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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «WHAT HAVE TWO DECADES OF BRITISH ECONOMIC REFORM DELIVERED? David Card Richard B. Freeman Working Paper 8801 http://www.nber.org/papers/w8801 NATIONAL ...»
  2. «Introduction and summary Independent expert and regulatory agencies are widely perceived to constitute the hallmark of modern systems of regulation. Their ...»
  3. «FESSUD FINANCIALISATION, ECONOMY, SOCIETY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Working Paper Series No 51 Case Study: Finance and Housing Provision in Britain Mary ...»
  4. «ASE CENTRE FOR ANALYSIS OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION CASEreport 45 An ESRC Research Centre Sheffield City Report By Astrid Winkler Contents Preface ...»
  5. «Dealing with Cash, Cross Holdings and Other Non-Operating Assets: Approaches and Implications Aswath Damodaran Stern School of Business September 2005 The ...»
  6. «1. Introduction A central bank possesses a unique set of objectives aimed at fulfilling its mandate of maintaining economic stability, financial system ...»
  7. «VALUING ECOSYSTEM SERVICES Geoffrey Heal Columbia Business School January 1999 PW-98-12 COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY http:// ...»
  8. «January 2012 Published by Centre for the Economics of Education London School of Economics Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE © S. Gibbons, S.J. Machin and ...»
  9. «From the late 1960s central government began to take more interest in the policies being carried out at the local level. In housing, for example, concern ...»
  10. «1 CHAPTER 23 VALUING YOUNG OR START-UP FIRMS Many of the firms that we have valued in this book are publicly traded firms with established operations. But ...»
  11. «IEA Information Paper February 2009 International Energy Agency Coal Mine Methane in China: A Budding Asset with the Potential to Bloom International ...»
  12. «ASSESSING COMMON METHOD BIAS: PROBLEMS WITH THE ULMC TECHNIQUE Wynne W. Chin C. T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204, ...»
  13. «Abstract: In PFI procurement the question of VFM has been given the utmost attention together with risk and risk management. VFM is considered to be a ...»
  14. «Over the course of his or her career, a therapist in private practice is likely to invest considerable time and energy developing and maintaining his or ...»
  15. «Contents 1. Introduction 2. Washington Consensus—Mutation of Meanings 3. The Economic Development Discourse since the Second World War 4. A New ...»
  16. «Employment Vulnerability in Australian Suburbs Red alert suburbs: An employment vulnerability index for Australia’s major urban regions Scott Baum, ...»
  17. «Mr David Murray Chairman Financial System Inquiry GPO Box 89 Sydney NSW 2001 Email: fsi@fsi.gov.au Dear Sir, Submission to Financial System Inquiry Coles ...»
  18. «Traditionally the UK brewing model was one that incorporated vertical ownership and control of public houses (pubs). The political affiliation of the ...»
  19. «There is a commonly held misunderstanding about empirical epistemology, going back to Francis Bacon, that knowledge derives from observations rather than ...»
  20. «Contents Preamble: The Challenge and the Context The Policy Context Whys so few worker co-ops - Have we got the Co-op Model right in the UK? . 7 Common vs ...»
  21. «What to Know BEFORE Buying Synthetic Turf Thinking of buying synthetic turf, also known as artificial grass, artificial turf, fake grass or by the ...»
  22. «The Consumer Health Mindset Views, Behaviors, and Solutions The Consumer Health Mindset Views, Behaviors, and Solutions Contents 1 About This Survey 2 ...»
  23. «Ashwin Alankar, Peter Blaustein and Myron S. Scholes* This version February 2, 2014 * Ashwin Alankar is a Senior Vice President with AllianceBernstein, ...»
  24. «Maximizing People Performance WORKPLACE CONFLICT AND HOW BUSINESSES CAN HARNESS IT TO THRIVE FOREWORD by Jeff Hayes, CEO, CPP, Inc. In our culture, we ...»
  25. «MYTHS, MISINFORMATION AND TRUTHS ABOUT THE GREEK CRISIS: Sciolism1 in an era of specialization By Thanos Catsambas* With the third bailout program in five ...»
  26. «THE FINANCIAL CRISIS: Is This a REPEAT OF THE 80’S FOR AGRICULTURE? Mike Boehlje and Chris Hurt, Department of Agricultural Economics The current ...»
  27. «Congratulations on being accepted into one of the most competitive undergraduate programs offered here at the U of M! My name is George Semchuk and I am ...»
  28. «Northern Beaches Local Area Command Community Safety Community Safety Precinct Committee Minutes Wednesday 7th November 2012 Chairperson: Superintendent ...»
  29. «Education University of Namur, Belgium, 1996, Ph.D. University of Essex, UK, 1997-1998, Post-Doc, Marie Curie Fellow Academic Positions Full Professor in ...»
  30. «Emeritus Professor of Management and Marketing London Business School, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4SA, UK Chairman Which?, 2 Marylebone Road, London NW1 ...»
  31. «EUAMPORN PHIJAISANIT Associate Professor Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University Bangkok 10200, Thailand Telephone 662-613-2451, 662-613-2459 Facsimile ...»
  32. «how much is enough? Myles Wilson Stewardship 1 Lamb’s Passage, London EC1Y 8AB t. 020 8502 8585 e. education@stewardship.org.uk w. ...»
  33. «William Brown January 2011 CWPE 1121 Industrial Relations in Britain under New Labour, 1997-2010: A post mortem William Brown Abstract: A revival of trade ...»
  34. «ANDRÈ KOSTOLANY (1906 - 1999) {Source: www.boersenschule24.de/bs24/boerse/persoenlichkeiten_kostolany.htm} It is interesting that he describes his family ...»
  35. «THE EVOLUTION OF BRITISH MONETARISM: 1968-1979 Aled Davies The Evolution of British Monetarism: 1968 – 1979.* Aled Davies Mansfield College, University ...»
  36. «Martin Glaum*, Marko Brunner**, Holger Himmel*** This paper examines the economic exposure of German corporations to changes in the DM/US-dollar ...»
  37. «Written by Erica Gies © 2009 The Trust for Public Land About The Trust for Public Land The Trust for Public Land (TPL) conserves land for people to enjoy ...»
  38. «Deutsche Bank Global Building Materials Conference Madrid, November 7, 2001 Good Afternoon. I am Lorenzo Zambrano, Chairman and CEO of CEMEX. I am pleased ...»
  39. «Developing the API Mindset Preparing Your Business for Private, Partner, and Public APIs Nordic APIs ©2015 Nordic APIs AB Contents Forward: Developing ...»
  40. «Follow ABA myABA | Log In JOIN THE ABA SHOP ABA CALENDAR Membership ABA Groups Resources for Lawyers Publishing CLE Advocacy News About Us MEMBER ...»
  41. «Contents Introduction 1 1. The Context of EC telecommunications regulation: pressures for 3 change and alternative fora 2. Preparing the ground: the ...»
  42. «July, 2002 Jorge Farinha* Keywords: Dividend policy, agency theory, corporate governance, entrenchment, ownership structure JEL Classification: G32; G35 ...»
  43. «Unlocking the Informal Economy: A Literature Review on Linkages Between Formal and Informal Economies in Developing Countries Kate Meagher WIEGO Working ...»
  44. «Dated 17 August, 2009; revised, May 2013 While an undergraduate at Cambridge in the early 1960s, Michael Spicer (later Sir Michael Spicer) had as a set ...»
  45. «GOVERNANCE 13 The Board 15 Directors’ Report 19 Remuneration Report 21 Statement of Directors’ Responsibilities 22 Independent Auditors’ Report ...»
  46. «IZA DP No. 4719 PAPER Valuing School Quality via a School Choice Reform Stephen Machin DISCUSSION Kjell G. Salvanes January 2010 Forschungsinstitut zur ...»
  47. «No 85 Another View on an Old Inflation: Environment and Policies in the Roman Empire up to Diocletian’s Price Edict Prόdromos-Ioánnis Prodromídis ...»
  48. «Pension privatization and economic development in Central and Eastern Europe: A political economy perspective Katharina Müller 1 , Professor of Social ...»
  49. «January 15, 2016 Value for Money in Purchasing Votes? Vote-buying and Voter Behavior in the Laboratory Research and Innovation Grants Working Papers ...»
  50. «The Importance of Social Embeddedness: Churn Models at Mobile Providers* G´ bor Benedek a Thesys SEA Pte Ltd, 89 Neil Road, Singapore 088849, Singapore ...»
  51. «ACADEMIC POSITIONS 2007 – University of Connecticut, School of Business Storrs, CT Present Assistant Professor, Department of Management EDUCATION 2007 ...»
  53. «Accounting for centralisation in the European Union: Niskanen, Monnet or Thatcher?* by Pierre Salmon Université de Bourgogne Faculté de Science ...»
  54. «Hungary Health system review Péter Gaál • Szabolcs Szigeti Márton Csere • Matthew Gaskins Dimitra Panteli Matthew Gaskins and Dimitra Panteli ...»
  55. «ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK EARD Working Paper Series Knowledge Work on Securitization in the People’s Republic of China Bruce Gaitskell and Jurgen Conrad ...»
  56. «Number E-C192 January 2015 Data and Statistics for Valuing Transportation Infrastructure and Transportation’s Contribution to the Economy Workshop ...»
  57. «In recent years a plethora of academic studies have emerged which focus upon varying themes relating to the UK water industry since it was privatized in ...»
  58. «Unit Guide Semester 2, 2010 The information contained in this unit guide is correct at time of publication. The University has the right to change any of ...»
  59. «Research brief July 2016 Saminder Gaheer and Gillian Paull - Frontier Economics Contents Introduction 3 Main Findings 4 Costs of delivery 4 Associations ...»
  60. «Sponsored by: Istanbul Bilgi University Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Sabanci University The World Bank Hendyplan CONFERENCE ROOMS The sessions ...»
  61. «Public Economics examines government tax and spending policies: what does government do, what are the effects of these actions, and whether these effects ...»
  62. «Valuing the use of spectrum in the EU AN INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT FOR THE GSMA JUNE 2013 By David Lewin, Phillipa Marks and Stefano Nicoletti In this report ...»
  63. «THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF LAW LIBRARIES A Report of the American Association of Law Libraries Economic Value of Law Libraries Special Committee January 2015 ...»
  64. «∗ Geoffrey M. Heal† An Article Submitted to The Economists’ Voice Manuscript 1118 ∗ University of Wyoming † Columbia University Copyright c ...»
  65. «Széchenyi István University Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics History of our Faculty Prior to Széchenyi István University's inception as a university ...»
  66. «Valuing the Adult Learner in E-Learning: A Conceptual Model for Corporate Settings Consuelo L. Waight Barbara Stewart University of Houston The framework ...»
  67. «Mitigating the harmful effects of development projects and industries (negative environmentalism) is inadequate, especially in resource-dependent ...»
  68. «Table of Contents List of Tables List of Figures Executive Summary I. The U.S. Fiscal System is at a Crossroads II. The Structure of a VAT A. Mechanics of ...»
  69. «John Gibson* Department of Economics, University of Waikato, New Zealand Geua Boe-Gibson Geography Department, University of Canterbury, New Zealand ...»
  70. «The Significance and History of Organization Development – in Hungary and International Relations Tímea BUDAI* Abstract Because of the standardization ...»
  71. «Masilo, Andrés (PhD) Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas y Empresariales (ININEE), Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Morelia, ...»
  72. «Introduction _ Kemal Derviş Greek Myths and Reality _ Loukas Tsoukalis “The Greek economy is not adjusting”_ George Pagoulatos “Greeks are Lazy and ...»
  73. «Separating the Wheat from the Chaff Identifying the Investment Opportunities with the Best Potential for RiskAdjusted Returns Advisory Board Richard ...»
  74. «Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) Mark Davis, Ph.D. Jennifer Hall, Ph.D. Pam Mayer, Ph.D. Leadership Development Institute Eckerd College For more ...»
  75. «Empanelment of Lenders' Engineers & Valuers INVITATION TO BIDS No.: 02:09:300:I:16-17:LE Dated 07.09.2016 POWER FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED (An ISO ...»
  76. «THESIS SUMMARY Viktória Endrődi-Kovács The economic integration maturity of Western Balkans Ph.D. dissertation Supervisors: Dr. Tibor Palánkai ...»
  77. «Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditure Policy & Procedures DETAILS Council Admin Effective from: 22 June 2016 Contact officer: Manager Executive ...»
  78. «CVA Cash Value Added - a new method for measuring financial performance Erik Ottosson Strategic Controller Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA Box 7827 ...»
  79. «zbw Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft Make Your Publication Visible Leibniz Information Centre for Economics Lóránd, Balázs Conference Paper ...»
  80. «World Trade Organization Economic Research and Statistics Division Clustering Value-Added Trade: Structural and Policy Dimensions Hubert Escaith‡ and ...»
  81. «July 2013 Table of Contents 1. Summary: Using a P3 for a Water Treatment Plant - did it work? _ 3 2. Background 4 What is a P3? _ 4 What is a traditional ...»
  82. «Farming minefields: economics of remediating land with moderate landmine and UXO contamination James Trevelyan*, Sabbia Tilli‡, Bradley Parks† and ...»
  83. «Division Sustainability and Regulatory Services Presenter Greg Stevens, Manager Property Services Purpose 1. To provide an overview of the Valuer General ...»
  84. «Indonesia’s Evolving Grand Strategy: Foreign Powers Balaji Chandramohan FDI Visiting Fellow Key Points  A strategy of quiet diplomacy has served ...»
  85. «Assessing the Economic Impact of Sports Facilities on Residential Property Values: A Spatial Hedonic Approach Xia Feng† and Brad R. Humphreys†† ...»
  86. «TRURO AND PENWITH COLLEGE CORPORATION Finance and General Purposes Committee Minutes of a meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held at ...»
  87. «OF THE WATER SERVICES INVESTMENT PROGRAMME 2007-2009 Comhshaol, Pobal agus Rialtas Áitiúil Environment, Community and Local Government © Department of ...»
  88. «MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 – 08:45-11:00 OPENING PLENARY Grand Ballroom, Lower Concourse Sponsor: SNC-Lavalin Inc. Chair: Honorable Steven Del Duca, Minister, ...»
  89. «Working Paper Financialization: A Critique of the “Autonomization of Capital” Thesis Rajesh Bhattacharya Ian Seda-Irizarry Working Paper 2014-01 ...»
  90. «Program Title: Finance and Business Law Department Review Date: 2000-01 0. Synopsis The strengths of our Department can be summed up in six words: our ...»
  91. «living on support: key issues Myles Wilson Stewardship 1 Lamb’s Passage, London EC1Y 8AB t. 020 8418 8880 e. education@stewardship.org.uk w. ...»
  92. «COURSE CODE LEVEL COURSE TITLE ECTS MA ML GTK2042MAN Advanced Finance 4 MSc RDE SGTRDA006MN Agricultural Policy 5 MSc RDE SGTRDA013MN Agro-Information ...»
  93. «PROFILE OF RESOURCE PERSONS Mr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ayala Corporation, the holding company of the ...»
  94. «November 2008 Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl Chair of Managerial Accounting/Control TUM Business School Dipl.-Kffr. Lena Deuschinger, Research Assistent Chair ...»
  95. «Financial Services Authority Financial Capability: A Behavioural Economics Perspective Prepared for the Financial Services Authority by David de Meza, ...»
  96. «A model weighting game in estimating expected returns. By Lubos Pastor (published in Financial Times, Mastering Investment, May 21, 2001, with minor ...»
  97. «Abstract Democracies often fail to aggregate information, while speculative markets excel at this task. We consider a new form of governance, wherein ...»
  98. «May 14, 2014 To: Pat Pitney, Michael Ciri, Bill Spindle, Myron Dosch From: Wei Guo, Financial Accounting Director Re: Year-End Finance Closing ...»
  99. «May 19, 2016 To: Kari Burrell, Michael Ciri, Bill Spindle, Myron Dosch From: Wei Guo, Financial Accounting Director Re: Year-End Finance Closing ...»
  101. «Gadaf Rexhepi Faculty : Business and Economics Position : Assistant Professor Personal data E-mail : g.rexhepi@seeu.edu.mk Address : ilindenska bb ...»
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