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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - History.

  1. «The Discovery of Islands consists of a series of linked essays in British history, written by one of the world’s leading historians of ideas and ...»
  2. «Allison Cavanagh Institute of Communication Studies University of Leeds Communications History, New Media, Theory, Media Power, Keywords: Victorian ...»
  3. «An annotated catalogue of the millipede order Julida (Diplopoda) in Bulgaria Boyan VAGALINSKI, Pavel STOEV VAGALINSKI B., STOEV P. 2007. An annotated ...»
  4. «1.1 MATSENO Ge Groenewald (1993:20) a sekaseka dikanegelo tsa Sepedi 0 lemogile gore bangwadi ba bangwe ba ngwadile ka ga leeto. Bona ba Ie somisige go ...»
  5. «Autobiography and the Search for Identity in the Work of Harry Crews, Tim McLaurin and Rick Bragg Linda McKeown School of English, History and Politics, ...»
  6. «BJØRN MØLLER * http://www.copri.dk/publications/Wp/WP%202002/15-2002.doc * The author holds an MA in History and a Ph.D. in International Relations, ...»
  7. «1978 − THE ORIGIN OF AACUPI The Association of American College and University Programs in Italy was founded in direct response to prompting by Richard ...»
  8. «THE HISTORY OF STATISTICS IN THE CLASSROOM H. A. David, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University Abstract I strongly believe that statistics ...»
  9. «The Ecclesiastical History of Theodoret this file has been downloaded from http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf203.html NPNF (V2-03) Philip Schaff a man ...»
  10. «JOHN D. OCONNELL* Constructive Conquest in the Courts: A Legal History of the Western Shoshone Lands Struggle-1861 to 1991 ABSTRACT Late in the twentieth ...»
  11. «Essay zur Makedonien-Exkursion (2013) des Lehrstuhls für Geschichte Südost- und Osteuropas der Universität Regensburg1 von Maria Vogt Das ...»
  12. «DATE: July 17, 2007 ) ) In re: ) ) ISCR Case No. 06-21584 -SSN: - ) ) Applicant for Security Clearance ) DECISION OF ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE ROGER C. WESLEY ...»
  13. «Wolfgang Kraus, Editor Robert J. V. Hiebert Karen Jobes Arie van der Kooij Siegfried Kreuzer Philippe Le Moigne Number 60 TEXTUAL HISTORY AND THE ...»
  14. «UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION 19, AVENUE KLEBER, PARIS =c3X Publication n° 368 of the United Nations Educational, ...»
  15. «Editor Sidnie White Crawford Number 8 The Textual History of the Greek New Testament The Textual History of the Greek New Testament Changing Views in ...»
  16. «Translator's Preface Among classical Armenian sources, the History of Taron attributed to the otherwise unknown Yovhannes (John) Mamikonean, is a peculiar ...»
  17. «CHAPTER-3 AREA UNDER STUDY AND RESEARCH METHODOLOGY No society in history has been able to develop without the labour of their children. At the dawn of ...»
  18. «To: INCITS Technical Committee T10 From: Fred Knight, Network Appliance Email: knight@netapp.com Date: Nov 4, 2008 Subject: SBC-3 Thin Provisioning ...»
  19. «IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ELOUISE PEPION COBELL, et al., ) ) Plaintiffs, ) ) v. ) Case No. 1:96CV01285 ) (Judge ...»
  20. «FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ OLLÉ Universidad de Navarra 1. Dos hechos institucionales de máxima relevancia para la historia política de Aragón han desempeñado ...»
  21. «Branch #139 of the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) merged with the Catholic Workman (Katolicky Delnik) in 2004. The branch was chartered ...»
  22. «SYLLABUS BY THE COURT 1. Interpretation of statutes is a question of law subject to an unlimited standard of review on appeal. 2. K.S.A. 21-4710 and ...»
  23. «Le Changement? French Socialism, the 2012 Presidential Election and the Politics of Economic Credibility amidst the Eurozone Crisis Ben Clift* University ...»
  25. «Further Research PENNY CROOK AND TIM MURRAY Volume 11 of the Archaeology of the Modern City Series A HISTORIC HOUSES TRUST OF NEW SOUTH WALES PUBLICATION ...»
  26. «Guest Conduct Policy Throughout its history, Celebrity Cruises® has provided its guests with a wide variety of cruise experiences that lead to ...»
  27. «Jim Redding' Abstract: The forests of the Allegheny Plateau section of northwestern Pennsylvania have been severely impacted for more than 70 years by ...»
  28. «DOI: 10.18146/2213-0969.2015.jethc079 IMPORTANT NOTE: You are advised to consult the publisher's version (publisher's PDF) if you wish to cite from it. ...»
  29. «Contains APPENDICES ‘D’, ‘E’ & ‘F’ Biographies (‘D’) & Family Histories (‘E’) & Research Data Tables (’F’) Prepared by Eugene ...»
  31. «Very Short Introductions available now: EMPIRE Stephen Howe ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY Julia Annas The European Union John Pinder THE ANGLO-SAXON AGE John Blair ...»
  32. «Policy Brief #12 How a 1% DBT Commission Could Undermine India’s Financial Inclusion Efforts Pawan Bakhshi, Manoj Sharma and Graham A. N. Wright May ...»
  33. «A Ceramic Perspective from East Yorkshire Mark Whyman D.Phil thesis Department of Archaeology, University of York. June 2001 ABSTRACT This thesis seeks to ...»
  34. «The Computer Mouse: A Timeline The history of the computer mouse begins in the 1960s when Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart and his team at Stanford Research ...»
  35. «Variations in Sex Expression and the Reproductive Function of an Evergreen Broad-leaf Understorey Species, Eurya japonica Thunb. (Theaceae) Tohru Manabe ...»
  36. «Intensive Management of Wolves and Ungulates in Alaska Kimberly Titus Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation Juneau, Alaska ...»
  37. «Introduction T he recent emergence and current development of the Imami Shi'i school in Indonesia and Malaysia can only be understood against the backdrop ...»
  38. «http://www.gendersexualityitaly.com g/s/i is an annual peer-reviewed journal which publishes research on gendered identities and the ways they intersect ...»
  39. «Lu Luo Institute for Software Research International Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA15232 USA Software Testing Techniques Technology Maturation ...»
  40. «The millipede order Julida (Myriapoda: Diplopoda) in Tunisia, with an overview of the North African species Nesrine Akkari1*, Pavel Stoev2, Henrik ...»
  41. «Editor Note: These 1862 Regulations of the U. S. Revenue Cutter Service were the most comprehensive to date. Although strongly influenced by those of the ...»
  42. «Unesco à Paris, 3-7 juillet 1978 Unesco Les opinions exprimées sont celles des auteurs et ne sauraient engager l'Unesco. Publié en 1984 par ...»
  43. «The Development of the Guano Trade from Hobart Town in the Fifties and Sixties By W. E. L. H. CROWTHER (Read 14th November, 1938) Within recent years ...»
  44. «Unwritten Historv Taylor Pilp hlis Rmnsecs eiicne My friends, I have not mounted the platform in order to be high hatty or anything of that sort, but ...»
  45. «By the I ~ ~ o 'the realistic novel, dealing with the problem of man s, in society, was definitely established in America as the central core of literary ...»
  46. «REVIEW of Hungarian Studies Power Struggle in Hungary: Analysis in Post-war Domestic Politics, A u g u s t - N o v e m b e r 1919 EVA S. BALOGH Symbolist ...»
  47. «I. THE ENDURING SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUNGSTOWN In the spring of 2001-before the war came-the student editors of the Minnesota Law Review were casting about ...»
  48. «Done at Vienna on 23 May 1969. Entered into force on 27 January 1980. United Nations, Treaty Series, vol. 1155, p. 331 Copyright © United Nations Vienna ...»
  49. «INTELLECTUALS AND THEIR DISCONTENTS Russell Jacoby Russell Jacoby is the author of seven books, including The Last Intellectuals: American Culture in the ...»
  50. «TRACING THE ORIGINS OF THE KYOTO PROTOCOL: AN ARTICLE-BY-ARTICLE TEXTUAL HISTORY Technical paper Prepared under contract to UNFCCC by Joanna Depledge ...»
  51. «Long-term study of mortality in the common guillemot in the Baltic Sea Olof Olsson, Torbjörn Nilsson, Thord Fransson REPORT 5057 Long-term study of ...»
  52. «Examination Survey TUBERCULOSIS SKIN TEST PROCEDURES MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter Page O 1.3 ample Selection 1.4 ield Organization for NHANES 2 ...»
  53. «B’TSELEM photo: Loay Abu Haykel The absence of romance in my history will, I fear, detract somewhat from its interest; but if it be judged useful by ...»
  54. «ROBERT J. SAMPSON Harvard University JOHN H. LAUB University of Maryland CHRISTOPHER WIMER Harvard University KEYWORDS: marriage, crime, causality, ...»
  55. «WORTHY WALKER Worthy Walker ELROD, PLLC 500 N. Akard, Suite 3000 Dallas, Texas 75201 (214) 855-5188 wwalker@elrodtrial.com I. THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTIONS ...»
  56. «LINCOLN AS COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF This paper served as the basis for a presentation to the New South Wales Chapter of the American Civil War Round Table of ...»
  57. «Journal of Australian Colonial History A Refereed Journal ISSN 1441-0370 School of Humanities University of New England Armidale NSW 2351 Australia ...»
  59. «Reporting Data for the 2014–15 School Year October 21, 2014 Version 10.0 The University of the State of New York THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ...»
  61. «2011.12 Historical Offices of Law School Period of Red Buildingof Former Peking University Period of National Southwestern Associated University Period of ...»
  62. «For me, Europe is a continent of stories. Every place, in the center as well as at the peripheries, the magic of storytelling is present in different ...»
  63. «theater, dance, music, and opera engagements, January 16—June 12 Including the Royal Shakespeare Company’s complete history play cycle, King and ...»
  64. «Chairman Brady, Ranking Member Levin, and Members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to discuss the President’s FY 2017 Budget for the ...»
  65. «GETTYSBURG COLLEGE ART & ART HISTORY DEPARTMENT FALL 2015-SPRING 2016 Juried Student Exhibition The annual Juried Student Exhibition received the highest ...»
  67. «The most precious of gifts you can give to any artwork is your undivided attention. And if it succeeds in acquiring it, it will try its best to throw you ...»
  68. «THE ANNALS By P. Cornelius Tacitus translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb BOOK I, A.D. 14, 15 ROME at the beginning was ruled by ...»
  69. «Min-218 Reading Material A BRIEF HISTORY OF MINE VENTILATION by M.J. McPherson (Excerpts of Chapter from Subsurface Ventilation and Environmental ...»
  70. «AUSCHWITZ: The Case for Sanity A HISTORICAL & TECHNICAL STUDY of Jean-Claude Pressac’s Criminal Traces and Robert Jan van Pelt’s Convergence of ...»
  71. «The role of history education G Guiding students’ exploration of history G The challenges of writing school history textbooks 15 G Respecting the ...»
  72. «SPECIAL ISSUE: EDWARD SAID—INTELLECTUAL, CULTURAL CRITIC, ACTIVIST American popular culture through the lens of Saidian and post-Saidian Orientalist ...»
  73. «CONVEGNO 25° NAZIONALE sulla Preistoria - Protostoria - Storia della Daunia San Severo 3 - 4 - 5 dicembre 2004 ATTI a cura di Armando Gravina SAN SEVERO ...»
  74. «retrospective Christopher L. Carilli∗1,2 1 National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, NM,USA 2 Cavendish Astrophysics, Cambridge, UK E-mail: ...»
  75. «The millipedes (Diplopoda) of the Russian Far East islands and the Kamchatka Peninsula Elena V. Mikhaljova Institute of Biology and Soil Science, Far ...»
  76. «TAKAKO SEINO MPhil in Film Studies De Montfort University Abstract This thesis examines the history of social realism and the representation of the ...»
  77. «Overstated Benefits and Enormous Costs: A Submission to the East-West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS) Assessment Committee Richard Wynne MP ...»
  78. «ELROY MATTHEWS, JR. v. STATE OF MARYLAND Matricciani, Kehoe, Moylan, Charles E., Jr. (Retired, Specially Assigned), JJ. Opinion by Moylan, J. Filed: ...»
  79. «Wally Olins | www.wallyolins.com | Tel: +44 (0)20 7224 2121 Branding the Nation – the historical context Why do they get so excited? I never cease to be ...»
  80. «Overstepping Ethical Boundaries? Limitations on State Efforts To Provide Access to Justice in Family Courts Jessica Dixon Weaver Southern Methodist ...»
  81. «25 year old farmer, Archie Barwick served in the 1st Battalion at Gallipoli and after, in 1916, he was stationed in France, along with most of the ...»
  82. «Ecology of millipedes (Diplopoda) in the context of global change Jean-François David Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle & Evolutive, CNRS, 1919 route de ...»
  83. «FATHERS AND SONS SHIMON BAKON The historical books and passages in the Tanakh abound in fathers begetting sons. Here, I shall focus on a few well-known ...»
  84. «REPORTS ON CONFERENCES, SYMPOSIA, SEMINARS SEXUALITY MODERN GERMAN HISTORY IN Conference at the German Historical Institute, Washington, DC. October ...»
  85. «The Scottish Council for Research in Education 1928-2003: A Short History. Scottish Educational Review 44 (2), 60-77 The Scottish Council for Research in ...»
  86. «1 Introduction The transportation of English with reference to Ireland involves two separate but related issues. The first is the taking of the language ...»
  87. «Ashley Young Senior Thesis Professor Shelley Stamp March 21, 2013 Young 2 Acknowledgements The following research paper would not have been possible ...»
  88. «Spring 5-1-2008 Street-Ball: The Myth of the Ghetto Basketball Star Vincent F. McSweeney University of Connecticut - Storrs, ...»
  89. «Examples of twinning and parallel growth in zircons from some Precambrian granites and gneisses J. JOCELYN AND R. T. P I D G E O N Scottish Universities ...»
  90. «Definitions Supporting Frameworks for Data Collection Nadim Ahmad and Richard G. Seymour1 This paper sets out definitions of the entrepreneur, ...»
  91. «Testimony of John Stumpf Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wells Fargo & Co. Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs ...»
  92. «Commemoration of the Three Millionth Volume Architecture - Guide to Research This event took place on Thursday, September 17, 1981 in the Carlos C. Alden ...»
  93. «Quantifying the Financial Value of Insurance for Energy Savings Projects Richard B. Jones and David R. Tine, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance ...»
  94. «The Tenth Commemoration of Samir Kassir’s Assassination May 3 – June 6, 2015 About the Samir Kassir Foundation Samir Kassir was assassinated on June ...»
  95. «Role of the Legislature in the Budget Process: Chapter 1 Recent Trends and Innovations by Paul Posner and Chung-Keun Park* This article provides a broad ...»
  96. «HILLARY CLINTON’S LAUGHTER IN MEDIA INTERVIEWS1 Daniel C. O=Connell and Sabine Kowal Abstract Laughter in dialogue has been researched under the aegis ...»
  97. «T ODAY in America we find ourselves in a great period of square-dancing. These old American folk-dances, which have never died out, have revived and ...»
  98. «Zum wissenschaftspolitischen Diskurs über Große gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen Positionspapier inhalt Vorbemerkung 5 A. Einordnung und ...»
  99. «Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Consciousness and Cognition journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/concog Implicit bias, awareness and ...»
  100. «Judy Thomas and Ed Martin y Agenda History of Apportionments Apportionment Basics How OMB uses apportionments How agency uses apportionments History of ...»
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