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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - History.

  1. «Welcome to the Historic Bolton Neighborhood of West Linn. Located along the Willamette River and at the foot of the largest water falls in the Pacific ...»
  2. «AbstRacts The Byzantine Studies Conference is an annual forum for the presentation and discussion of papers embodying current research on all aspects of ...»
  3. «REPORT FROM THE ACS NATIONAL MEETING Philadelphia – August 20-25, 2016 Highlights from the Philadelphia Meeting ACS hosted its 252th national meeting in ...»
  4. «Hilary Janks University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) stems from a critical theory of language which ...»
  5. «An evaluation of the mission history of Pentecostal Assemblies of God in Zambia by Revd ANDRIANO CHALWE, BTh, MA Thesis submitted for the degree Doctor of ...»
  6. «It has become axiomatic that a country’s conduct of international relations reflects the influence of domestic factors. Indeed, the link is so strong ...»
  7. «Australian Journal of Politics and History: Volume 45, Number 2, 1999, pp. 254-309. Political Chronicles Western Australia July to December 1998 DAVID ...»
  8. «'Croke Park goes Plumb Crazy' Gaelic Games in Pathé Title Newsreels, 1920–1939 Author(s) Crosson, Seán; McAnallen, Dónal Publication 2011 Date Seán ...»
  9. «Coccinella 7-punctata Ekaterina Chamurliyska, MA, MSc Clinical psycologist Ladybirds are among the most beloved insects – because they are symbol of ...»
  10. «Acknowledgements Tomorrow’s Investor: creating effective pensions in Britain Introduction Some history Why does collective DC provide high returns What ...»
  11. «American Miniatures of Children ‒ Not an hour passes in which my cherubs are absent from my mind Hore Browse Trist in a letter ...»
  12. «Community as an academic ethic Bruce Macfarlane Introduction This chapter will examine the meaning of the word community in the context of the changing ...»
  13. «By PETER WILLIAM COOK A Thesis Submitted to the University of Birmingham For the Degree of MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY Department of History School of History ...»
  14. «Introduction One of the most disturbing aspects of Taruskin's narrative techniques in the Oxford History of Western Music is their close resemblance to ...»
  15. «At Home Deep in the Forest and on the Vast Plains The Cree is one of the most interesting cultures in all of North America, because the Cree have ...»
  17. «A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in partial fulfillment of the ...»
  18. «Cutting through History Found Footage in Avant-garde Filmmaking ROB YEO The practice of using earlier films from a variety of sources1—found ...»
  19. «Draft Conservation Area Appraisal www.bolton.gov.uk/conservationareas CONTENTS Page 1 Introduction 3 2 Policy Background 3 3 Summary of Special Interest 4 ...»
  20. «Research supported by the Flemish Research Organization (FWO) INTRODUCTION & GOAL n-DENSITY & α-LARGENESS UNPROVABILITY & CONSERVATION RESULTS OUTLINE ...»
  21. «Did Hume hold a Regularity Theory of Causation? Justin Broackes In The Secret Connexion 1 Galen Strawson argues against the traditional interpretation of ...»
  22. «Newton’s equations of motion tell us that a mass at rest at the apex of a dome with the shape specified here can spontaneously move. It has been ...»
  23. «ARTICLE DETAILS Infant’s sex, birth control policy and postpartum well-being: a TITLE (PROVISIONAL) prospective cohort study in Shanghai, China AUTHORS ...»
  24. «A Paper presented to the Empowered 21 Conference Oral Roberts University Tulsa, Oklahoma April 8-10-2010 Byron D. Klaus President and Professor of ...»
  25. «The specific historical basis for the development of capitalism in England — and not in France — is traced to the unique structure of English manorial ...»
  26. «Historical & Heritage Past Research Consultants Cornelis Muller ‘There is nothing new it has all just been forgotten’ BA (Lang Eng) Matters BHCS Hons ...»
  27. «TEXT, HISTORY AND CULTURE Sixth Biennial Conference on the Qur’an 12–14 November 2009 Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre   ...»
  28. «THE MUSIC OF LOUIS A. HIRSCH by Rick Benjamin Introduction I came into the field of historic theater music in a very unusual manner: As a teenager I found ...»
  29. «Ibtissam Ouaali Onderzoeksseminar III-C De Koloniale Ervaring Dr. Remco Raben Prof. Dr. Gerrit Knaap List of Contents Introduction p. 3 1. Theoretical ...»
  30. «Abstract Scholars have argued that online social networks and personalized web search increase ideological segregation. We investigate the impact of these ...»
  31. «‘Develop the game, touch the world, build a better future’ «Integrating the artificial turf surface into the Laws of the Game is another milestone in ...»
  32. «Abstract: Within the field of natural resource law are several specific areas that are well suited for the historian’s skillset and knowledge. The ...»
  33. «Forswearing Allegiance Gerhard Casper May 1, 2008 The Law School The University of Chicago Forswearing Allegiance Gerhard Casper* My subject is the ...»
  34. «( Page 1 ) The original cover as first published in 1877 ( Page 2 ) HISTORY of the GREENBACK Chapter I. its origin and birth In 1861, when the resources ...»
  35. «Three approaches to the psychology of culture: Where do they come from? Where can they go? Patricia M. Greenfield Department of Psychology, UCLA, Los ...»
  36. «• What is a primary source? Primary sources are sources that came into existence during the actual period being studied. • What is a secondary source? ...»
  38. «IDEOLOGY This volume explores and explains the complex concept of ideology. David Hawkes traces the history of the concept, arguing that ‘ideology’ ...»
  39. «Contents: 1) The primary sources; 2) Guides to the saints; 3) Guides to hagiographic literature; 4) Guides to iconography; 5) General works in ...»
  40. «Arrival and Car Parking The location of High Lodge is situated less than six miles from Thetford and one mile from Brandon on the B1107. It is accessible ...»
  41. «Willamette circa 1900 Prepared by Kimberli Fitzgerald, MCP/CHP Amy McFeeters-Krone, Building History Inc. Summer 2006 Table of Contents Introduction ...»
  43. «R egarding all events or occurrences not directly due to conscious human actions, science is wont to address only the question of cause, never the ...»
  44. «Shunji Hosaka Introduction T HE destruction of the Bamiyan Cliff Buddhas by the Taliban in March 2001, followed by the suicide attacks on September 11 of ...»
  45. «Hotel Albert c.1907 Photograph obtained from The Museum of the City of New York A History Prepared by Anthony W. Robins Thompson & Columbus, Inc. April ...»
  46. «PentecoStudies, vol. 1, nr. 2, 2002 Online Journal for the InterdisciplinaryStudy of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Movements _ Stephen J. Hunt∗ ...»
  47. «Gödel’s Incompleteness Results Haim Gaifman Chapter 0: The Easy Way to Gödel’s Proof and Related Topics∗ This short sketch of Gödel’s ...»
  48. «I. Scope This thesaurus is a set of terms for use by any college or university archives in the United States for describing its holdings. The topical ...»
  49. «The Petroleum Legal Framework of Iran: History, Trends and the Way Forward Nima Nasrollahi Shahri* ABSTR ACT This study offers an overview of the ...»
  50. «Date of Inception: _9th century (middle ages) Regions –Ism was Most Significant: southern France, southern Italy, England, Spain, Germany. Central and ...»
  51. «N. Ivette Feliciano 3/7/2005 One of the most controversial subjects amongst Brazilian political scientists is the wave of Evangelical and specifically ...»
  52. «Migrations marocaines Transformations, Transitions, Perspectives Futures Fès, 22-24 Mai 2014 « Dynamiques du champ migratoire d’une cité patrimoniale ...»
  53. «“The Sacred Whispers” in James Salter’s “Akhnilo” B. W. Jorgensen Brigham Young University Suppose that in the last quarter of the 20th century ...»
  54. «Winning and Watching the Greek Pentathlon* Donald G. Kyle Associate Professor Department of History University of Texas at Arlington Unlike most topics in ...»
  55. «In the nineteenth century, hundreds of women performed professional feats of strength and endurance. Endurance walkers and runners known as pedestriennes ...»
  56. «W hatchangedoesthe premoderninnovationgeneralinterms, this is the role technological play shaping historical in world? In problem I address in this ...»
  57. «KAPLAN, Robert. The geography of Chinese power: How far will China reach on Land and at Sea? Foreign Affairs 89, 3 (2010): pp. 22-41. The Geography of ...»
  58. «Frances DeSimone Becque, Ph.D. August 8, 2003 Information courtesy of University of Illinois Archives and the Society for the Preservation of Greek ...»
  59. «Abstract 2 Introduction 3 The diversity and size of Pentecostalism 3 The history of Pentecostal disunity 4 Doctrines 4 Trinity 4 Practices 5 Racism 5 ...»
  60. «KHANEQAH Khaneqah A Phenomenon in the Social History of Iran Mohamad Ebrahim Bastani-Parizi Professor of History, University of Tehran translated by ...»
  61. «ABSTRACT The author examines themes in Arabic literature as identified in contemporary scholarship. After a survey of late-twentieth-century works that ...»
  62. «THE SACRED GROVES OF THE CURONIAN Ķ ONIŅ I: PAST AND PRESENT Sandis Laime Abstract: The current article deals with the reflection of the holy groves of ...»
  63. «At the beginning of the Nineteenth Century Francis Barrett published his Celestial Intelligencer, often called The Magus, in which he reproduced in modern ...»
  64. «Letter from the Author.3 Words of Wisdom from Lovejoy Alumni.4-5 Mission Statement/Expectations.6 Brief History..7 Yearly Theatre Productions.9 Theatre ...»
  65. «Essays in Honour of Oliver Pickering Edited by Janet Burton, William Marx, and Veronica O’Mara Leeds Studies in English www.leeds.ac.uk/lse School of ...»
  66. «Can the Past be Policed?: Lessons from the Historical Enquiries Team Northern Ireland Dr Patricia Lundy Department of Sociology University of Ulster ...»
  67. «WORKING THROUGH ENVIRONMENTAL DESPAIR Joanna Macy from Ecosychology, Roszak, Gomes, & Kanner, eds., (Sierra Club 1995) Until the late twentieth century, ...»
  68. «(1974) French Kinship Structure and History Chapters One and Two Un document produit en version numérique par Mme Marcelle Bergeron, bénévole ...»
  69. «LANGUAGE AND THE EVOCATION OF ORDER – TOWARD A LINGUISTIC THEORY OF THE POLITICAL Matthias Riedl, Budapest Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the ...»
  70. «9 Clerk’s/Chairman’s report Quality Status – The April meeting of the Accreditation Panel awarded Milton Parish Council Quality Status. The chairman ...»
  71. «21M.380: Music and Technology: Contemporary History and Aesthetics by Christopher Ariza Table of Contents 20. Meeting 20, Languages: The Early History of ...»
  73. «Transnational Glamour, National Allure: Community, Change and Cliché in Baz Luhrmann’s Australia. Meaghan Morris What are the links between stories and ...»
  74. «ANNE F. BROADBRIDGE THE UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AT AMHERST Royal Authority, Justice, and Order in Society: The Influence of Ibn Khaldu≠n on the ...»
  75. «Your Jottings The Natural History Society of Jamaica Clarendon Distillers & Trans-Global Aquaculture. Saturday the 26th of September Date: Rendez-vous: 9 ...»
  76. «History of the Niagara – Buffalo Army Air Defense 1952 – 1970 By Paul Robitaille Introduction: This collection consists of three documents that ...»
  77. «by Memoria Celiwe Ngwenya Thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Education in the Department of Education ...»
  78. «Justice and the Colonial Collision: Reflections on Stories of Intercultural Encounter in Law, Literature, Sculpture and Film Rebecca Johnson* We also have ...»
  79. «! Mario Montessori ! Amsterdam. 28 januari 1968 1 !   ! Tendencies of Children ! The tendencies of children between 6 to 12 years to be taken into ...»
  80. «Introduction One of the relatively new phenomena in European Christianity and on the religious landscape is the emergence and development of black ...»
  81. «Oneness Pentecostalism By Jason Barker Founder: Frank Ewart Founding Date: 1913 Structure: Numerous denominations and independent churches. Official ...»
  82. «Online Information For the online version of BookRags' Pablo Neruda: Selected Poems Premium Study Guide, including complete copyright information, please ...»
  83. «Table of Contents Vision, Mission, Religion Statement and Guiding Values Waldorf Education Introduction to Parent Handbook Waldorf Education History of ...»
  84. «Aurora Waldorf School Nursery through Grade 8 Parent Handbook Aurora Waldorf School 525 West Falls Road West Falls, New York 14170 Office: (716) 655-2029 ...»
  85. «Cover Illustration: South Lancashire No. 18 (TF5797) was a Guy BTX with a Roe 55-seat lowbridge body, new in May 1931 and rebuilt by Bond, Wythenshawe in ...»
  86. «Cover Illustration: No. 10 (MMR552) one of three ex-Silver Star vehicles in preservation. It is a 1956 Leyland PSUC1/2 with Harrington C41C bodywork. ...»
  87. «Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Transportation Research Part C journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/trc Electric vehicles: How much range ...»
  88. «WHOSE WOODS ARE THESE? COUNTER-MAPPING FOREST TERRITORIES IN KALIMANTAN, INDONESIA Nancy Lee Peluso Forests are repositories of great wealth and ...»
  89. «A History of Pentagrams in the Occult, and the Pentagram Window at the West Virginia State Penitentiary. By Scott Wells Symbols are used as a sort of ...»
  90. «Pentecostal History By Tim Naab Psalms 19:7 The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the ...»
  91. «Pentecostal/Tongues Roots - The Amazing Facts In a book 'A River Is Flowing' the author Denis Smith gives a history of the Assembly of God (AOG) in ...»
  92. «by WAGF Theological Commission Joseph Dimitrov, Chairman Paul van der Laan Peter Watt Ivan Satyavrata Shane Clifton Antonio Gilberto Deborah Gill Kenneth ...»
  93. «Introduction. For most Christians the present determines the future; they believe they will reap what they sow. But for most Pentecostals the future ...»
  94. «PENTECOSTALISM IN INDIA: AN OVERVIEW Stanley M. Burgess Introduction By the middle of year 2000, Pentecostalism in India has grown to approximately 33.5 ...»
  95. «Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends” The Diabolical History of The Society of Jesus Including: Its Second Thirty Years’ War (1914 ...»
  96. «Council Online - IM/Policies - Policies & Forms - IM/Policy Domestic Waste Service Collection Document review and approval This document has been approved ...»
  97. «Yvan Radenac 10/05/2002 Table des matières 1 Introduction 3 1.1 Dénition des termes du sujet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 1.2 Les enjeux ...»
  98. «PUTTING ST HELENS ON THE RAIL MAP By Andrew Brownlow, transport spokesman for the St Helens Green Party Currently, if you travel from St Helens Central ...»
  99. «Carl Gershenson Harvard University ABSTRACT: The state incentivizes investors to entrust capital to public corporations by granting shareholders ...»
  100. «The Last Acolhua: Alva Ixtlilxochitl and Elite Native Historiography in Early New Spain By: Peter B. Villella Villella, P.B. (2014). The Last Acolhua: ...»
  101. «Rules and Procedures Manual 2012-2013 National Capital Soccer League, Inc. P.O. Box 1519 Manassas, VA 20108-1519 Website: www.ncsl-soccer.com July 2012 ...»
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