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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - History.

  1. «What constitutes immortality? There are essentially two definitions: first, “endless life, the condition of living forever, of never dying”; and ...»
  2. «Sex, Blood and (Un)Death: The Queer Vampire and HIV Carlen Lavigne “The taste of blood has grown foul in recent years.” - Sons of Darkness, ...»
  4. «Har man været udsat for et seksuelt overgreb, vil man være bange for kønssygdomme og graviditet. Den første tanke vil ofte være at kontakte sin læge ...»
  5. «Zur Geschichte derer von Zedlitz und Giersdorf. Von Max Göbel, Breslau.                                                       ...»
  6. «JETS 56/2 (2013) 307–23 GALATIANS 2:11–21 AND THE INTERPRETIVE CONTEXT OF “WORKS OF THE LAW” TODD SCACEWATER* Christian theologians throughout ...»
  7. «JETS 56/2 (2013) 355–77 THE EMERGING DIVIDE IN EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY GERALD R. MCDERMOTT* Imagine the scene. Ancient Jerusalem is at war. Its army is ...»
  8. «THE ETHICS OF CONTRACEPTION: A THEOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT DENNIS P. HOLLINGER* For most of its history the Christian church has viewed the use of ...»
  9. «1 Introduction Since its inception in 2001, Wikipedia has become the largest encyclopedia ever created in human history. With over 4 million articles in ...»
  10. «Robert C. Schmitt Leisure time activities have always excited great interest and enthusiasm among Hawaii's residents. Long before Captain Cook's arrival, ...»
  11. «by Kathy Johnston-Keane B.S. Art Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1984 M.A. Art History, University of Pittsburgh, 2003 Submitted to the ...»
  13. «INTRODUCTION Christian theology has experienced a “practice turn” 1 in recent decades. Instead of plumbing the logical depths of the creedal ...»
  14. «Abstract Currency carry trades exploiting violations of uncovered interest rate parity in G10 currencies have historically delivered significant excess ...»
  15. «Abstract: Traditional sources attribute to Khyung po rnal ’byor, the founder of the Shangs pa bka’ brgyud lineage, a lifespan of 150 years beginning ...»
  16. «THE JOURNAL OF GREENVILLE PRESBYTERIAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Garry J. Moes, Editor Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Taylors, South Carolina Dr. ...»
  17. «Site-Specific Art brilliantly charts the development of an experimental art form in an experimental way. Nick Kaye traces the fascinating historical ...»
  18. «ABOUT THE BOOK: VANISHING BRITISH COLUMBIA The old buildings and historic places of British Columbia form a kind of roadside memory, a tangible link with ...»
  19. «It is widely held that the belief in supernatural entities, like God and the soul, is incompatible with a modern, scientific viewpoint. This bit of ...»
  20. «INTERNATIONAL LAW AND JUSTICE NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW International Law and Justice Working Papers IILJ Working Paper 2006/1 History and Theory ...»
  21. «In view of the rapid changes in the country, the issue of the renovation and preservation of urban environments is particularly topical in Estonia today. ...»
  22. «ELIZABETH M. G. KRAJEWSKI, M. DIV. DR JANE CARTWRIGHT DR MARTIN O’KANE Statement: This research was undertaken under the auspices of the University of ...»
  23. «Epp Lauk Department of Journalism and Communication University of Tartu, Estonia Use of us-them polarization in constructing ideological discourses ...»
  24. «United States Department of the Interior National Park Service National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form This form is used ...»
  25. «THEOLOGY OF THE LAITY T H E outline proposed for this discussion on the theology of the laity is far too ambitious, and yet it would be difficult to deny ...»
  26. «An introduction to niche construction theory Kevin Laland1 • Blake Matthews2 • Marcus W. Feldman3 Received: 14 May 2015 / Accepted: 20 January 2016 / ...»
  27. «Networks, Societies, Spheres: Reflections of an Actor-Network Theorist BRUNO LATOUR1 Sciences Po In one way or another, we are all in this room ...»
  29. «Samarth Ramdas : Leadership in Thought and Action “Management means, in the last analysis, the substitution of thought for brawn and muscle, of ...»
  30. «Hans-Thies Lehmann’s groundbreaking study of the new theatre forms that have developed since the late 1960s has become a key reference point in ...»
  31. «Although several productions associated with Russian constructivism have achieved renown and Vsevelod Meierkhold is hardly an unfamiliar name to theatre ...»
  32. «Andalusí T h e o s ophy A Recon t e x tua liza tion J. Vahid Brown Medieval Spain witnessed the birth and fundamental development of Islamic and Jewish ...»
  33. «Norodom Sihanouk of  Cambodia: Managing his  Public Image          A thesis presented to the University of Wisconsin‐Eau Claire  ...»
  34. «Glasgow Publishing History 1st Edition, January 2007. 2nd Edition, July 2007 : Added information on Carrier Link, SR and SR Radio Link No 2. 3rd Edition, ...»
  35. «1. EARLY HISTORY The earliest concrete evidence of Islam and Muslims in eastern Africa is a mosque foundation in Lamu where gold, silver and copper coins ...»
  36. «Recent Res. Devel. Genet. Breeding, 2(2005): 45-70 ISBN: 81-308-0007-1 Mutation breeding, evolution, 3 and the law of recurrent variation Wolf-Ekkehard ...»
  37. «The historical link between horror films and the gory, sensationalist popular theatre of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has often been ...»
  38. «Background In March 2000, the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF) asked The Dupuy Institute (TDI) to survey the operational experience of the ...»
  39. «Introduction This chapter outlines the key arguments of the three dominant orthodox theoretical perspectives in IPE and their historical evolution. It ...»
  40. «ÅRSSKRIFT 1955 TJUGOTREDJE ÅRGÅNGEN INNEHÅLL: Malmö Fornminnesförenings verksamhet 1954 3 Ole Jorgen Rawerts akvarell med motiv från Malmö ...»
  41. «Die Konzeption der Geschichte in der „Deutschen Ideologie“ von Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels Michael Tobias Koltan Februar 1995 Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 ...»
  42. «Expressive Therapies, edited by Cathy A. Malchiodi Copyright © 2005 EXPRESSIVE THERAPIES History, Theory, and Practice Expressive Therapies History, ...»
  43. «European School of Hypnotic Psychotherapy - AMISI Notes for a theorisation of Hypnotic Psycotherapy Theoretical Didactic Manifesto (1995) The decadence ...»
  44. «The research reported here was supported by Fundación Séneca-Agencia de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Región de Murcia, through project 11944/PHCS/09. 1. ...»
  45. «A Brief Genealogy of Public Theology, or, Doing Theology when it Seems Nobody is Listening by Gerard Mannion This paper seeks to introduce the background ...»
  46. «The British art historian, and veteran wheelman, Tim Hilton once wrote that most cyclists are topographers by nature (2004). It's true, there's an ...»
  47. «GCE History (6HI03/A) Edexcel and BTEC Qualifications Edexcel and BTEC qualifications are awarded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body. We provide ...»
  48. «Is Atheistic Ethics Subjective? The first point requires more attention than we can offer in a short essay, especially if we try to take into ...»
  49. «articles from the RHEINISCHE ZEITUNG History and Information on the Rheinische Zeitung NOTE: Dates are of publication in the paper, not the writing. ...»
  50. «What is mathematics today? What is mathematics? That’s one of the most basic questions in the philosophy of mathematics. The answer has changed several ...»
  51. «SUMMARY Art, imagination and theology The aim of this part of the course is to explore how God, beauty and the imagination have found expression in art as ...»
  52. «How to Make a Deal The Role of Rankings and Personal Ties in Creating Trust in the M&A Market Valérie Boussard, Olivier Godechot, and Nicolas Woloszko ...»
  53. «Archäologische Genderforschung: (k)ein Thema für die Palästina-Archäologie? Ein Forschungsüberblick mit Beispielen zur ‘Archäologie des Todes’ ...»
  54. «Abstract The metaphor of theatricality has, in recent years, been recuperated as a key term in the fields of Theatre and Performance Studies. This ...»
  55. «By Evan McKenzie Political Science Department University of Illinois at Chicago Presented at conference on Reconsidering the Politics of Urban ...»
  56. «THE LIVERPOOL MEDICAL SCHOOL AND ITS PHYSICIANS (1642-1934) by LORD COHEN OF BIRKENHEAD Tim medical history of Liverpool recapitulates in broad outline ...»
  57. «The Silencing of Bel Canto Brianna E Robertson-Kirkland (University of Glasgow) Introduction The castrato voice is lost to modern ears, but was a ...»
  58. «CONNECTICUT VETERANS HALL OF FAME CONNECTICUT VETERANS HALL OF FAME History Governor M. Jodi Rell created the Connecticut Veterans Hall of Fame by ...»
  59. «Cooperación Internacional Mapa de cooperación 2014 Área de América del Sur, América Central y el Caribe Área del Mediterráneo Oriental Área de ...»
  60. «Treatments for Meniere’s Disease Alan L. Cowan, MD Faculty Advisor: Tomoko Makishima, MD, PhD The University of Texas Medical Branch Department of ...»
  62. «JUDAISMUS Povinná literatura (Předpokladem je znalost povinné literatury k Bc. SZZk) ALEXANDRIJSKÝ, Filón: O stvoření světa., OIKYOMHNH, 2001. ...»
  63. «Curriculum Vitae: Michael K. McGuire PERSONAL HISTORY Born: August 16, 1951 Bartlesville, Oklahoma U.S. Citizenship Office Address: 3400 S. Gessner, #102 ...»
  64. «Unobtrusive research methods include non-reactive behavioural observation, the historical examination of pre-existing archives such as statistics or ...»
  65. «1 Introduction The only new thing in the world is the history you don’t know. Harry S Truman, quoted by David McCulloch in Truman The graphic portrayal ...»
  66. «Miner Conservation District History (No. 54) History from 1969 publication: Miner County is located in eastern South Dakota, the third county west from ...»
  67. «RUACANA POWERLINE MINE CLEARING PROJECT Contributing Parties: Namibian Defence Force Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik 1998 RONCO Force XXI Military ...»
  68. «10th June, 2011, 10:00h, Trakiya Hall, SPA Hotel Hisar, Hisarya The Chairperson of the Monitoring Committee of Operational Programme “Environment 2007 ...»
  69. «Revision History 3 MiSeq Reagent Kits 4 Kit Contents and Storage Requirements 5 Flow Cell Overview 6 Reagent Cartridge Overview 7 Prepare Reagents 9 Next ...»
  70. «Transcript of the ADDRESS OF REVEREND DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. New York State Civil War Centennial Commission Park Sheraton Hotel, New York City ...»
  71. «3.1 The Study’s Conceptual Framework In this chapter, I will present a brief history of action research and how this research design has evolved into a ...»
  72. «INFORMATION 16/339 Alle Abg Zulässigkeit der Kommunikation zwischen Abgeordneten und Besuchern während der Plenardebatte mit Bezügen zur historischen ...»
  73. «THE LAW AND FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY IN CHURCHES: RECONSIDERING THE FORM 990 EXEMPTION John Montague † Most tax-exempt organizations are required to file ...»
  74. «Poznan 2014 Scientific Review Prof. dr hab. Michał Błażejewski Proofreading Colin Philips Cover Design Adriana Staniszewska Typset and Edit Michał ...»
  75. «Professor Louise Morley, Centre for Higher Education an Equity Research, University of Sussex, UK Counting Women into Knowledge Production Momentum has ...»
  76. «by CARWYN HYWEL MORRIS A thesis submitted to The University of Birmingham for the degree of MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY Department of Medieval History School of ...»
  77. «Introduction One of the most unusual, extensive, and unique documents created during the colonial era, was a work entitled: El Primer Nueva Corónica y ...»
  78. «Memphis Theological Seminary .in the heart of Memphis In 1852 the Cumberland Presbyterian Church established a theological department at Cumberland ...»
  79. «Empowering people rather than connecting them Roderick Murray-Smith Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow Scotland, UK Abstract This ...»
  80. «Parish Plan Steering Committee, Nether Alderley Looking Forward Contact: NetherAlderley@btinternet.com Contents Forward by Alan Clarke, Chairman of Nether ...»
  81. «VASILIJ VASILEVICH NALIMOV WHINS THE 1987 DEREK JOHN DE SOLLA PRICE AWARD The Editorial and Advisory Board and the Publishers of Scientometrics have ...»
  82. «Thawed Selves A Commentary on the Soviet First Person Benjamin nathans Here’s a question worth pondering: why does the phrase “Soviet intellectual ...»
  84. «Dear Friends, It is indeed a rare privilege to address this constellation of officers from the Indian defence and civil services and defence forces from ...»
  85. «Introduction: How to approach the patient with neurological disease The keystone of neurological diagnosis is the patient’s history. The neurological ...»
  86. «The University of Arizona Pediatric Residency Program Primary Goals for Rotation Newborn Nursery 1. GOAL: Assess and manage a newborn in the delivery ...»
  87. «Liza Anderson ‘05 Classic Texts of Christian Theology and Spirituality If people had told me as a freshman what my theological library would look like ...»
  88. «Nebraska History posts materials online for your personal use. Please remember that the contents of Nebraska History are copyrighted by the Nebraska State ...»
  89. «Doctor of Philosophy University of York Department of Social Policy and Social Work ABSTRACT Echoing the ambivalent relationship feminism has historically ...»
  90. «[1701-1800]: Titel [1701-1800] ...»
  91. «NIGGER OF NARCISSUS PDF Download: NIGGER OF NARCISSUS PDF Digital document NIGGER OF NARCISSUS File update. So you are person who likes to download nigger ...»
  92. «by LINDA NOCHLIN While the recent upsurge of feminist activity in this country has indeed been a liberating one, its force has been chiefly ...»
  93. «Naturalism and humanism have long histories in China, side-by-side with a long history of theistic belief. In this paper I will first sketch the early ...»
  94. «Phonetics and Phonology then, and then, and now1 John J. Ohala University of California, Berkeley, USA Phonetics attempts to describe and understand how ...»
  95. «July 27, 2001; Revised August 15, 2001 Einstein's Triumph over the Spacetime Coordinate System: A Paper presented in Honor of Roberto Torretti John D. ...»
  96. «Notes on 1 & 2 Samuel - page 1 NAME The name Samuel means “asked of God.” The title does not mean that Samuel wrote the book but simply that his ...»
  97. «T H E H O OD SI T E: L ON GH O U SE B UR I ALS I N AN H IS T OR I C NE UT R AL V I LLAGE Wi ll ia m R. Fi tz ge ra ld ABSTRACT Excavations at the historic ...»
  98. «The Ocean of Theosophy By William Q. Judge Contents Preface PREFACE TO TENTH EDITION Chapter I THEOSOPHY AND THE MASTERS Theosophy generally defined. The ...»
  99. «Vanguard College 1 Published June 30th. Subject to change WHAT’S INSIDE 03 :: Meet Vanguard 10 :: Events Calendar 11 :: Programming | 12 :: Programs of ...»
  100. «Abstract This paper describes the construction and initial usage of a digital library collection of historical newspapers written in the Maori language. ...»
  101. «Is it too late? Doing Theology in the Anthropocene. Clive Pearson, Research Fellow, PaCT, Charles Sturt University. From Chernobyl to Paris Towards the ...»
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