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  1. «Credit Rating Agencies: A Constitutive and Diachronic Analysis. Ginevra Marandola and Timothy Sinclair About the authors Ginevra Marandola Ginevra is a ...»
  2. «Bank Capital and Value in the Cross Section Hamid Mehran Anjan Thakor Staff Report no. 390 September 2009 This paper presents preliminary findings and is ...»
  3. «The Information Value of the Stress Test and Bank Opacity Stavros Peristian Donald P. Morgan Vanessa Savino Staff Report no. 460 July 2010 This paper ...»
  4. «Towards Web-scale Web Archaeology Shun-Tak A. Leung Sharon E. Perl Raymie Stata Janet L. Wiener Systems Research Center 130 Lytton Avenue Palo Alto, ...»
  5. «CURRICULUM VITAE - JOHN H. STALEY, Ph.D. February, 2007 PRESENT POSITION Senior Associate Director, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics EDUCATION ...»
  6. «Reassessing American Foreign Policy Amidst the Maelstrom: The Last Superpower? Revisiting the Paradigm of Imperial Decline The economic and political ...»
  7. «Ben Steiner Professor Denise L. Mauzerall May 10, 2006 Achieving Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: The CAFE Standards and Beyond Table of Contents Executive ...»
  8. «Curriculum Vitae Steven D. Pizer, PhD 150 South Huntington Avenue (152H) Boston, Massachusetts 02130 Office: (857) 364-6061 Email: s.pizer@neu.edu ...»
  9. «We consider the valuation of energy storage facilities within the framework of stochastic control. Our two main examples are natural gas dome storage and ...»
  10. «We consider the valuation of energy storage facilities within the framework of stochastic control. Our two main examples are natural gas dome storage and ...»
  11. «Martin Spann 1 Marc Fischer 2 Gerard J. Tellis 3 February 2009 Contact Information: University of Passau, Innstr. 27, D-94032 Passau, Germany, ...»
  12. «Student Finance Policy Changes for AY 2016/17 Joanne Munro Planning and Policy March 2016 Introduction – AY 2016/17 Policy Changes Change England Wales ...»
  13. «Mobile Children’s Services Association of NSW Inc Submission to Productivity Commission Study on ECD Workforce Introduction MCSA’s submission follows ...»
  14. «Courtenay Cabot Venton, Sarah Bailey, Sophie Pongracz February 2015 VfM of Cash Transfers in Emergencies 1 Acknowledgements The study team is very ...»
  15. «With Background Paper Who's Minding the Store? by Robert J. Shiller The Twentieth Century Fund Press/New York/1992 The Twentieth Century Fund is a ...»
  16. «Background The dispute concerned the application of the general anti-avoidance rule to a socalled “split loan facility”. Such arrangements were a not ...»
  17. «Dated: 31 October 2011 To: All NSI Approved Companies and Applicants where the scope of approval includes the provision of cash and valuables in transit ...»
  18. «Abstract We study the asset-pricing implications of technological growth in a model with “small”, disembodied productivity shocks and “large”, ...»
  19. «Working Paper 439 Usury, Calvinism, and Credit in Protestant England: from the Sixteenth Century to the Industrial Revolution By John H. Munro June 28, ...»
  20. «Working Paper 463 Money Matters: A Critique of the Postan Thesis on Medieval Population, Prices, and Wages By John H. MUNRO August 08, 2012 Department of ...»
  21. «THANKING 7.8 How does your company show appreciation and/or recognition for employees’ good work and extra effort, or other achievements? If specific ...»
  22. «The Components of Electronic Inter-Dealer Spot FX Bid-Ask Spreads Frank McGroarty, Owain ap Gwilym and Stephen Thomas∗ Abstract: This paper applies an ...»
  23. «Disrupt or be Disrupted: The Impact of Digital Technologies on Business Services | 1 DISRUPT OR BE DISRUPTED: THE IMPACT OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES ON ...»
  24. «Abstract The convergence of global issues—ranging from climate change to the erosion of cultural diversity—has created a watershed of opportunity or ...»
  25. «R. T YLER BOLLHORN Founder of Stockscores.com Copyright © 2013 by R. Tyler Bollhorn. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by any ...»
  26. «July 12th, 2015 The Right-Left Crossfire and the Post Neo-Liberal Left James Petras Introduction The post neo-liberal regimes which flourished in five ...»
  27. «Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money j o ur na l ho me pa ge : w w w . e l s e v i e ...»
  28. «Part I: 1030-1050. – The Use and Abuse of the Commonwealth Finance Power and the External Affairs Power Part II: 1120-1140 – Competitive Federalism ...»
  29. «THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS AND THE COLLAPSE OF THE NEO-LIBERAL PARADIGM by Sir Courtney N. Blackman Economics Department – UWI – Trinidad & Tobago ...»
  30. «The Construct of Mindfulness Ellen J. Langer* Harvard University Mihnea Moldoveanu University of Toronto After mindfulness is defined, a brief history of ...»
  32. «High Dimensional Time Series in Macroeconomics and Finance May 2 - 4, 2013 Scientific Program Date: Thursday, 02/May/2013 8:00am - 8:30am Registration ...»
  33. «‘Increasing the recreational, educational and leisure offer in an iconic location on the Isle of Mull.’ THE VISION ‘Tobermory Harbour Association ...»
  35. «Guidelines on the valuation of technical provisions EIOPA – Westhafen Tower, Westhafenplatz 1 - 60327 Frankfurt – Germany - Tel. + 49 69-951119-20; ...»
  36. «Asia’s New Geopolitics Michael Wesley 25 March 2013 (SLIDE 1) On a wintry London evening, the 25th of January 1904, a 43-year old geographics professor ...»
  37. «INTELLECTUAL RATIONALE The recent global financial crisis generates much debate on the soundness of mainstream economic theories, in particular to the so ...»
  38. «By Rhys a p Gwilym A Thesis Submitted in Fulfilment o f the Requirements for the Degree o f Doctor o f Philosophy at Cardiff University Econom ics Section ...»
  39. «August 2008 From Elevated Freeway to Linear Park: Land Price Impacts of Seoul, Korea’s CGC Project Chang Deok Kang and Robert Cervero Track One Berkeley ...»
  40. «Valuation and Accounting of Natural Capital Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 193 for Green Economy (VANTAGE) Guidance Manual Series No. 2 United ...»
  41. «Jasper O. Kenter 1, 2 , Rosalind Bryce 1 , Althea Davies 1* , Niels Jobstvogt 1 , 2 , Verity Watson 3 , Susan Ranger 4 , Jean-Luc Solandt 4 , Calum Duncan ...»
  42. «THE FINANCIAL CRISIS OF 2007/2008 AND ITS MACROECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES J. E. Stiglitz Information and incentive problems played important roles in the ...»
  43. «Phillip Y. Lipscy Hirofumi Takinami1 Phillip Y. Lipscy is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford University and FSI Center Fellow at the ...»
  44. «INDUSTRIAL LAW – conduct by employer – alleged breach of s 792 of the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth) – employer’s business substantially ...»
  45. «Eui Jung Chang Banco Central do Brasil Benjamin Miranda Tabak∇ Banco Central do Brasil February, 2003 JEL Classification: G10, C53. Keywords: implied ...»
  46. «Abstract The paper provides an updated insight on the role that urban agriculture can play in pursuing the Millennium Development Goals and more ...»
  47. «The Monetary Origins of the ‘Price Revolution’ : South German Silver Mining, MerchantBanking, and Venetian Commerce, 1470-1540' by John Munro ...»
  48. «Liberal versus neo-developmental convention to growth: Why has Brazil shown a poor performance since the 1980s? André nAssif CArmem feijó* The main goal ...»
  49. «Working paper edited by Lajos Veres professor of economics, College of Dunaújváros Hungarian Logistics Association Budapest Supported by the ...»
  50. «Ownership type and the triangle of microfinance: empirical evidence from Indonesia microfinance institutions Arif Singapurwoko Department of Management ...»
  51. «Prepared by Deloitte Access Economics The value of international education to Australia Prepared by Deloitte Access Economics About this report In 2015, ...»
  52. «VALUES AND VALUING [5501-5600] The concept of ...»
  53. «Introduction How should society value resources that are not goods or services in the marketplace, but rather what economists used to call “free gifts ...»
  54. «Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction The Role in Modern Economies of Innovation and New Ideas The Value of the Intellectual Capital in the ...»
  55. «Institute for Public Policy Research www.ippr.org The Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) is the UK’s leading progressive think tank and was ...»
  56. «Valuing IPOs Moonchul Kim , Jay R. Ritter * Department of Accounting, KyungHee University, C1 Hoegie-Dong, Dongdaemun-Ku, Seoul 130-701, South Korea ...»
  57. «Valuing Internet Ventures George Athanassakos∗ ∗ The University of Western Ontario, gathanassakos@ivey.uwo.ca Copyright c 2007 The Berkeley Electronic ...»
  58. «Varsha Gupta & Ajit Khare Key words: post consumer apparel, Waste utilization, urban-rural dynamics, supply chain, women empowerment „Roti Kapada aur ...»
  59. «Valuation as Evaluating and Valorizing François Vatin Abstract The notion of valuation often blurs a distinction that is crucial to the understanding of ...»
  60. «Venture Capital and the Internet Bubble: Facts, Fundamentals and Food for Thought March 2002 Please do not quote without prior consent of the authors ...»
  61. «Orang Asli or indigenous peoples are peoples with unique languages, knowledge systems and beliefs. Indigenous peoples often have much in common with other ...»
  62. «The New Mercantilism and the crisis of global capitalism: Elements for discussion Blandine LAPERCHE Dimitri UZUNIDIS Associate Professor in Economics. ...»
  64. «THE VALUE OF BOSSES Edward P. Lazear Kathryn L. Shaw Christopher T. Stanton Working Paper 18317 http://www.nber.org/papers/w18317 NATIONAL BUREAU OF ...»
  66. «PN 1443 ISBN 978-1-896997-92-6 PDF © Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, 2010 Acknowledgement This guidance document was authored by ...»
  67. «Dominique M. Gross* Social Finance Programme International Labour Office December 21 2001 Abstract This paper presents an overview of the current issues ...»
  68. «Xin Shen, Mark J. Holmes and Steven Lim Department of Economics, University of Waikato April 2013 Abstract We provide new evidence on the comparison ...»
  69. «Eckhard Hein# and Achim Truger## # Berlin School of Economics and Law and Institute for International Political Economy (IPE) Berlin, Germany ## ...»
  70. «PUBLISHED BY IBASE Rio de Janeiro, June 2007 WHO RULES THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM? Who rules the financial system? Published by Brazilian Institute of Social ...»
  71. «Design Solutions for Wood-Frame Multi-Story Buildings – Resisting Uplift and Lateral Forces By Randy Shackelford, P.E. and Steve Pryor, P.E., S.E., ...»
  72. «JEL classification: E42, E44, E52, E58, F32, F34, F36 Keywords: payment system, financial crisis, monetary policy, international lending. BIS Working ...»
  73. «JEL classification: bond financing, offshore markets, derivatives, capital structure, emerging markets, market depth, Asian bond markets Keywords: C23, ...»
  74. «Working Families written evidence to the Committee for Finance and Personnel Inquiry into Flexible Working in the Public Sector in Northern Ireland. 1 ...»
  75. «The Impact of Legislature and Citizens on the Budgeting Process in Switzerland: Lessons for Central and Eastern Europe Krisztina TÓTH Working Paper no. ...»
  76. «WP 02-07 Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics The University of Maryland, College Park Bid-Ask Spreads in Commodity Futures Markets by Henry ...»
  77. «CHRISTIAN WOLF* AND MICHAEL G. POLLITT† First version: January 2008 This version: 29 February 2008 Acknowledgements: We thankfully acknowledge the ...»
  78. «RESEARCH DEPARTMENT WORKING PAPER 1006 Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas     The Impact of LIHTC Program on Local Schools Wenhua Di Senior Economist, ...»
  79. «Money, States and Empire: Financial Integration Cycles and Institutional Change in Central Europe, 1400-1520 . David Chilosi and Oliver Volckart © David ...»
  80. «THE CROSS-SECTION OF STOCK RETURNS IN AN EARLY STOCK MARKET Qing Ye (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University) John D. Turner (Queen’s University Belfast) ...»
  81. «Islamic Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Status and Prospects Enrique Gelbard, Mumtaz Hussain, Rodolfo Maino, Yibin Mu, and Etienne B. Yehoue WP/14/149 © ...»
  82. «‘Money Matters’: A Critique of the Postan Thesis on Medieval Population, Prices, and Wages Working Paper no. 463 (MUNRO: no. 44) Repec Handle: ...»
  83. «The East Asian Economic Crisis: A brief overview of the facts, the issues and the future Working Paper No. 86 June 1998 The views presented in this paper ...»
  84. «WORKING PAPER No. 30 Entrepreneurship in Early-Modern Europe (1450 - 1750): An Exploration of Some Unfashionable Themes in Economic History Repec Handle: ...»
  85. «11 June 2007 Revised: 17 August 2007 website: http://www.economics.utoronto.ca/munro5/ e-mail: john.munro@utoronto.ca The Usury Doctrine and Urban Public ...»
  86. «Minding and not minding your own business: What justifies attempts to assess the democratic quality of political systems? Lord, Christopher May 2015 All ...»
  87. « Department of Economics University of Pretoria 0002, Pretoria South Africa Tel: +27 12 420 2413 The Role of Economic Policy Uncertainty in Predicting ...»
  88. « Department of Economics University of Pretoria 0002, Pretoria South Africa Tel: +27 12 420 2413 South African Stock Returns Predictability using Domestic ...»
  89. « Department of Economics University of Pretoria 0002, Pretoria South Africa Tel: +27 12 420 2413 The Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on US Real ...»
  90. « Department of Economics University of Pretoria 0002, Pretoria South Africa Tel: +27 12 420 2413   Predicting South African Equity Premium using Domestic ...»
  92. «Original citation: Dyson, Robert G. (2014) Memoirs, the University of Warwick 1970-1989 : (And the rise of Warwick Business School). Coventry, UK: ...»
  93. «Downloaded from http://rfs.oxfordjournals.org at New York University School of Law on April 5, 2010 Malcolm Baker Harvard Business School and NBER C. ...»
  94. «A. HRM Wing 9 B. Budget Wing 14 Budget and its Functions 14 Type of Budget 18 Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 20 Medium Term Budgetary ...»
  95. «Internalization An event study test Randall Merck Faculty of Business, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta TM; 2R6, Canada Bernard Yeung* School of ...»
  96. «G7 Ise-Shima Economic Initiative We pledge to collectively tackle current economic challenges, while laying out foundations for stronger long-term global ...»
  97. «Chronic macro-economic and financial imbalances in the world economy: a meta-economic view RobeRt Guttmann* RESUMO: As finanças globais, combinando a ...»
  98. «acteristics. Taipei: Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies. Japan, Ministry of Justice. 2011. Immigration Control Report, accessed June 7, 2012, ...»
  99. «JOHN MICKLEWRIGHT and GYULA NAGY Budapest Working Papers on the Labour Market BWP 1998/2 February 1998 Budapest Working Papers No.2 Labour Research ...»
  100. «ASX & MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release Monday 2 March 2015 Myer announces CEO succession and update on strategic review to transform business for ...»
  101. «Raymond Hubbard College of Business and Public Administration Drake University Des Moines, IA 50311 Phone: (515) 271-2344 Fax: (515) 271-4518 E-mail: ...»
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