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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Juristic.

  1. «U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division & Office of Justice Programs Roundtable on State and Local Law Enforcement Police Pattern or Practice ...»
  2. «MEMORANDUM OPINION Appeal from Ford District Court; VAN Z. HAMPTON, judge. Opinion filed October 2, 2015. Affirmed. Peter J. Antosh, of Garcia & Antosh, ...»
  3. «INDEX TO AUTHORITY MEETING #7/14 Friday, September 19, 2014 MINUTES Minutes of Meeting #6/14, held on July 25, 2014 329 PRESENTATIONS Gray, Darryl, Senior ...»
  4. «Naomi S. Baron Department of Language and Foreign Studies, American University, Washington, DC, USA I am grateful to David Hockfelder, Harmeet Sawhney, ...»
  5. «The National Indian Law Library collection of federal Indian and tribal law resources requires the use of specialized subject headings. Ms. Martens ...»
  6. «LEGISLATIVE RESEARCH UNIT Co-Chairperson Rep. Sara Feigenholtz Co-Chairperson Sen. Larry K. Bomke Executive Director Patrick D. O’Grady Senators ...»
  7. «The Waldorf School of Philadelphia 7500 Germantown Avenue, Eagles II, Philadelphia, PA 19119 www.phillywaldorf.com ▪ 215- 248-1662 Non-Discrimination ...»
  9. «Fintech Regulation: Recent Developments And Innovations Law360, New York (May 9, 2016, 11:01 AM ET) – The past few years have been boom times for ...»
  10. «These Guidelines were approved by the Working Party on Private Pensions on 5 June 2009. OECD GUIDELINES FOR PENSION FUND GOVERNANCE1 I. GOVERNANCE ...»
  11. «THE PERSONAL LIABILITY OF DIRECTORS FOR CORPORATE TORTS by John H. Farrar Professor of Law at Bond University and Professorial Associate at the University ...»
  12. «Important Social Security Number Information: You are required by state and federal law to provide a social security number with your application. If you ...»
  14. «Copyright laws are changing all over the world. Be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading or redistributing this or any ...»
  15. «No. 7 September Term, 2002 _ SUE ANN ABSOLON, et al. v. PAUL JUSTIN DOLLAHITE, et al. Bell, C.J., Eldridge Raker Wilner Cathell Harrell Battaglia, JJ. ...»
  16. «This article describes methods for semiautomatic thesaurus construction, for a cross generation, cross genre, and cross cultural corpus. Semiautomatic ...»
  18. «Squeeze-out – Sell-out a significant reform to come. Contents Scope After long and lasting debates, the Luxembourg Parliament has passed today ...»
  19. «GROUNDINGS ANCIENTS Volume 2, April 2014 www.groundings-ancients.co.uk EDITORIAL BOARD Ian McIver, Editor-in-Chief (Glasgow) Alasdair Neilson, Managing ...»
  20. «Power Lines and Property Values: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly David R. Bolton, MAI David R. Bolton, Inc. Austin, Texas Kent A. Sick Womack, McClish, ...»
  21. «UNPLANNED COAUTHORSHIP Shyamkrishna Balganesh † Unplanned coauthorship refers to the process by which contributors to a creative work are treated by ...»
  22. «INTRODUCTION The words of the esteemed Judge Simon Sobeloff still astutely describe the workings of the City Solicitor’s Office.1 The City Solicitor is ...»
  24. «CHEVRON AT THE ROBERTS COURT: STILL FAILING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS Jack M. Beermann* INTRODUCTION This Essay looks at how Chevron deference1 has fared at ...»
  25. «By Richard Gordon QC and Rowena Moffatt BREXIT: THE IMMEDIATE LEGAL CONSEQUENCES Richard Gordon QC and Rowena Moffatt First published in Great Britain in ...»
  26. «THE CODE (CONSTITUTION AND LAWS) FOREWORD The 38th edition of The Code of Regulations of Beta Theta Pi is based on the 37th edition published in 2013, ...»
  27. «For the purpose of these Terms the definitions of the languages used and how they will be referred to hereafter are defined below. “Terms” means these ...»
  28. «The Cayman Islands are at the forefront of the global move towards tax transparency and cooperation in international tax matters. Since 2001, the Cayman ...»
  29. «For the purpose of these Terms the definitions of the languages used and how they will be referred to hereafter are defined below. “Terms” means these ...»
  30. «Newton’s “Chymistry” of Metal Solubilities Introduction and Background Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) is a famous name, of course, but few people ...»
  31. «Legal Disclaimer - Clal Industries Ltd. Website GENERAL Please read these Terms carefully before using this Site. The following terms constitute the ...»
  32. «This Structure Note has been prepared by Ashurst LLP based on laws, regulations and administrative and judicial interpretation as at 14 November 2013. ...»
  33. «This Summary of Terms has been prepared by Ashurst LLP based on laws, regulations and administrative and judicial interpretation as at 14 November 2013. ...»
  34. «Concentrating Solar Fuels Roadmap: Final Report Towards sustainable energy ARENA Project Solar Hybrid Fuels (3-A018) Jim Hinkley, Jenny Hayward, Robbie ...»
  35. «Private Pensions: The Impact of ERISA on the Growth of Retirement Funds Randall D. Weiss* The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) has ...»
  36. «Doctrine of Identification The concept of Doctrine of Identification finds its roots in the English Law. The growth of this doctrine has helped in the ...»
  37. «Cyberwarfare and International Law Cyberwarfare and International Law Nils Melzer IDEAS FOR PEACE AND SECURITY The designations employed and the ...»
  38. «Outsider Trading as an Incentive Device Bruce H. Kobayashi & Larry E. Ribstein* Outsiders often have and seek to trade on a firm’s material, nonpublic ...»
  39. «The Freedom to Copy: Copyright, Creation, and Context Olufunmilayo B. Arewa* Although much separates them musically, George Harrison and Michael Bolton ...»
  40. «De-labelling Branded Corporatewear for Re-use Review of Current and Potential Technologies that may be used to de-brand Corporate-wear Project code: ...»
  41. «& The EB-5 Summit For Attorneys and Developers New York, NY - Friday, December 13th, 2013 Speakers: Parisa Karaahmet(Discussion Leader), Charles Foster, ...»
  42. «Outside Counsel Deskbook (Revised August 2016) FDIC OUTSIDE COUNSEL DESKBOOK (Revised August 2016) CHAPTER INDEX CHAPTER 1: Representing the FDIC CHAPTER ...»
  43. «The Development of Social Entrepreneurs in Germany Prof. Dr. Annette Zimmer & Stephanie Bräuer Westfälische Wilhelms University, Germany April 2014 ...»
  44. «For the purpose of these Terms the definitions of the languages used and how they will be referred to hereafter are defined below. “Terms” means these ...»
  45. «EY VAT News – week to 12 September 2016 Welcome to the latest edition of EY VAT News, which provides a roundup of indirect tax developments over the ...»
  46. «EY VAT News - Week to 15 February 2016 Welcome to the latest edition of EY VAT News. Headlines include the following:  In the case of Norseman Gold ...»
  47. «EY VAT News - Week to 16 February 2015 Welcome to the latest edition of EY VAT News. Headlines include the following:  The effect of the Court of ...»
  48. «EY VAT News - Week to 22 February 2016 Welcome to the latest edition of EY VAT News. Headlines include the following:  Our next Tax Focus web seminar ...»
  49. «Institute for Procedural Law and Attorney Regulations (IPA) www.preMoot.de Words of Welcome. Institute for Procedural Law and Attorney Regulations (IPA) ...»
  50. «Facts in Exile: Corruption and Abstraction in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Zephyr Teachout Fordham Law School Follow this and additional ...»
  51. «The Waldorf School of Philadelphia 7500 Germantown Avenue, Eagles II Building Philadelphia, PA 19119 www.phillywaldorf.com ▪ 215- 248-1662 ...»
  52. «Social Stereotypes “The weight of evidence cannot tip justice when the weight of prejudice is on the other side.” Patricia Pearson (1997) Long before ...»
  53. «Financial Provision: A formula will do nicely, sir! David Hodson This article proposes formulae for calculating capital distribution and spousal ...»
  54. «How insurers avoid, or fail to avoid, covering alcohol problems By Jonathan Goodliffe, solicitor 1 Introduction 2 The FOS jurisdiction 3 FOS ...»
  55. «Abstract. In the last few years crucial issues like cross-language legal information retrieval, document classification, legal knowledge discovery and ...»
  56. «Demonising Justin Gatlin DEMONISING JUSTIN GATLIN Mike Morgan, Morgan Sports Law LLP Contents I. Introduction A. Background B. What is a “cheat”? II. ...»
  57. «The spring of 1848 promised the advent in Hungary of “liberty, equality and fraternity.” The twenty years of gradual progress, known as the Age of ...»
  58. «This newsletter aims to provide a brief outlook on the main legislative changes that occurred in Turkey in the course of June, July and August 2016. ...»
  59. «The Common Law: Vicarious Liability and the Development of Primary Liability UNLESS THE TERMS OF THE STATUTE INVOLVED SPECIFICALLY PROVIDE TO the ...»
  60. «Contents Page Ins and Outs of VAT 1 Foreword 4 Section I. General Provisions 5 1.1. Value Added Tax Law 5 1.2. Taxable Supplies 5 1.3. Exemption from VAT ...»
  61. «Before the United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs May 13, 2014 Embargoed until released Mr. Chairman, Senator ...»
  62. «Contents 18.1 Introduction 361 18.2 Background to Cryptocurrencies 363 18.2.1 Bitcoin 364 18.2.2 The ecosystem 365 18.2.3 Benefits and future applications ...»
  63. «Knowledge Transfer in Commercial Law Prof. Ian Walden, John Cummins, Patrick Cahill Centre Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of ...»
  64. «1. Introduction The judiciary is faced with enormous case loads. Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation can help to reduce this ...»
  65. «TREATY BETWEEN THE HOLY SEE AND ITALY IN THE NAME OF THE MOST HOLY TRINITY Whereas: The Holy See and Italy have recognized the desirability of eliminating ...»
  66. «Current pension developments across the world. LCP’s international network locations Europe Belgium: A number of insurers have lowered the guaranteed ...»
  67. «VAT guide to exhibition services in Germany Contents I. The EU VAT system and German VAT law II. Place of supply rules for exhibition services in Germany ...»
  68. «London Journal of Critical Thought Volume 1 Issue 1 June 2016 ISSN 2398-662X The London Journal of Critical Thought Volume 1, Issue 1 (June 2016) ...»
  69. «This essay argues that legislation is needed to ensure the principles of judicial scrutiny are applied to contracted-out public services. It argues that ...»
  70. «REPORT ON COMPETING RIGHTS TO MINGLED PROPERTY: TRACING AND THE RULE IN CLAYTON'S CASE LRC 66 September 1983 The Law Reform Commission of British Columbia ...»
  71. «Use of the cDNA microarray technology in thesafety assessment of GM food plants Pedersen, Jan W.; Knudsen, Ib; Eriksen, Folmer Damsted; Kärenlampi, S.; ...»
  72. «February 2012 Abstract We formalise for the first time the concept of Legal Uncertainty, identifying its different dimensions and analysing the ...»
  73. «I. A Brief Breakdown of the Available Cases: A. “Prisoner” cases: These are essentially 42 U.S.C. § 1983 prisoner civil rights prison condition cases ...»
  74. «A body corporate formed under the Companies Acts is sometimes referred to by a term used in Roman law, persona ficta, a fictitious or imaginary person. In ...»
  75. «Intentional Diminishment, the Non-Identity Problem, and Legal Liability I. Glenn Cohen∗ In her provocative new article in this Issue, Creating Children ...»
  76. «Millimeter wave VAlidation STandard (mm-VAST) antenna. Abstract. Kim, Oleksiy S. Publication date: Document Version Publisher's PDF, also known as Version ...»
  77. «Millimeter wave VAlidation STandard (mm-VAST) antenna. Executive Summary Report. Kim, Oleksiy S. Publication date: Document Version Publisher's PDF, also ...»
  78. «Disability Accommodation Procedure for Students Federal and state disability laws mandate that universities make the necessary modifications to their ...»
  79. «Aeon of Typhon Copyright © 2014 by NAOS This book is the registered copyright of NAOS publishing. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or ...»
  80. «The Next Great Copyright Act Maria A. Pallante* INTRODUCTION Tonight my topic is the next great copyright act, but before I speak about the future, I ...»
  81. «The No Interest Loan network has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. At least that is how it would look to an observer that was new to ...»
  82. «State of New JerSey DepartmeNt of Law & pubLic Safety Office Of the AttOrney GenerAl DivisiOn Of lAw 25 market Street treNtoN, NJ 08625 Effective: January ...»
  83. «Online Directory of Supervisors Disclaimer: Inclusion in this directory is optional and is not considered an endorsement by NASW Georgia Chapter. If you ...»
  84. «This opinion will be unpublished and may not be cited except as provided by Minn. Stat. § 480A.08, subd. 3 (2014). STATE OF MINNESOTA IN COURT OF APPEALS ...»
  85. «INTRODUCTION Some great trial lawyers will begin writing and honing their opening statement six months to a year before they get to trial. One reason for ...»
  86. «Poor Urban Communities and Municipal Interface in Ghana: A Case Study of Accra and Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis GEORGE OWUSU AND ROBERT LAWRENCE ...»
  87. «THURSDAY, MAY 2, 2013 American Bar Association 321 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 75207 The materials contained herein represent the opinions of the ...»
  88. «Town of Bolton, MA Request for Proposals (RFP) Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) Services for the Construction of the Bolton Public Safety Center In ...»
  89. «No. 08-307 IN THE Supreme Court of the United States ———— COMMON LAW SETTLEMENT COUNSEL, Petitioners, v. PEARLIE BAILEY, SHIRLEY MELVIN, GENERAL ...»
  90. «For the purpose of these Terms the definitions of the languages used and how they will be referred to hereafter are defined below. “Terms” means these ...»
  91. «360-Degree Assessments Are They the Right Tool for the U.S. Military? Chaitra M. Hardison, Mikhail Zaydman, Tobi Oluwatola, Anna Rosefsky Saavedra, Thomas ...»
  92. «Foreign Direct Liability Claims in Sweden: Learning from Arica Victims KB v. Boliden Mineral AB? Rasmus Kløcker Larsen * Research Fellow, Stockholm ...»
  93. «The Marriage of Arwen Undómiel Reno NABC+ Appeals, UNOFFICIAL Supplementary Casebook Note: To download the official ACBL Reno appeals casebook (and ...»
  94. «A VAT Guide for English Rugby Clubs This guide has been prepared by The Rugby Football Union. Sections 2 to 6, 9, the last two paragraphs of section 1 and ...»
  95. «By Gary Littlejohn A Working Paper of the Small Arms Survey Copyright Published in Switzerland by the Small Arms Survey © Small Arms Survey, Graduate ...»
  96. «EYES IN THE SKY - the development of sensors for law enforcement Records show that police aviation dates from 1914, and that air observation of the period ...»
  97. «OCTOBER 2012 “They are Destroying Our Futures” Sexual Violence Against Girls in Zambia’s Schools Women and Law in Southern Africa-Zambia Avon Global ...»
  98. «VAT: European law on By Antony Seely VAT rates Inside: 1. VAT: an introduction 2. EU VAT law 3. Review of the structure of VAT reduced rates (1995-99) 4. ...»
  99. «“Separation of powers” refers to the idea that the major institutions of state should be functionally independent and that no individual should have ...»
  100. «South African Criminal Law and Battered Women Who Kill: Discussion Document 2 by Hallie Ludsin Research report written for the Centre for the Study of ...»
  101. «Introduction The independence of Spanish America was the unexpected outcome of the monarchy’s rupture following the 1808 Napoleonic invasion. It ...»
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