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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «Several Factors That Drive the Politics of Water Reform Are Changing Although political considerations have blocked important water reforms in the past, ...»
  2. «Corporate acquisition strategies and economic. Zb. rad. Ekon. fak. Rij. • 2011 • vol. 29 • sv. 1 • 33-50 Original scientific paper UDC 658.012.2: ...»
  3. «Valuing Your Financial Planning Business 1. Observations on the Present Market for Financial Planning Businesses In the past few years I have helped quite ...»
  4. «Introduction Background 1. At its 17 September 2009 meeting, the IASB tentatively decided to issue in October 2009 an exposure draft (ED) proposing the ...»
  5. «Stakeholder dynamics and the implementation of process innovations: the case of Lean thinking in a UK NHS Hospital Trust Thanos Papadopoulos* Knowledge ...»
  6. «A. Background 1. It is generally acknowledged that thatch is a distinctive feature of the English landscape, particularly in the south and the east, and ...»
  7. «Toshio Kamo Contents Introduction 1 Decentralization : West and East OECD Countries Asian Counries 2 Decentralizatiion in Japan Collapsing Cetralized ...»
  8. «Value-Added Tax Options for India ROBIN BURGESS Suntory Toyota International Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines, London School of Economics, ...»
  9. «Totaling EUR 29 billion, Hungary is in the midst of implementing its largest economic development program in its young democratic history. At the center ...»
  10. «New labour, new monetarism Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer New Labour's economic policies share much in common with old-fashioned monetarism, ...»
  12. «The perplexing issue of discounting Prescriptive economics requires that, unless there are very good reasons to the contrary, economic policy should be ...»
  13. «Randall S. Kroszner Graduate School of Business University of Chicago and N.B.E.R. Abstract This paper examines the consequences of large-scale debt ...»
  14. «“The Andromeda Strain” Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. ...»
  16. «Debate about alternative monetary systems – Silvio Gesell, John Maynard Keynes, Irving Fisher Thesis in fulfillment of qualifications for the degree ...»
  17. «Francesco Di Bernardo, “‘We want what you have’: Faustian Finance in The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim and Capital” Excursions, vol. 4, no. 2 ...»
  18. «Student and Staff Induction Manual Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Information Systems University of Tasmania September 2015 CRICOS Code: 00586B Table of ...»
  19. «Bartolomé Deyá Tortella Departamento de Economía y Empresa Universidad de las Islas Baleares Carretera de Valldemossa Km 7,5 (07071) Islas ...»
  20. «Head of Doctoral School: DR. GYULA VARGA Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Consultant: DR. LÁSZLÓ BALOGH, PhD ECONOMIC STUDY OF WIND AND HYDRO ...»
  21. «Sonja Vermeulen and Lorenzo Cotula Enabling poor rural people to overcome poverty Making the most of agricultural investment: A survey of business models ...»
  22. «17683/11 PRESSE 456 PR CO 73 PRESS RELEASE 3129th Council meeting Economic and Financial Affairs Brussels, 30 November 2011 President Mr Jacek ROSTOWSKI ...»
  23. «6678/12 PRESSE 57 PR CO 9 PRESS RELEASE 3148th Council meeting Economic and Financial Affairs Brussels, 21 February 2012 President Ms Margrethe Vestager ...»
  24. «Taken from his lecture at the Capital Divided? Conference at City Perc in November 2014, Tily argues that Keynes’s goal was high employment founded on a ...»
  25. «9733/12 PRESSE 198 PR CO 29 PRESS RELEASE 3167th Council meeting Economic and Financial Affairs Brussels, 15 May 2012 President Ms Margrethe VESTAGER ...»
  26. «Bent Flyvbjerg Corresponding author Aalborg University Dept. of Development and Planning flyvbjerg@plan.aau.dk and Delft University of Technology Faculty ...»
  27. «12204/12 PRESSE 317 PR CO 43 PRESS RELEASE 3181st Council meeting Economic and Financial Affairs Brussels, 10 July 2012 President Mr Vassos SHIARLY ...»
  28. «16051/12 PRESSE 465 PR CO 60 PRESS RELEASE 3198th Council meeting Economic and Financial Affairs Brussels, 13 November 2012 President Mr Vassos Shiarly ...»
  29. «KAPOSVÁR UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ECONOMIC SCIENCE Department of Finance and Accounting Head of Doctoral School: DR. GÁBOR UDOVECZ Doctor of the Hungarian ...»
  30. « ...»
  31. «Organized by Faculty of Management and Economics Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus Hanken School of Economics, Finland Stockholm Business School ...»
  32. «SUMMARY In July 2014 Council adopted a Retail Activation Program for a 12 month trial period involving the use of Pitt Street Mall (the Mall) for certain ...»
  33. «Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, 2014 Editors: Norbert Potori Paweł Chmieliński Andrew F. Fieldsend Reviewed by ...»
  34. «Cementir Holding: il Consiglio di Amministrazione approva i risultati consolidati al 31 marzo 2016  Ricavi a 210,4 milioni di Euro (204,7 milioni di ...»
  35. «Our knowledge : Your advantage PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY UPDATE While the majority of RICS-regulated firms have, for the past decade, enjoyed access to ...»
  36. «PRESENT: Her Excellency the Governor, Ms Christina Scott The Honourable Victor Banks, Chief Minister and Minister of Finance, Economic Development, ...»
  37. «Exhibit 1 Mukesh Bajaj, Senior Managing Director, LECG LECG 2000 Powell Street, Suite 600 Emeryville, CA 94608 Tel: 510.985.6736 Fax: 510.653.9898 Cell: ...»
  38. «Tuesday, 17 January 2017 Issue DH/7328 In the headlines: • Modest economic growth not an indication of • At Cape Town Forum, UN Women and partners ...»
  39. «Impact of Strategic Planning on Organizational Performance and Survival* Akinyele Samuel Taiwo and Fasogbon Olufunke Idunnu Department of Business ...»
  40. «FROM STATE TO MARKET: A SURVEY OF EMPIRICAL STUDIES ON PRIVATIZATION Prepared by: William L. Megginson Professor & Rainbolt Chair in Finance Michael F. ...»
  41. «Abstract: The European Monetary Union is of great importance for its member states, since being its part implies a lot of privileges. One of them is ...»
  42. «Consolidation and Efficiency in the Financial Sector: A Review of the International Evidence Dean Amel, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC Colleen ...»
  43. «Ample Room at the Top: Financing a Planet-Wide Basic Income Myron J. Frankman* McGill University Version 1, August 1, 2004 Prepared for the Tenth Biennial ...»
  44. «Econ Journal Watch, Volume 3, Number 1, January 2006, pp 137-147. CHARACTER ISSUES 364 Economists on Economic Policy GEOFFREY WOOD * Abstract, Keywords, ...»
  45. «THE world's leading spiritual writer is in a most unholy tizzy. We have just eaten dinner in a chic restaurant near his apartment overlooking Copacabana ...»
  46. «Presentation after 10 months of ownership in a 50 month turnaround programme ‘Our Vision is to be an International Class Retail Business providing ...»
  47. «Intermediate Public Economics Jean Hindriks and Gareth D. Myles First version November 2000 This version June 2004 ii Contents I Public Economics and the ...»
  48. «The Effects of Bank Capital on Lending: What Do We Know, and What Does it Mean? Jose M. Berrospide and Rochelle M. Edge 2010-44 NOTE: Staff working ...»
  49. «学习目标 2 具有从事创新性研究的能力;能够撰写并发表高质量的毕业论文和学术论文 具体目标 ...»
  50. «Stakeholder Marketing: A New Orientation in the Discipline and Practice of Marketing Maite Ruiz-Roqueñi Jose-Luis Retolaza University of the Basque ...»
  51. «Lessons from the Historical Use of Reserve Requirements in the United States to Promote Bank Liquidity Mark A. Carlson 2013-11 NOTE: Staff working papers ...»
  52. «DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH AFFAIRS Copyright © Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, 2014 Department of Children and Youth Affairs 43-49 Mespil ...»
  53. «State Board of Higher Education Budget and Finance Committee March 13, 2015 The State Board of Higher Education Budget and Finance Committee met by ...»
  54. «Small Businesses and Small Business Finance during the Financial Crisis and the Great Recession: New Evidence From the Survey of Consumer Finances Arthur ...»
  55. «What is a valuer required to do when providing a Property Pro Valuation? Easy Money Handouts Pty Limited (Easy Money) was a low–doc lender. On 17 ...»
  56. «Ken Coutts and Graham Gudgin The Macroeconomic Impact of Liberal Economic Policies in the UK Ken Coutts and Graham Gudgin Centre For Business Research, ...»
  57. «MINUTES REGULAR MEETING BOARD OF ALDERMEN RIVERSIDE, MISSOURI Tuesday, September 20, 2016 6:45 p.m. The Board of Aldermen for the City of Riverside, ...»
  58. «VALUE FOR MONEY STATEMENT Introduction: All Registered Providers of Social Housing within England are required to produce, on an annual basis, a robust ...»
  59. «Version: March 2016 Mission statement and introduction Wolters Kluwer’s customers face critical decisions every day; and the need to get them right. ...»
  60. «Valuing the Protection of Minimum Instream Flows in New Mexico Robert P. Berrens, Philip Ganderton, and Carol L. Silva Currently, New Mexico law does not ...»
  61. «VALUE-FOR-MONEY ANALYSIS OF ACTIVE LABOUR MARKET PROGRAMS Greg Mason PRA Inc. & University of Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba Maximilien Tereraho Human ...»
  62. «Audit of UNESCO’s Controls to Achieve Value for Money in Contracting November 2014 Prepared by: Tuyet-Mai Grabiel Flora Moutard Rodolphe Rance EXECUTIVE ...»
  63. «Valuing non-market goods: A comparison of preference-based and experience-based approaches Paul Dolan Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London, ...»
  64. «Abstract Comparative Political Economy (CPE) has been unable to explain the differential impact of the recent international financial crisis on advanced ...»
  65. «Economic Value-Added: A Review of the Theoretical and Empirical Literature. Asian Review of Accounting 9(1):pp. 67-86. Economic Value-Added: A Review of ...»
  66. «Resources 2013, 2, 213-230; doi:10.3390/resources2030213 OPEN ACCESS resources ISSN 2079-9276 www.mdpi.com/journal/resources Review Valuing Ecosystem ...»
  67. «4th World Conference on Business, Economics and Management, WCBEM The Effect of Visual Product Aesthetics on Consumers’ Price Sensitivity Yigit Mumcua, ...»
  68. «Measuring Regional Economic Value-Added of Renewable Energy: The Case of Germany * RAUPACH-SUMIYA Jörg Abstract Continued high investment into ...»
  69. «Decision Sciences (2014,) Volume 45, Issue 1, pp. 175-201 Gábor Benedek Thesys SEA Pte Ltd, Singapore, 088849 Singapore, 89 Neil Road. e-mail: ...»
  70. «PLEASE SEND IMMEDIATELY VIA FAX OR EMAIL THE FOLLOWING: Email: logistics@gypsumlogistics.com Fax: 866-711-0331 1. Certificate of insurance (page 8 can be ...»
  71. «Marianne Broadbent and Carey Butler Key Centre for Technology Management, Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne ABSTRACT Business Process ...»
  72. «[This article offers a critique of the current understanding of the phrase ‘financial advantage’ in Australian fraud offences. It begins by ...»
  73. «July 2001 DOH 334-292 July 2001 For more information: 1-877-485-7316 www.doh.wa.gov/pesticidecontact For people with disabilities, this document is ...»
  74. «Measuring Value for Money ? An independent review of DFID’s Value for Money (VFM) Indicator, Public Service Agreement 2003-2006 By Derek Poate and ...»
  75. «Master of Science Thesis No. 362 Valuing Equity REITs: A NAV Debate Supervisor: Author: Professor Stellan Lundström Thomas Widmann Stockholm 2007 ...»
  76. «11-1-2004 Agricultural Productivity in the Early Ottoman Empire Metin M. Cosgel University of Connecticut Follow this and additional works at: ...»
  77. «Land Valuers Licensing Board Annual Report 2010-2011 Land Valuers Licensing Board GOVERNMENT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA THE HON. SIMON O’BRIEN MLC Minister ...»
  78. «University of Huddersfield Repository Retolaza, Jose Luis, San-José, Leire and Ruiz-Roqueni, Maite Ontological Stakeholder View: An Innovative ...»
  79. «EDUCATION: PhD, Economics, Southern Methodist University, 1994 MA, Economics, Southern Methodist University, 1994 BA (Honours), Economics, University of ...»
  80. «Fiscal Policy and Full Employment By Brad DeLong, Larry Summers, and Laurence Ball At present and going forward, activist fiscal policy is likely to be ...»
  81. «‘Value for Money and Efficiency in Higher Education’: Resources Management and Management of Higher Education in Uganda and its Implications for ...»
  82. «Managing and Controlling Extrabudgetary Funds by Richard Allen and Dimitar Radev* This article addresses issues relating to the establishment and ...»
  83. «Paper to be presented at the NERO Meeting, September 21, 2009, OECD Headquarters, Paris Abstract Global liquidity expansion has been very dynamic since ...»
  84. «HUMAN CAPITAL AND ITS MEASUREMENT KWON, DAE-BONG 1. Introduction Recent challenges such as globalization, a knowledge-based economy, and technological ...»
  85. «What We Talk About When We Talk About “Global Mindset”: Managerial Cognition in Multinational Corporations Orly Levy Schon Beechler Sully Taylor ...»
  86. «The Mobility Case for Regionalism Nestor M. Davidson†* & Sheila R. Foster** In the discourse of local government law, the idea that a mobile populace ...»
  87. «Is New Public Management Really Dead? by Jouke de Vries* This article, originally presented as a keynote speech at the June 2009 meeting of the OECD ...»
  88. «London Business School Centre for Economic Policy Research and DELTA (EHESS/ENS), Paris First version: June 1999 Final version: September 1999 World Bank ...»
  89. «Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project (PARP) An Investigation into Weston's Colony at Wessagussett Weymouth, MA Craig S. Chartier MA ...»
  90. «TI Journals ISSN International Journal of Economy, Management and Social Sciences 2306-7276 www.tijournals.com Valuation Discrepancies in the Value ...»
  91. «2nd Year Master Thesis in Finance Creation of post-M&A performance: Similarities versus dissimilarities in resource allocations Elisa Hrund Gunnarsdottir ...»
  92. «Business Management Dynamics Vol.1, No.2, August 2011, pp.54-60 Issues facing the Estate Surveying and Valuation Profession in Nigeria Dr. S.A. Oloyede1, ...»
  93. «zbw Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft Make Your Publication Visible Leibniz Information Centre for Economics Guardiancich, Igor Working Paper How not ...»
  94. «Abstract: The conventional view holds that the current global financial crisis was caused by extraordinarily high liquidity, reckless lending practices, ...»
  95. «POLITICAL SCIENCE 4127: CITY POLITICS Tuesday and Thursday, 12:25 to 2:05 p.m. Journalism Building Room 270 Spring 2015 Professor Vladimir Kogan Office: ...»
  96. «Alan Gregory* A.Gregory@exeter.ac.uk Emma Jeanes** E.Jeanes@exeter.ac.uk Rajesh Tharyan* R.Tharyan@exeter.ac.uk And Ian Tonks*** I.Tonks@bath.ac.uk March ...»
  97. «Structural Causes of the Global Financial Crisis: A Critical Assessment of the ‘New Financial Architecture’ James Crotty University of Massachusetts - ...»
  98. «Article Citizens United and the Ineluctable Question of Corporate Citizenship AMY J. SEPINWALL As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens ...»
  99. «International Journal of Market Research Vol. 47 Issue 3 Projective techniques in market research: valueless subjectivity or insightful reality? A look at ...»
  100. «Final Report December 2010 Submitted by Chris Barnett, Julian Barr, Angela Christie, Belinda Duff, and Shaun Hext Contents 1 INTRODUCTION WHAT IS VALUE ...»
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