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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Economy.

  1. «Introduction: The Business of Global Environmental Governance David L. Levy and Peter J. Newell Business plays a key role in international environmental ...»
  2. «By Dr. Noel Hacegaba Port of Long Beach, California June 30, 2014 Page 1 of 34 BIOGRAPHY Dr. Noel Hacegaba Acting Deputy Executive Director and Chief ...»
  3. «High Commission of India London (Economic & Commerce Wing) Brief on India-UK Bilateral Economic Relations Background: India-UK Economic and Commercial ...»
  4. «Response to Nick Bingham’s comments on an early draft of our book Probability and Finance: It’s Only a Game! Glenn Shafer Rutgers School of Business - ...»
  5. «BIR Officials Amass Unexplained Wealth by Tess Bacalla Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism VIDEO PRESENTATION For the past six months, a team ...»
  6. «November 2014 Unlocking the sharing economy An independent review by Debbie Wosskow November 2014 © Crown copyright 2014 You may re-use this information ...»
  7. «Abstract Now there is no part of our economic system which works so badly as our monetary and credit arrangements; none where the results of bad working ...»
  8. «Perry Warjiyo Abstract For a small open economy like Indonesia, exchange rate movement does not always reflect fundamental value. Increasing exchange rate ...»
  9. «BARTINGTON MAG-01H Fluxgate Declinometer/Inclinometer Including Zeiss Theodolite Instruction Manual Operation and Maintenance Manual Distributed by: GMW ...»
  10. «Sandra J. Peart Economics Department Baldwin-Wallace College Berea OH 44017 speart@bw.edu David M. Levy James Buchanan Center George Mason University ...»
  11. «Labor Market Disputes: A Comment on Albert Rees' Fairness in Wage Distribution Walter Block Economics Department, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA ...»
  12. «Business Management Dynamics Vol.2, No.2, Aug 2012, pp.10-25 Liquidity Management and Corporate Profitability: Case Study of Selected Manufacturing ...»
  13. «Journal of Financial Economics 76 (2005) 237–269 www.elsevier.com/locate/econbase Does function follow organizational form? Evidence from the lending ...»
  14. «Abstract We test the hypothesis that, when thinking about allocating money to a stock, investors mentally represent the stock by the distribution of its ...»
  15. «ACADEMY FOR URBAN LEADERSHIP REGULAR BOARD MEETING AGENDA October 27, 2015 6:30 PM I. CALL TO ORDER This meeting has been publicized in accordance with ...»
  16. «Peter Biro Peter Biro is currently VP of Finance and a member of the Strategic Campaign Committee. Peter is an entrepreneur and executive in the software ...»
  17. «Members Present: Neil Budnick Mary Davis Cody Paul Giusti Sally Hines, Alternate Rob Mallozzi, Chairman Judy Neville John Sheffield, Alternate Robert ...»
  18. «Members Present: Colleen Baldwin Neil Budnick Amy Carroll, Alternate Mary Davis Cody Sally Hines Jim Kucharczyk Rob Mallozzi, Chairman Judy Neville John ...»
  19. «Members Present: Neil Budnick Mary Davis Cody Paul Giusti Sally Hines, Alternate Rob Mallozzi, Chairman Judy Neville John Sheffield, Alternate Charles Van ...»
  20. «Bob Jessop Crises are multi-faceted phenomena that invite multiple approaches from different entry-points and standpoints. This contribution deploys a ...»
  21. «Members Present: George Blauvelt, Steve Boeschenstein, Alternate Neil Budnick Amy Carroll John Kanter Rob Mallozzi, Chairman Judy Neville Tom Schulte, ...»
  22. «Members Present: Colleen Baldwin George Blauvelt, Neil Budnick John Kanter Chris LeBris, Alternate Rob Mallozzi, Chairman Judy Neville Tom Schulte, ...»
  23. «Members Present: Steve Boeschenstein, Alternate Neil Budnick Amy Carroll John Kanter Chris LeBris, Alternate Rob Mallozzi, Chairman Judy Neville Tom ...»
  24. «Board of Finance Policies and Procedures Final approved April 23, 2008 Public Meeting and Hearing Procedures These rules shall govern and guide the order ...»
  25. «A Dialectic Perspective on the Organization Theatre Metaphor David M. Boje, John T. Luhman, & Ann L. Cunliffe Printer-friendly PDF version David M. Boje ...»
  26. «Nick A. Theobald Kenneth J. Meier Dept. of Political Science Texas A&M University 4348 TAMUS College Station, TX 77843-4348 979-845-2511 979-847-8924 Fax ...»
  27. «Eltjo Buringh and Jan Luiten van Zanden Eltjo Buringh is an independent scholar Utrechtseweg 90 6866 CN Heelsum the Netherlands e-mail: buringh@xs4all.nl ...»
  28. «Research Method and Methodology in Finance and Accounting Second Edition Bob Ryan Robert W. Scapens Michael Theobold Australia . Canada . Mexico . ...»
  29. «Peter C. Boxall Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada Jeffrey Englin Department of Applied Economics and Statistics University of Nevada-Reno ...»
  30. «OVERVIEW OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND DIVERSIFICATION Overview of Economic Development and Diversification Table of Contents Overview of Economic ...»
  31. «B razil’s economy has yet again become an object of fascination and speculation for international investors, academics, pundits, and policymakers in the ...»
  32. «In this article I present a new framework for the analysis of the South Indian economy over the medieval and early modern epochs, centred on the efects of ...»
  33. «Abstract Growth theory traditionally assumed the existence of an aggregate production function, whose existence and properties are closely tied to the ...»
  34. «This essay elaborates a critical geographical perspective on neoliberalism that emphasizes (a) the path-dependent character of neoliberal reform projects ...»
  35. «The Economic Implications of BREXIT for Northern Ireland Paul Mac Flynn April 2016 NERI WP 2016/No 35 For more information on the NERI working paper ...»
  36. «Todd Nicholas Bridgman Judge Institute of Management Studies and Wolfson College University of Cambridge A dissertation submitted to the University of ...»
  37. «The European Union (EU) is a remarkable result of a process of voluntary economic and political integration between nation states in Europe. In the last ...»
  38. «Chinese Economy 2010: Post Crisis Development Shujie YAO and Jing ZHANG March 2011 China Policy Institute School of Contemporary Chinese Studies ...»
  39. «A Report by Nicholas Tott Nicholas Tott is a former Partner of Herbert Smith LLP, the leading international law firm, and remains a consultant there. His ...»
  40. «Abstract: This study examines the satisfactory level of the customers of Islamic banks and conventional banks in Pakistan means which bank’s customers ...»
  41. «Lehrstuhl für BWL, insbesondere Personalwirtschaft Prof. Dr. Dorothea Alewell Universität Hamburg Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften © Lehrstuhl für ...»
  42. «Ghana Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme Partnering the Private Sector for Improved delivery of Public Infrastructure and Services BACKGROUND The ...»
  43. «AuTHoRS Nestor A. Espenilla, Jr. is Deputy Governor of the Supervision and Examination Sector. He holds an MS degree in Policy Science from Saitama ...»
  44. «SPEECH OF SHRI R.K. SHANMUKHAM CHETTY, MINISTER OF FINANCE INTRODUCING THE BUDGET FOR THE YEAR 1947-1948 I rise to present the first Budget of a free and ...»
  46. «Sir, I beg to present the statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of the Government of India for the year 1960-61. 2. The usual Economic ...»
  47. «SPEECH OF SHRA T.T. KRISHNAMACHARI MINISTER OF FINANCE INTRODUCING THE BUDGET FOR THE YEAR 1964-65 Mr. Speaker, Sir, I crave leave of the House to present ...»
  48. «Sir, I rise to present the Budget of the Government of India for the year 1965-66. On this, the first occasion in independent India, when our beloved ...»
  49. «Sir, I rise to present the Budget for the year 1978-79. 2. The Economic Survey has presented a detailed review of the trends in the Indian economy for the ...»
  50. «Sir, I rise to present the Budget for the year 1982-83. 2. The Economic Survey for 1981-82, placed before the House a few days ago, gives a detailed ...»
  51. «Budget 1991-92 Speech of Shri Manmohan Singh Minister of Finance 24th July, 1991 PART A Sir, I rise to present the budget for 1991-92. As I rise, I am ...»
  52. «Budget 1992-93 Speech of Shri Manmohan Singh Minister of Finance 29th February, 1992 PART A Sir, I rise to present the budget for 1992-93. 2 . The fiscal ...»
  53. «Budget 1993-94 Speech of Shri Manmohan Singh Minister of Finance 27th February, 1993 PART A Sir, I rise to present the budget for 1993-94. 2 . It is now ...»
  54. «Budget 1994-95 Speech of Shri Manmohan Singh Minister of Finance 28th February, 1994 PART A Sir, It is with a sense of great privilege, and also deep ...»
  55. «Budget 2000-2001 Speech of Shri Yashwant Sinha Minister of Finance 29th February, 2000 PART A Sir, I rise to present the first budget of this millennium. ...»
  56. «I. INTRODUCTION Mr. Speaker, 1. I am greatly honoured to present the sixth successive budget of the Government of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), ...»
  57. «The Brookland Star is published monthly by Editor’s note the Brookland Baptist Church. Submit all articles, announcements, It is with great excitement ...»
  58. «Organising the unorganised Union membership and earning in India’s informal economy BSG-WP-2016/015 August 2016 Shahana Chattaraj, Blavatnik School of ...»
  59. «Purpose of this paper BoysTown is a service provider and advocate for children and young people. Consequently we are committed to increasing the ...»
  60. «BACKGROUND In 2003, North Carolina State University, in concert with North Carolina Central University and the North Carolina Community College System, ...»
  61. «CONTACT ADDRESS Professor Dr. Claudia M. Buch Vice President Deutsche Bundesbank Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse 14 60431 Frankfurt am Main Germany FIELDS OF ...»
  62. «D/E/^dZz K& /E&KZD d/KE ZK  ^d/E' BUDGETARY FAQs 1. WHAT IS THE BUDGET? A Government budget is a legal document that is: Passed by the legislature. ...»
  63. «Budget 2013-2014 Speech of P. Chidambaram Minister of Finance February 28, 2013 Madam Speaker, I rise to present the Budget for the year 2013-14. 2. I ...»
  64. «Building an incentive-compatible safety net a,b,* Charles W. Calomiris a Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, 3022 Broadway, 601 Uris Hall, ...»
  65. «Communities are built on connections. Better connections usually provide better opportunities. But, what are better connections, and how do they lead to ...»
  66. «PALMERSTON NORTH HEARTLAND LIONS BULLETIN - SEPTEMBER 2014 (P O Box 853, Palmerston North,4410) Our Board for 2014 – 2015 2014-2015 Committees President ...»
  67. «The Results for Development Institute 15 November 2011 Paper for the ETS and SGS Seminar Optimizing talent: Closing Educational and Social Mobility Gaps ...»
  68. «Version number Version 4.1 Main author Patrick Skoniezki Work Package/Task WP3/ Task 3.5 Deliverable D3.5.1 Draft/Final Final Public/Confidential Public ...»
  69. «Overview Bonuses, board diversity, consumer rights, corporate social responsibility, deceptive ...»
  70. «XV International Business and Economy Conference Stuttgart Metropolitan Region, Nürtingen, Germany, January 6-9, 2016 http://www.ibec-info.org/2016/ ...»
  71. «BUSINESS REVIEW Volume 7 Number 2 July - December 2012 INTERNATIONAL EDITORIAL BOARD Ishrat HUSAIN Tufail A. QURESHI Chairman Board of Editors Editor ...»
  72. «Doing business with G PO. GPO’S MISSION Keeping America Informed as the O F F I C IAL, D I G ITAL, and S EC U R E source for producing, protecting, ...»
  73. «Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics BWPEF 1305 Stochastic Order Results and Equilibrium Joining Rules for the Bernoulli Feedback Queue A C ...»
  74. «IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) e-ISSN: 2278-487X, p-ISSN: 2319-7668. Volume 18, Issue 2 .Ver. IV (Feb. 2016), PP 17-24 ...»
  75. «IOSR Journal of Economics and Finance (IOSR-JEF) e-ISSN: 2321-5933, p-ISSN: 2321-5925.Volume 2, Issue 6 (Feb. 2014), PP 10-16 www.iosrjournals.org ...»
  76. «Volume Title: NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2000, Volume 15 Volume Author/Editor: Ben S. Bernanke and Kenneth Rogoff, editors Volume Publisher: MIT PRess ...»
  77. «Volume Title: The Taxation of Income from Capital: A Comparative Study of the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Germany Volume Author/Editor: ...»
  78. «Chapter Title: Is Financial Innovation Good For The Economy? Chapter Author(s): Simon Johnson, James Kwak Chapter URL: http://www.nber.org/chapters/c12450 ...»
  79. «Volume Title: Housing and Mortgage Markets in Historical Perspec ve Volume Author/Editor: Eugene N. White, Kenneth Snowden, and Price Fishback, editors ...»
  81. «Abstract. We present a qualitative, exploratory study to examine the space of electronic communication (e.g. instant messaging, short message service, ...»
  82. «Volume Title: The Demand for Health: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation Volume Author/Editor: Michael Grossman Volume Publisher: NBER Volume ISBN: ...»
  83. «Volume Title: The Comparative Study of Economic Growth and Structure Volume Author/Editor: Raymond W. Goldsmith Volume Publisher: NBER Volume URL: ...»
  84. «Volume Title: The Transition in Eastern Europe, Volume 1 Volume Author/Editor: Olivier Jean Blanchard, Kenneth A. Froot, and Jeffrey D. Sachs, editors ...»
  85. «Volume Title: Financial Aspects of the United States Pension System Volume Author/Editor: Zvi Bodie and John B. Shoven, editors Volume Publisher: ...»
  86. «Volume Title: Money in Historical Perspective Volume Author/Editor: Anna J. Schwartz Volume Publisher: University of Chicago Press Volume ISBN: ...»
  87. «Volume Title: Medical Care Output and Productivity Volume Author/Editor: David M. Cutler and Ernst R. Berndt, editors Volume Publisher: University of ...»
  88. «Volume Title: Monetary Policy Volume Author/Editor: N. Gregory Mankiw, ed. Volume Publisher: The University of Chicago Press Volume ISBN: 0-226-50308-9 ...»
  89. «Volume Title: Straining at the Anchor: The Argentine Currency Board and the Search for Macroeconomic Stability, 1880-1935 Volume Author/Editor: Gerardo ...»
  90. «Volume Title: Globalization in Historical Perspective Volume Author/Editor: Michael D. Bordo, Alan M. Taylor and Jeffrey G. Williamson, editors Volume ...»
  91. «Volume Title: The Risks of Financial Institutions Volume Author/Editor: Mark Carey and René M. Stulz, editors Volume Publisher: University of Chicago ...»
  92. «FENDING FOR THEMSELVES: WHY SECURITIES REGULATIONS SHOULD ENCOURAGE ANGEL GROUPS Abraham J.B. Cable* America loves its startup companies in good times and ...»
  93. «Decentralization, Corruption, and the Unofficial Economy Michael Alexeev Indiana University Bloomington Luba Habodaszova City University/VSM, Bratislava, ...»
  94. «CENTRE FOR APPLIED ETHICS ANNUAL REPORT 2011 1. ABOUT THE CENTRE The Centre for Applied Ethics (CAE) is an interdisciplinary research, teaching, and ...»
  95. «CAIROLI FINANCE S.R.L. (incorporated with limited liability under the laws of the Republic of Italy) Euro 44,500,000 Class A Asset Backed Floating Rate ...»
  96. «May 4 – 7, 2014, Whistler, BC W HIST LER 20 14 A WARM WHISTLER WELCOME CAIS and the 2014 Business Professionals Conference planning team welcome all ...»
  98. «DIVISION OF CORPORATION FINANCE June 16, 2015 Via Facsimile and U.S. Mail Stacy L. Fuller, Esq. Washington, D.C. 20549 Re: Cambria ETF Trust I Request for ...»
  99. «CAMPAIGN FINANCE AND POLITICAL PARTY ORGANIZATION CHARACTERISTICS Nico Harjanto1 The flood of money that gushes into politics today is a pollution of ...»
  100. «Campaign Finance Campaign finance refers to the way that candidates fundraise and spend money in elections. It has long been a key part of determining who ...»
  101. «The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies The Federalist Society takes no position on particular legal or public policy initiatives. All ...»
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