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  1. «Institutional Support and Technological Upgrading: Evidence from Dynamic Clusters in Latin America and Asia Rajah Rasiah1 University of Malaya, Kuala ...»
  2. «Jacqueline Marks & Christina Morris Coram Chambers 24.10.13 About the presenters Jacqueline Marks Over the years Jackie has developed a strong practice in ...»
  3. «www.medscape.com/viewarticle/541775_print www.medscape.com To Print: Click your browser's PRINT button. NOTE: To view the article with Web enhancements, ...»
  4. «Ola Andersson* Håkan J. Holm† Jean-Robert Tyran‡ Erik Wengström§ Abstract: Decision makers often face powerful incentives to increase risk-taking ...»
  5. «Microfinance and the Illusion of Development: From Hubris to Nemesis in Thirty Years1 Milford Bateman Department of Economics and Tourism, Juraj Dobrila ...»
  6. «Nordic Delegation Tine Antvorskov, General Manager Scandinavia, Chartis, Denmark Tine joined in 1997 as an Assistant Underwriter, while finishing her ...»
  7. «Pablo Fajnzylber Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil Daniel Lederman World Bank Norman Loayza World Bank First Version: March 1998 This version: ...»
  8. «Published by: Wincor Nixdorf Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH Heinz-Nixdorf-Ring 1 33106 Paderborn, Germany Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) GmbH Holzstr. ...»
  9. «Assessing Usage And Maximizing Finance Lab Impact: A Case Exploration Magdy Noguera, Southeastern Louisiana University, USA Michael Craig Budden, ...»
  10. «Why Do U.S. Firms Hold So Much More Cash than They Used To? THOMAS W. BATES, KATHLEEN M. KAHLE, and RENE M. STULZ∗ ´ ABSTRACT The average ...»
  11. «1 Why Do We work More than Keynes Expected? Richard B. Freeman Harvard University When a rich man doesn't want to work. He's a bon vivant. Yes, he's a bon ...»
  12. «Why Diversity Matters July 2013 CATALYST INFORMATION CENTER Leaders working to create diverse and inclusive workplaces in which women can advance must ...»
  13. «Jack Norman, Ph.D. INSTITUTE FOR WISCONSIN’S FUTURE p o l i c y re s e a r c h i n t h e p u b l i c i n t e re s t IWF June 2002 Funding Our Future An ...»
  14. «WIEF-UiTM OCCASIONAL PAPERS DECEMBER 2012 WIEF-UiTM OCCASIONAL PAPERS DECEMBER 2012 The materials in this publication do not imply the expression of any ...»
  15. «WOP Working Paper No. 2003 / 1 Societal Culture and Industrial Sector Influences on Organizational Culture Felix C. Brodbeck ...»
  16. «Monetary and Economic Department March 2009 JEL classification: F21, F32 Keywords: Global Imbalances, Chinese Exchange Rate Regime BIS Working Papers are ...»
  17. «Monetary and Economic Department December 2012 JEL classification: E30, E44, E50, G10, G20, G28, H30, H50 Keywords: financial cycle, business cycle, ...»
  18. «Monetary and Economic Department December 2014 JEL classification: E22, G30, L16, O16 Keywords: Firm age, firm size, SMEs, financial constraints, economic ...»
  19. «Appropriate Macroeconomic Model Support for the Ministry of Finance and the National Institute of Economic Research: A Pilot Study By Göran Hjelm, Helena ...»
  20. «The ‘optimal and equitable’ climate finance gap Alex Bowen, Emanuele Campiglio and Sara Herreras Martinez March 2015 Centre for Climate Change ...»
  21. «Alex Bara, Gift Mugano & Pierre Le Roux ERSA working paper 615 June 2016 Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) is a research programme funded by the ...»
  22. «INTRODUCTION The story of WorldCom began in 1983 when businessmen Murray Waldron and William Rector sketched out a plan to create a long-distance ...»
  23. «Does competition affect truth-telling? An experiment with rating agencies Jean Paul Rabanal Olga A. Rabanal Working Paper No. 48, June 2015 The views ...»
  24. «Paper presented at the Conference on Development Research at Lund University, September 26, 2003 Alia Ahmad1 August, 2003 Abstract New institutional ...»
  25. «Postponing Global Adjustment: An Analysis of the Pending Adjustment of Global Imbalances Edwin M. Truman Edwin M. Truman, senior fellow since 2001, was ...»
  26. «♣ Lennart Erixon (December, 2005) Department of Economics, Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden _ Abstract The Swedish economic policy to ...»
  27. «Ansari, S. and Munir, K. These papers are produced by Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. They are circulated for discussion purposes only. ...»
  28. «Structured Microfinance in China Hans Bystr¨m‡ , Department of Economics, Lund University, Box 7082, 220 07 Lund, Sweden o In this paper we discuss ...»
  29. «Lennart Erixon (February, 2008) Department of Economics, Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden Abstract A Swedish economic policy was developed ...»
  30. «Pushed by Poverty or by Institutions? Determinants of Global Migration Flows Andreas Bergh, Irina Mirkina and Therese Nilsson Research Institute of ...»
  31. «Inheritance and Wealth Inequality: Evidence from Population Registers Mikael Elinder, Oscar Erixson and Daniel Waldenström Research Institute of ...»
  32. «How Do Business and Financial Cycles Interact? Stijn Claessens, M. Ayhan Kose and Marco E. Terrones © 2011 International Monetary Fund WP/11/88 IMF ...»
  33. «Martin Larch*, Paul van den Noord** and Lars Jonung*** *Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission ** Organisation for ...»
  34. «Bond Yields in Emerging Economies: It Matters What State You Are In Laura Jaramillo and Anke Weber © 2012 International Monetary Fund WP/12/198 IMF ...»
  35. «Public Support for the Single European Currency, the Euro, 1990 to 2011. Does the Financial Crisis Matter? Felix Roth Lars Jonung Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann ...»
  36. «Taxation of Income and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of 25 Rich OECD Countries Margareta Dackehag Åsa Hansson March 2012 Taxation of income and ...»
  37. «Searching for the Finance-Growth Nexus in Libya Serhan Cevik and Mohammad Rahmati © 2013 International Monetary Fund WP/ IMF Working Paper Middle East ...»
  38. «Foreign Institutional Investors and Stock Market Liquidity in China: State Ownership, Trading Activity and Information Asymmetry Mingfa Ding Birger ...»
  39. «Suppliers, Investors, and Equity Market Liberalizations Martin Strieborny April 2013 Suppliers, Investors, and Equity Market Liberalizations Martin ...»
  40. «Lending for Growth? An Analysis of State-Owned Banks in China Fredrik N.G. Andersson Katarzyna Burzynska Sonja Opper June 2013 Lending for Growth? An ...»
  41. «The Impact of Price Reductions on Individuals' Choice of Healthy Meals Away from Home Jonas Nordström Linda Thunström June 2013 The impact of price ...»
  42. «On Strategic Ignorance of Environmental Harm and Social Norms Linda Thunström Klaas van 't Veld Jason F. Shogren Jonas Nordström June 2013 On strategic ...»
  43. «Does commonality in illiquidity matter to investors? Richard G. Anderson Jane Binner Björn Hagströmer Birger Nilsson July 2013 Does commonality in ...»
  44. «Deciding for Others Reduces Loss Aversion Ola Andersson Håkan J. Holm Jean-Robert Tyran Erik Wengström September 2013 Deciding for Others Reduces Loss ...»
  45. «Estimating the Effects of the Container Revolution on World Trade Daniel M. Bernhofen Zouheir El-Sahli Richard Kneller February 2013 Estimating the ...»
  46. «Risk Aversion Relates to Cognitive Ability: Fact or Fiction? Ola Andersson Jean-Robert Tyran Erik Wengström Håkan J. Holm April 2013 Revised: October ...»
  47. «The Bright but Right View? New Evidence on Entrepreneurial Optimism Ola Bengtsson Daniel Ekeblom January 2014 The Bright but Right View? A New Type of ...»
  48. «Credit-Implied Equity Volatility – Long-Term Forecasts and Alternative Fear Gauges Hans Byström September 2014 Credit-Implied Equity Volatility – ...»
  49. «Predicting Stock Price Volatility by Analyzing Semantic Content in Media Hossein Asgharian Sverker Sikström November 2014 Predicting Stock Price ...»
  50. «An Overview of Islamic Finance by Mumtaz Hussain, Asghar Shahmoradi, and Rima Turk © 2015 International Monetary Fund WP/15/120 IMF Working Paper ...»
  51. «BRIE Working Paper 155 July 2003 © Copyright 2003, by the authors Donald Patton Research Associate Department of Human and Community Development ...»
  52. «Learning to Take Risks? The Effect of Education on Risk-Taking in Financial Markets Sandra E Black, University of Texas Paul J Devereux, University ...»
  53. «Does Governance Cause Growth? Evidence from China Ross Wilson April 2015 Does Governance Cause Growth? Evidence from China* Ross Wilson† 30 April 2015 ...»
  54. «On The Origins of Risk-Taking Sandra E Black, University of Texas Paul J Devereux, University College Dublin Petter Lundborg and Kaveh Majlesi, Lund ...»
  55. «On The Origins of Risk-Taking Sandra E. Black Paul J. Devereux Petter Lundborg Kaveh Majlesi June 2015 On The Origins of Risk-Taking1 by Sandra E. Black ...»
  56. «Taxation of Dividend Income and Economic Growth: The Case of Europe Margareta Dackehag Åsa Hansson August 2015 Taxation of dividend income and economic ...»
  57. «Cross-Border Asset Holdings and Comovements in Sovereign Bond Markets Hossein Asgharian Lu Liu Marcus Larsson October 2015 Cross-Border Asset Holdings and ...»
  58. «Learning to Take Risks? The Effect of Education on Risk-Taking in Financial Markets Sandra E. Black Paul J. Devereux Petter Lundborg Kaveh Majlesi March ...»
  59. «ABHAY PETHE MALA LALVANI DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI Dr. Vibhooti Shukla Unit in Urban Economics & Regional Development WORKING PAPER NO. ...»
  60. «TARP and Market Discipline: Evidence on the Moral Hazard Effects of Bank Recapitalizations Jens Forssbaeck Caren Yinxia Nielsen June 2016 TARP and market ...»
  61. «Stock Return Expectations in the Credit Market Hans Byström October 2016 Stock Return Expectations in the Credit Market * Hans Byström September 2016 In ...»
  62. «Blockchains, Real-Time Accounting and the Future of Credit Risk Modeling Hans Byström March 2016 BLOCKCHAINS, REAL-TIME ACCOUNTING AND THE FUTURE OF ...»
  63. «zbw Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft Make Your Publication Visible Leibniz Information Centre for Economics Frame, W. Scott; White, Lawrence J. ...»
  64. «To cite this version: Gunther Capelle-Blancard. Are derivatives dangerous?. Document de travail du CEPII, n2010de novembre 2010. ISSN : 1293-2574. Publi´ ...»
  65. «Orsola Costantini1 Working Paper No. 24 October 2015 ABSTRACT This paper traces the evolution of the concept of the cyclically adjusted budget from the ...»
  66. «No. 265, 1990 FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN A EUROPEAN MARKET FOR EXECUTIVE COMPETENCE by Gunnar Eliasson To be published in Wihlborg, c.- Fratianni, M.- ...»
  67. «Perry Mehrling1∗ Working Paper No. 27 November 12, 2015 ABSTRACT This paper sketches the outlines of the new international monetary system that has ...»
  68. «John T. Barkoulas Department of Economics Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 USA Tel: 617.552.3682 Email: barkoula@bcaxp1.bc.edu Christopher F. Baum ...»
  69. «CONTRIBUTIONS TO PUBLIC POLICY October 1997 Richard Arnott∗ Department of Economics Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 USA Tel: (617) 552-3674 Fax: ...»
  70. «zbw Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft Make Your Publication Visible Leibniz Information Centre for Economics Eliasson, Gunnar; Rybczynski, Tad; ...»
  71. «The Shadow Economy in Portugal: An Analysis Using the MIMIC Model Eduardo Barbosa Samuel Pereira Elísio Brandão FEP-UP, School of Economics and ...»
  72. «The Determinants of the Capital Structure of Listed on Stock Market Nonnancial Firms: Evidence for Portugal Nelson Vergas António Cerqueira Elísio ...»
  73. «New Entrants and Inherited Competence: The Evolution of the Irish Biotech Sector Declan Curran (DCU Business School), Chris van Egeraat (NIRSA), Colm ...»
  74. «The Interaction of Entrepreneurship and Institutions Magnus Henrekson and Tino Sanandaji Research Institute of Industrial Economics P.O. Box 55665 SE-102 ...»
  75. «Institutional Entrepreneurship: An Introduction Magnus Henrekson and Tino Sanandaji Research Institute of Industrial Economics P.O. Box 55665 SE-102 15 ...»
  76. «The Rise, Fall and Revival of the Swedish Welfare State: What are the Policy Lessons from Sweden? Andreas Bergh Research Institute of Industrial Economics ...»
  77. «Risk Aversion Relates to Cognitive Ability: Fact or Fiction? Ola Andersson, Jean-Robert Tyran, Erik Wengström and Håkan J. Holm Research Institute of ...»
  78. «Reconsidering Cointegration in International Finance: Three Case Studies of Size Distortion in Finite Samples by Marie-Josée Godbout and Simon van Norden ...»
  79. «Debt Maturity Choices, Multi-stage Investments and Financing Constraints Elettra Agliardi Nicos Koussis Quaderni - Working Paper DSE N°980 Debt Maturity ...»
  80. «CARD Working Paper 99-WP 213 Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Iowa State University 1. Revised November 1998 Without implicating them, the ...»
  81. «Julia Black LSE Law, Society and Economy Working Papers 24/2013 London School of Economics and Political Science Law Department This paper can be ...»
  82. «Policy ReseaRch WoRking PaPeR 4326 Public Disclosure Authorized Innovative Experiences in Access to Finance: Market Friendly Roles for the Visible Hand? ...»
  83. «Policy Research Working Paper 5742 Public Disclosure Authorized The “Resource Curse” in MENA? Political Transitions, Resource Wealth, Economic Shocks, ...»
  84. «Hugh Patrick Working Paper No. 50 Hugh Patrick is R.D. Calkins Professor of International Business and Director of the Center on Japanese Economy and ...»
  85. «zbw Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft Make Your Publication Visible Leibniz Information Centre for Economics Schnabl, Gunther Working Paper The role ...»
  86. «TWEEKERKENSTRAAT 2 B-9000 GENT Tel. : 32 - (0)9 – 264.34.61 Fax. : 32 - (0)9 – 264.35.92 WORKING PAPER The Effect of IPSAS on Reforming Governmental ...»
  87. «zbw Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft Make Your Publication Visible Leibniz Information Centre for Economics Maurel, Mathilde; Schnabl, Gunther ...»
  88. «CAPTURE ERIC MONNET, STEFANO PAGLIARI AND SHAHIN VALLÉE Highlights • The financial crisis modified drastically and rapidly the European financial ...»
  89. «Center for Retirement Research at Boston College Hovey House 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Tel: 617-552-1762 Fax: 617-552-0191 ...»
  90. «Nurkse and the Role of Finance in Development Economics* by Jan Kregel The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College; Center for Full Employment and Price ...»
  91. «Detecting Ponzi Finance: An Evolutionary Approach to the Measure of Financial Fragility by Éric Tymoigne Lewis and Clark College and Levy Economics ...»
  92. «*Ph.D. in economics, Lancaster University; independent researcher, Mexico City. Comments: jesusmunoz‗ban@yahoo.com. The Levy Economics Institute Working ...»
  93. «* eu.caver@gmail.com The Levy Economics Institute Working Paper Collection presents research in progress by Levy Institute scholars and conference ...»
  94. «* University of Bergamo December 2014 * University of Bergamo, Via dei Caniana 2, 24127 Bergamo, Italy. E-mail: giovanna.vertova@unibg.it This paper was ...»
  95. «* m.mazzucato@sussex.ac.uk † wrayR@umkc.edu This paper was prepared for the project “Financing Innovation: An Application of a Keynes-SchumpeterMinsky ...»
  96. «Merk, O., Saussier, S., Staropoli, C., Slack, E., Kim, J-H (2012), ―Financing Green Urban Infrastructure‖, OECD Regional Development Working Papers ...»
  97. «Writing the rules of global finance: France, Europe, and capital liberalization Rawi Abdelal Harvard Business School ABSTRACT Why were capital controls ...»
  98. «World Sustainable Energy Conference Launching the World Sustainable Energy Year 2012 Energy Recommendations for Rio+20 Tuesday 10 January 14.00 h until ...»
  99. «196 List of Literature1 Arrow, K.J. and G. Debreu (1954) Existence of Equilibrium for a Competitive Economy, Econometrica vol.22. Bagehot, Walter (1875) A ...»
  100. «Alojzy Z.Nowak ∗ Monetary Policy in Poland in the Conditions of Upheavals in Global Markets and the Change of Internal Business Cycle Economic Situation ...»
  101. «YET ANOTHER RE-ORGANISATION? Thoughts about the distribution of power in large organisations by Peter Garrett The pace of re-organisations has accelerated ...»
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