTbTd, GCrard Roland bTdqEnrico Spolaore bqc,e a London School of ...»
  61. «June 2008 Economic Development Financing Packet Georgia Department of Community Affairs 60 Executive Park South, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30329-2231 (404) ...»
  62. «TOPIC: BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS TO ADDRESS THE WORLD DRUG PROBLEM INTRODUCTION In the World Drug Report 2006, the United Nations estimates that approximately ...»
  63. «DOCUMENT RESUME ED 337 411 SO 021 653 AUTHOR Kelly, Michael J. TITLE Education in a Declining Economy: The Case of Zambia: 1975-1985. EDI Development ...»
  64. «Between 1986 and 2004, textbook prices rose 186 percent in the United States, or slightly more than six percent per year (GAO, 2005). Meanwhile, other ...»
  65. «first published in 2012 by Amnesty International Ltd Peter Benenson house 1 easton Street London Wc1X 0dW United Kingdom © Amnesty International 2012 ...»
  66. «AGREEMENT ON THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AREA (OJ No L 1, 3.1.1994, p. 3; and EFTA States’ official gazettes) Amended by: 1. Protocol Adjusting the Agreement ...»
  67. «The “social choice” of privatising urban water services: a case study of Madrid in Spain by Alberto Ruiz-Villaverde Andrés J. Picazo-Tadeo and ...»
  68. «Figure 1. The Estonian payment market Under § 2 (2)4 of the Eesti Pank Act, Eesti Pank has the following responsibilities for payment systems and the ...»
  69. «Adoption and Impact of Improved Groundnut Varieties on Rural Poverty Evidence from Rural Uganda Menale Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw, and Geoffrey Muricho ...»
  70. «White Paper Effective Credit Risk Assessment – Strengthening the Financial Spreading with Technology Enablers About the Author Vijay Muppavarapu Vijay ...»
  71. « ...»
  72. «Efficient Public Sector Downsizing Martín Rama The World Bank 1818 H Street NW Washington, DC 20433 Tel. (202) 473-7679 Fax. (202) 522-1153 E-mail: ...»
  73. «Pablo Valiente and Alf Westelius Introduction The large majority of mobility studies within the information and telecommunication society scrutinise the ...»
  74. «DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL HISTORY THE PRE-MODERN WORLD The economic and social development of Britain 1500-1680 The course will examine the main ...»
  75. «EHES WORKING PAPERS IN ECONOMIC HISTORY | NO. 45 The Location of the UK Cotton Textiles Industry in 1838: a Quantitative Analysis Nicholas Crafts ...»
  76. «Chia-Lin Chang Department of Applied Economics Department of Finance National Chung Hsing University Michael McAleer Department of Quantitative Finance ...»
  77. «The Integration Of Personal Financial Knowledge Into Multi-Disciplines: The First Step Of Reinforcement Dan Yates, University of Findlay, USA Chris Ward, ...»
  78. «Textbook Readability and Student Performance in Online Introductory Corporate Finance Classes Chien-Chih Peng, Morehead State University, Morehead, ...»
  79. «Level of Awareness Regarding Bancassurance and Choice of Insurance Product among Bank Customers in India Nidhi GROVER*, G.S. BHALLA** Abstract The study ...»
  81. «What Finance Can Learn from Biopharma Industry: A Transfer of Innovation Models Francesco COREA* LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy The financial sector ...»
  82. «Cristobal Young Brief Description In a globalizing world with rising inequality, top income earners are often seen as exceptionally mobile, and no longer ...»
  83. «Embracing the Other in Margin: Gandhian Understating of Poverty, Marginalisation and Development Poverty is an extremely complex phenomenon, which ...»
  84. «11:30 Registration & luncheon Location: Le Hall 12:30 Welcome & Chairman's opening remarks - Peter A. Fanconi, BlueOrchard Finance (Event & Panel ...»
  85. «Enrollment Management Journal: Student Access, Finance, and Success in Higher Education VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 2 Enrollment Management Journal Student Access, ...»
  86. «Creating 100 Million Jobs for a Fast-Growing Work Force Over the next two decades, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region faces an unprecedented ...»
  87. «Financial Integration and EMU Franklin Allen Department of Finance, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, ...»
  88. «Australian Ecobulb Downlight issues overshadow United States Growth and result in half yearly forecast shortfall In its half yearly unaudited results, ...»
  89. «THE CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY TO RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS IN CHINA AND GLOBALLY A case-based learning project involving business leaders from Chinese ...»
  90. «PURPOSE OF THE PAPER To provide the Trust Board with additional information to make an informed choice in the proposed investment in nursing. SUMMARY OF ...»
  91. «INTRODUCTION In recent years, the world has witnessed a dramatic increase in the production of wood pellets for fuel. As a home-heating fuel, wood pellets ...»
  92. «November 2014 Reform Research Trust A Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England no. 5064109 Registered charity no. 1103739 How to run a country: ...»
  93. «It’s not that somebody is ordinary, it’s perhaps that that’s what their business is. And it takes work, as any other business does. (Harvey Sacks, ...»
  94. «Employment 1996-present Chairperson, Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries, UAPB 1996-present Director, Aquaculture/Fisheries Center, UAPB 1994-present ...»
  95. «Thales Teixeira1, Rosalind Picard,2 and Rana el Kaliouby 3 - January 2013 Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School, Harvard University, Boston, MA ...»
  97. «MORGAN STANLEY ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY STATEMENT Morgan Stanley recognizes the critical importance of a healthy environment to our global society, our ...»
  98. «COMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND COMMERCE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES January 22, 2015 Good morning Chairman Shimkus, Ranking Member Tonko, and members of the ...»
  99. «Good morning Chairman Shimkus, Ranking Member Tonko, and other members of the Subcommittee. I appreciate the opportunity to join you today to discuss much ...»
  100. «SEPA CASE STUDIES Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance: We Were Determined to Lead SEPA Migration by Example This early mover in the public sector boasts ...»
  101. «Statement of Devon M. Herrick, Ph.D. Senior Fellow National Center for Policy Analysis House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform Reviewing the ...»
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