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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «Abstract There is little direct evidence about the business model used by the legendary cattle king, Sir Sidney Kidman. Kidman‟s properties were ...»
  2. «Brian P. West Associate Professor of Accounting School of Business University of Ballarat and Garry D. Carnegie Professor of Accounting and Finance School ...»
  3. «Rowena Sinclair Department of Accounting Faculty of Business AUT University Auckland New Zealand Rowena.sinclair@aut.ac.nz Keith Hooper Department of ...»
  4. «Afzalur Rashid∗ School of Accounting, Economics and Finance University of Southern Queensland ∗ School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, ...»
  5. «  Optimising the Value of LNG Sale Agreements by Formulating Strategic Cargo Diversion and Destination Flexibility Clauses Article contributed by: James ...»
  6. «Sustainable Tourism Strategy to Position the Historic Peninsula of Istanbul to be a World Class Destination I. Team Bios The George Washington University ...»
  7. «Gustav Tinghög1,2, David Andersson1, Caroline Bonn3, Harald Böttiger4, Camilla Josephson1, Gustaf Lundgren5, Daniel Västfjäll6,7, Michael Kirchler3,8 ...»
  8. «On October 27th 1967, at 9:30 A.M., in a small room in the New York Hilton, eight individuals gathered for an historic meeting, that was to lead to the ...»
  9. «Classification of financial instruments under IFRS 9 May 2015 Contents 1. Introduction 2. Classification of financial assets 2.1 Debt instruments 2.2 ...»
  10. «By Tammy Leonard1 Economics Program University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, Texas 75080 Tel: 972-765-5346; tcl051000@utdallas.edu June 10, 2009 Please ...»
  11. «April 1 SPRING OPEN HOUSE Friday, April 1 Schedule of Events 8:30 a.m. CWRU Overview – Tinkham Veale University Center, Ballroom A/B (D4) Campus Tour ...»
  12. «8:30 a.m. Welcome and CWRU Overview – Tinkham Veale University Center, Ballroom A/B (D4) Campus Tour – Depart from Tinkham Veale University Center, ...»
  13. «April 15 SPRING OPEN HOUSE Friday, April 15 Schedule of Events 8:30 a.m. CWRU Overview – Tinkham Veale University Center, Ballroom A/B (D4) Campus Tour ...»
  14. «8:30 a.m. Welcome and CWRU Overview – Tinkham Veale University Center, Ballroom A/B (D4) Campus Tour – Depart from Tinkham Veale University Center, ...»
  15. «Egyptian Protests: Falling Wages, High Prices and the Failure of an Export-Oriented Economy . p. 4 Angela Joya A People's History of the Egyptian ...»
  16. «ESTIMATION AND TESTING FOR ARCH AND GARCH Bo Sjö Modelling the volatility of the Electrolux stock. Revised January 6, 2011 ESTIMATION AND TESTING FOR ...»
  17. «Waleerat Suphannachart** and Peter Warr*** ARE Working Paper No. 2553/1 (April 2010) * Part of this paper is based on the PhD thesis of the first author ...»
  18. «The Federal Reserve Board and the Office of Thrift Supervision prepared this booklet on adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) in response to a request from the ...»
  19. «W&M Finance Guide to Financial Advisory & Regulatory Careers This guide is meant to provide an overview of entry-level career paths within the advisory ...»
  20. «Accrual Basis and Political Interest in Public Sector Accounting. The Case of a Municipal Council in Sri Lanka Chandrasiri ABEYSINGHE1 Dinushika SAMANTHI2 ...»
  21. «Effect of Financial Leverage on Financial Performance of Deposit Taking Savings and Credit Co-operative in Kenya Moses Ochieng GWEYI1 John KARANJA2 The ...»
  22. «Mary O’Neill Art and Money: Experience Destruction Exposure The relationship between art and money is, at times, a tale of domination and censorship so ...»
  23. «January 24 | Overview of Securities and Finance RICHARD R. BEST, Financial Regulatory Authority February 7 | The Life of a Deal Guggenheim Partners LLC ...»
  24. «Master’s Course in Middle Eastern Studies January-December 2015 Master Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore ASERI-Graduate School of Economics and ...»
  25. «RUNNING HEAD: Mimicry and self-construal Mimicry and Me: The Impact of Mimicry on Self-Construal Claire Ashton-James Duke University Rick B. van Baaren ...»
  26. «REVOLUTIONS ARE NOT ABNORMAL MICHAEL HARMEL Johannesburg Journalist Julius Lewin writes that there is N o Revolution Round WHEN the Corner'' one cannot ...»
  27. «THE GHETTO ACT YUSUF CACHALIA Banned Former Secretary of the South African Indian Congress THE purpose of the Group Areas Act is to provide for the ...»
  28. «Advancing Technology for Business Lehigh University May 20, 2015 Speaker and Participant Backgrounds Dr. Robert Becker is Vice President of ...»
  29. «Wayne R. Wright Bureau of Economic Geology Jackson School of Geosciences The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas ABSTRACT Atokan-age units in the ...»
  30. «MAPPING VULNERABILITY TO UPLAND EROSION IN THE CHESAPEAKE BAY WATERSHED Scott W. Ator, Research Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Baltimore, Maryland, ...»
  31. «valuable asset Plant Breeder’s rights trade Marks designs Patents Robust intellectual property rights delivered efficiently Make sure you protect your ...»
  32. «Present: Mr J Peters (Chairperson), Councillors I Barker and B McGurk, and Mr J Murray In Attendance: Her Worship the Mayor R Reese, Councillor G Noonan, ...»
  33. «Auditing Employee Ownership in a Neo-Liberal World Abstract: Employee ownership has attracted much attention across the globe. Whether affected by the ...»
  34. «Congratulations on having been selected to participate on our third Young Entrepreneurs Trip to Israel, which is arguably one of the world’s most ...»
  35. «Austin’s Oldest Profession: Texas’ Top Lobby Clients & Those Who Service Them (Analyzing 2011 Lobby Contracts) I. Lobby Facts II. Lobby Clients A. ...»
  36. «Zu Artikel 12 (Gesetz zur Errichtung einer Infrastrukturgesellschaft Verkehr) Zu § 1 (Übertragung) Verfassungsrechtliche Grundlage für die Übertragung ...»
  37. «Edwin Laurent and Sindra Sharma-Khushal Paper prepared by the Ramphal Institute, London, on behalf of the Caribbean Farmer’s Network (CaFAN), with the ...»
  38. «LYME YOUTH ARTS – B SHARP BUSINESS PLAN 2011 – 2012 Mission Statement Lyme Youth Arts (LYA) works with young people for young people to improve their ...»
  41. «How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? Chris Robinson1 and Victoria Zaremba2 August 14, 2012 Abstract We present formal models of the different methods of ...»
  42. «The General Performance Assessment of the Polish and Silesian Industry in Time of Crisis1 Joanna Błach2, Maria Gorczyńska3, Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala4 ...»
  43. «The Moss Park Redevelopment Project (Formerly The 519 Sport and Recreation Project) Update and Next Steps September 4, 2015 Date: Executive Committee To: ...»
  44. «2. Organizing Trade Across Borders To Trade or Not to Trade: Iyer 705034 2001 15p NAFTA and the Prospects of Free Trade in the Americas Alternative 1: The ...»
  45. «The Acoustic World 
It is the business of the sound film to reveal for us our acoustic environment, the acoustic landscape in which we live, the speech ...»
  46. «BEHAVIOUR OF INDIVIDUALS AND INSTITUTIONS IN RELATION TO FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING Selçuk BALI* Abstract This study seeks to delve into the depths of the ...»
  48. «www.barthelemymaples.co.uk 262 Wimborne Road West Stapehill Nr, Wimborne Dorset BH21 2DZ Tel: 01202 874 283 Fax: 01202 897 482 f1 Terms of Business ...»
  49. «INPUT-TRADE LIBERALIZATION, EXPORT PRICES AND QUALITY UPGRADING Maria Bas Vanessa Strauss-Khan Sciences Po Economics Discussion Papers Input-Trade ...»
  50. «by Cem Başlevent Department of Economics Istanbul Bilgi University Kustepe, Sisli Istanbul, Turkey 80310 Tel: +90-212-311-6168 Fax: +90-212-216-8478 ...»
  51. «CURRICULUM VITAE Christopher F. Baum Boston College Department of Economics 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3806 USA Phone/voicemail: ...»
  52. «Probabilistic investing: or how to win the Globe and Mail’s Stock Picking Contest (50% of the time) Moshe A. Milevskya,*, Thomas S. Salisburyb a York ...»
  53. «Treatment of trade finance under the Basel capital framework October 2011 Copies of publications are available from: Bank for International Settlements ...»
  54. «This draft: June 2009 Abstract: The current crisis has refocused the debate on financial sector policies in Africa. Recent progress has come under threat ...»
  55. «ANNUAL REPORT 2012-2013 ANNUAL REPORT 2012-2013 Vision Bega Garnbirringu Health Services’ vision for the future is for a society in which Aboriginal and ...»
  56. «Geert Bekaert CONTACT INFORMATION Columbia Business School Uris Hall, Room 411 3022 Broadway New York, NY 10027 Phone: (212) 854 9156 E-mail: ...»
  57. «Soil Conservation and Poverty: Lessons from Upland Indonesia JILL M. BELSKY Department of Sociology University of Montana Missoula, Montana, USA Soil ...»
  58. «Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Evaluation Report November 2008 Contents Chapter 1: Background..2 Chapter 2: Committee Procedures..3 Chapter 3: ...»
  59. «ABRAM BERGSON 1914–2003 A Biographical Memoir by PAUL A. SAMUELSON Any opinions expressed in this memoir are those of the author and do not necessarily ...»
  61. «Attila Odabaşı Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey December 2003 Mail Address: Bogazici University, ...»
  62. «Estimating Beta HAIM SHALIT∗ Department of Economics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, 84105 Israel E-mail: shalit@bgumail.bgu.ac.il ...»
  63. «Caught in the trap of the curse of plenty Although it seems hard to believe at first, on the basis of recent evidence and many accumulated experiences it ...»
  64. «Dirk J Bezemer** University of Groningen ABSTRACT (78 words) This paper presents evidence that accounting (or flow-of-fund) macroeconomic models helped ...»
  65. «The Australian Bank Crashes of the 1890s Revisited In the early 1890s, financial crises occurred in many countries, most of which were connected to ...»
  66. «A Biblical Perspective on Matters of Finance by Peter Grandich A Biblical on Perspective Finance Matters of BY PETER GRANDICH “The blessing of the Lord ...»
  67. «Bibliography Abramowitz, M. & Stegun, I. (1964), Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Forumula, Graphs and Mathematical Tables, Dover Publications. ...»
  68. «1) Books concerning the entire work of René Girard Imitatione Creativa: Evoluzione e paradossi del desiderio, ed. Raffaella Trigona. Il Tridente 43. ...»
  69. «By Brenda Heelan Powell, Staff Counsel In late April 2012, the federal government introduced Bill C-38: An Act to Implement Certain Provisions of the ...»
  70. «“XEROX XEROX XEROX XEROX,” ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE APRIL 1, 1967 ISSUE OF THE NEW YORKER. A special thank you to Alex and Carolyn Brooks for their ...»
  71. «“XEROX XEROX XEROX XEROX,” ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE APRIL 1, 1967 ISSUE OF THE NEW YORKER. A special thank you to Alex and Carolyn Brooks for their ...»
  72. «A Comparison of Linear Forecasting Models and Neural Networks: An Application to Euro inflation and Euro Divisia Short title: Linear Models versus Neural ...»
  73. «Offshore Wind Industrial Strategy Business and Government Action August 2013 |1 Contents Contents Foreword from Government 2 Foreword from the Offshore ...»
  74. «JEL classification: D14; E21; E52; G01; G28 Papers in this volume were prepared for a conference organised by the BIS and the Bank of Korea in Seoul on ...»
  75. «Monetary and Economic Department September 2014 JEL classification: E58, F33 The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily the views of ...»
  76. «Mothers in Finance: Surviving and Thriving Mary Blair-Loy and Amy S. Wharton The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 2004; 596; ...»
  77. «Lisa Blaydes Department of Political Science University of California, Los Angeles blaydes@ucla.edu Draft: February 2006 Abstract Do authoritarian regimes ...»
  78. «Lisa Blaydes Department of Political Science University of California, Los Angeles blaydes@ucla.edu Abstract Do authoritarian regimes manipulate economic ...»
  79. «Report prepared for the Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands October 2009 Dr Amanda Smullen University of Amsterdam Oudezijdse Achterburgwal Amsterdam ...»
  80. «Yiwei Dou Stern School of Business New York University ydou@stern.nyu.edu Ole-Kristian Hope Rotman School of Management University of Toronto ...»
  81. «The political economy of publicly provided private goods Soren Blomquist a , *, Vidar Christiansen b ¨ a Department of Economics, Uppsala University, Box ...»
  82. «Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment of Blood in Milk (Hemolactia) in Cows and Buffaloes Prof. (R) Dr. Ghulam Muhammad, Subject Expert, and Dr. Imaad Rashid, ...»
  83. «Apologies: Mr Andreas Goss, Lord Grade of Yarmouth; Mr Chris Swinson Declaration of Interests: None ACTION BT 14/12 1 Draft minutes of previous meetings ...»
  84. «Science Museum Collection Items on Display A selection of new acquisitions from the Particle Physics Collections (to be featured in the Large Hadron ...»
  85. «Howard Bodenhorn Clemson University and NBER David Cuberes Clark University Abstract: Using data on banks, locational amenities and city and town ...»
  86. «ARCH modeling in finance* A review of the theory and empirical evidence Tim Bollerslev Northwestern Unirwsity, Er,anston, IL 60208, USA Ray Y. Chou ...»
  87. «BUSINESS VIABILITY Work Book 4: Business Viability BUSINESS VIABILITY • What costs do I need to consider – and what’s the difference between ...»
  89. «Chair Financial Risks of the Risk Foundation Acknowledgement for their financial support Chair Marchés en Mutation Acknowledgement for their financial ...»
  90. «BOOK OF ABSTRACTS SPONSORED BY: Kyiv, 2016 8th Central European Congress on Food 2016 23-26 May Food Science for Well-being 2016, Kyiv UDC 664 8th Central ...»
  91. «Can remittances support development finance in developing countries? Alex Julca Background Paper World Economic and Social Survey 2012 October 9th, 2012 ...»
  92. «Sixth Edition Edited by Victoria Roberts BVSc MRCVS Honorary Veterinary Surgeon to the Poultry Club of Great Britain Council Member, Poultry Club of Great ...»
  93. «Oct 2012 No 391 Page 1 Biddestone and Slaughterford Parish Council Notes from the meeting of 28th August 2012 Six Parish Councillors attended the meeting. ...»
  94. «Neo-liberalism as Financialisation1 Engaging Neo-liberalism When it first emerged, neo-liberalism seemed to be able to be defined relatively easily and ...»
  95. «Perception Matters: Psychophysics for Economists Elke U. Weber Columbia University February 25, 2003 To appear in J. Carrillo and I. Brocas (Eds.), ...»
  96. «http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/archive/00000769/ Glasgow ePrints Service http://eprints.gla.ac.uk Publishing Patterns within the UK Accounting and Finance ...»
  97. «Status Index 1-10 # 96 of 129 4.40 Political Transformation 1-10 3.93 # 91 of 129  Economic Transformation 1-10 4.86 # 83 of 129  Management Index ...»
  98. «Budget Speech 2016-17 3 June 2016 Budget Speech 2016-17 Bismillahir-Rehmanir-Rahim PART-I Mr. Speaker, As I rise to present the 4th Budget of our ...»
  99. «ABSTRACT The study aimed at establishing the relationship between the quality of accounting information and financial performance of the public sector in ...»
  100. «BULLETIN Volume 06 No. 4 October, 2006 LISA SCHOMP SELECTED AS TIME MAGAZINE QUALITY DEALER AWARD NOMINEE We are pleased to announce that the CADA ...»
  101. «Contents A-Z business listing Contents Introduction to the Business Guide What collections are covered by this guide? What collections are not covered in ...»
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