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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Medicine.

  1. «The issues It is estimated that over 20% of police time is spent responding to people with mental health problems1. In some circumstances this will be ...»
  2. «The Neurobiology of Pain, Affect and Hypnosis Jeffrey B. Feldman Wake Forest School of Medicine Recent neuroimaging studies have used hypnotic suggestion ...»
  3. «Dínimo José Bolívar Sáenz Fabián Armando Gil Laverde María Fernanda Jiménez Andrés Isaza Restrepo Marcos Tarazona Rafael Tovar HOSPITAL OCCIDENTE ...»
  4. «The ayurvedic medicine industry: Current status and sustainability Niraj Subrat Meera Iyer Ram Prasad A collaboration between: Ecotech Services (India) ...»
  5. «Keep Tobacco Use Sacred An eGuide for Tribal Communities INTRODUCTION This Keep Tobacco Use Sacred eGuide was designed to assist tribal communities and ...»
  6. «Contact: FHI 360 India Country Office H-5 (Ground Floor), Green Park Extension New Delhi 110016 Tel: (+91-11) 4048 7777 www.fhi360.org sgaikwad@fhi360.org ...»
  7. «Abstract The World Health Organization, together with representatives of four sub-Saharan African countries and other stakeholders, launched a project in ...»
  8. «Report on a WHO Workshop: Minimum Data Set Version 1.0 on Ageing and Adult Mortality Data in sub-Saharan Africa Pretoria, South Africa 12 - 14 February ...»
  9. «Alcohol Marketing and Young People: Time for a new policy agenda 2 Alcohol Marketing and Young People: Time for a new policy agenda Alcohol MArketing And ...»
  10. «September 2012 Preface The European Commission Health and Consumer Directorate-General (DG SANCO) commissioned RAND Europe, by way of the Executive Agency ...»
  11. «1. NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT PAXENE 6 mg/ml concentrate for solution for infusion. 2. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION One single-use vial ...»
  12. «Young People and Drugs This document was produced by The Department for Education and Skills, The Home Office and The Department for Health. Front Cover ...»
  13. «The 2007 New Zealand Smoking Cessation Guidelines were written by a project team led by the Clinical Trials Research Unit (now the National Institute for ...»
  14. «Mental Health Foundation  Banking on good decisions Contents 0 Introduction 0 Note on language Who is this guidance for? ...»
  15. «Gender and Indigenous Peoples: Overview Indigenous women face significant challenges to the full enjoyment of their human rights. Indigenous women ...»
  16. «1. Who are the bushmen? 1 2. Bushmen people and language 1 3. How do they live? 2 4. What is their social structure? 2 5. Food and health 2 6. Birth, ...»
  17. «Oral care for older people who need support: a guide for families and friends a We are happy to consider requests for other languages or formats. Please ...»
  18. «MC/10/90 The Methodist Council APPOINTMENTS - METHODIST COUNCIL SEPTEMBER 2010 (Underlined names indicate new committee members. Reasoned statements as ...»
  19. «U N IT OV E RV IEW: In this unit students will talk about what changes they’d like to make in their lives. Conversation Starters: Dealing with Stress ...»
  20. «Q. What is an operator’s licence and do we need one? A. An operator’s licence of some type is needed by anyone operating passenger carrying vehicles ...»
  21. «Professor of Surgery Staff Surgeon: Division of Vascular Surgery Tennessee Valley Vanderbilt University Health Care System 161 21st Ave. S. 1310 24th Ave ...»
  22. «COLLEGE DRIVING AND VEHICLE SAFETY POLICY – INCLUDING MINIBUS SAFETY Dr Richard Fisk Health & Safety Adviser 6/9/10 Contents List of Contents .. i Part ...»
  23. «DYING FOR CHANGE Poor people’s experience of health and ill-health Foreword In his 2001 address to the World Health Assembly, UN Secretary General Kofi ...»
  24. «Managing Patients with Dysphagia – Wexford, 25th February 2014 Agenda 6.00 pm Registration and Fork Buffet 6.30 pm Welcome Address Katie Bermingham, ...»
  25. « WHO Library Cataloguing in Publication Data People-Centred Health Care: A policy framework 1. Patient-centred care. 2. Delivery of health care. 3. ...»
  26. «September 2016 Engaging local people A guide for local areas developing Sustainability and Transformation Plans Version number: 1 First published: ...»
  27. «Evaluation of Selected Membrane Filtration and Most Probable Number Methods for the Enumeration of Faecal Coliforms, Escherichia coli and Enterococci in ...»
  28. «The persistent dry mouth Martin M. Ferguson (New Zealand Family Physician, Vol 29, No 4, August 2002) While the full extent of individuals in the adult ...»
  29. «FEATURED STORIES Guthrie Recognized for Preventative Care Guthrie Medical Group recently received the 2015 United Healthcare PATH Excellence in Patient ...»
  30. «Foreward 2 ! About us 3 ! Our model 4 ! Our community based organizations 5 ! Development and charitable 6
 activities : HIV Interventions ! Increasing ...»
  32. «Table of Contents Emergency information 11 Preface 1 Showering and bathing with a stoma 11 Table of Contents 1 Radiation and Chemotherapy and Introduction ...»
  33. «Kypros H. Nicolaides The 11–13+6 weeks scan Fetal Medicine Foundation, London 2004 Dedication to Herodotos & Despina Contents Introduction 1. First ...»
  34. «Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Children and Young People (Aged 2 –18 years) A background paper Citation: Ministry of Health. 2012. Food and ...»
  35. «This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. In essence, you are free to: share ie, copy and redistribute the ...»
  36. «Eating, swallowing and saliva control in Parkinson’s S ome people with Parkinson’s may find they have problems when eating and swallowing. Some people ...»
  37. «Day 9 10.35am: The jury will today hear evidence from the 57th witness in the trial, Moggill MP Dr Bruce Flegg. “I’m a backbencher in the Queensland ...»
  38. «Necrotizing Enterocolitis and the Use of Thickened Liquids for Infants With Dysphagia Memorie M. Gosa Department of Communicative Disorders, The ...»
  39. «© ASHM 2013 Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of research or study, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part of ...»
  40. «This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. In essence, you are free to: share ie, copy and redistribute the ...»
  41. «ANNEX 2. MEDICAL ISSUES AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE ANNEX 2 Medical issues and sexual violence This part of the guidelines provides background medical information ...»
  42. «Suggested Citation: Gay and Lesbian Medical Association and LGBT health experts. Healthy People 2010 Companion Document for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and ...»
  43. «In an operating room at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a heart is being repaired. For the most part, the surgical team is following the ...»
  44. «DOI: 10.3727/096368916X691295 CT-1575 Provisionally Accepted 03/21/2016 for publication in “Cell Transplantation” The iXCELL-DCM Trial: Rationale and ...»
  45. «Approved: 12th November 2014 Next review date: Summer/Autumn Term 2016 Policy expires: 11th November 2016 Version 2.0 INTRODUCTION Heatherwood School owns ...»
  46. «Title: Impact Assessment (IA) A MINIMUM UNIT PRICE FOR ALCOHOL Date: 1 November 2012 IA No: HO Stage: Consultation Lead department or agency: Source of ...»
  47. «Contents Background Why a Toolkit? Development of This Toolkit Informed Consent, HIPAA Authorization, and Adult Health Literacy How To Improve Informed ...»
  48. «Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2013, 14, 1069-1079; doi:10.3390/ijms14011069 OPEN ACCESS International Journal of Molecular Sciences ISSN 1422-0067 ...»
  49. «* Stantec Consulting Ltd., 905 Waverly Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 5P4 (email: bartek.puchajda@stantec.com) ** University of Manitoba, Department of Civil ...»
  50. «INEE Coordinator for Minimum Standards and Network Tools c/o UNICEF - Education Section, 7th floor 3 United Nations Plaza New York, NY 10017 USA ...»
  51. «Dental Health Services Victoria is the state's leading public oral health agency, promoting oral health, purchasing services and providing care to ...»
  52. «S U S A N L . I V E Y, R I C H A R D S C H E F F L E R , and JAMES L. ZAZZALI University of California, Berkeley he current U.S. mental health workforce T ...»
  53. «Lao People’s Democratic Republic Health System Review Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies Health Systems in Transition Vol. 4 No. 1 ...»
  54. «Didier Bertrand, Ph D Cultural Psychology Dr Chantharavady Choulamany, Psychiatrist, Mahosot Hospital, Vientiane Vientiane, December 2002 Many thanks to ...»
  55. «Merete Blixenkrone-Møller PERSONAL INFORMATION WORK EXPERIENCE Senior scientific officer, Denmark (since 2011) 2011–Present Danish Health & Medicines ...»
  56. «ACCREDITATION Midland College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1866 Southern Lane, ...»
  57. «Policy 2015 The following is non-statutory advice jointly produced by the Department for Education (DfE), the Department for Transport (DfT) and the ...»
  58. «MINIBUS Further information is available at www.cardiffstudents.com CONTENTS 3 Booking, Collection and Passengers 4 Minibus Safety 5 Minibus Checks 6 ...»
  59. «Minibus Policy and Procedures Addition to the St. Aubyn’s School health & safety policy. Policy As in other matters, the School has a general duty of ...»
  60. «Health & Safety Policies School Minibus Policy and Procedures Aims The School minibuses are to be used for educational, cultural, spiritual and social ...»
  61. «Montane Heath and Thicket of the South West Botanical Province, above approximately 900 m above sea level (Eastern Stirling Range Montane Heath and ...»
  62. «MONTANE MALLEE THICKET OF THE STIRLING RANGE INTERIM RECOVERY PLAN (Mallee-heath and mallee-thicket community on mid to upper slopes of Stirling Range ...»
  63. «BACKGROUND This report describes key findings from MULTILINKS (http://www.multilinksproject.eu/), a programme of research funded through the Seventh ...»
  64. «Notice 2012-31 I. PURPOSE AND OVERVIEW This notice describes and requests comments on several possible approaches to determining whether health coverage ...»
  65. «Sequence of human adenosine deaminase cDNA including the coding region and a small intron Dan A.Wiginton, Gwendolyn S.Adrian and John J.Hutton* Department ...»
  66. «W E L C O M E TO O U R S U M M E R 2 0 1 5 N E W S L E T T E R Inside this issue: Surgery Signposters are coming to Gosport! Contact details 2 Surgery ...»
  67. «What if I need birth control for more than 3 years? The NEXPLANON implant must be removed after 3 years. Your healthcare provider can insert a new implant ...»
  69. «Prepared for the ALS Society of Quebec by Christina Manganaro, Dt.P., dietitian-nutritionist Introduction This nutritional toolkit was prepared for the ...»
  70. «ICLS Occasional Paper Series: Paper No.1. Minimum Income for Healthy Living (MIHL) JN Morris, Professor Emeritus, London School of Hygiene and Tropical ...»
  71. «Pesticide Protocol Nov 2010 Overview: Governing Statutes: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the use, storage and disposal of pesticides ...»
  72. «ANNUAL REPORT PROJECT YEAR 4, FY 2008 OCTOBER 1, 2007 TO SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 This report was produced for review by the United States Agency for ...»
  73. «Young people’s help-seeking for mental health problems Debra Rickwood1, Frank P. Deane2,3, Coralie J. Wilson3,4 and Joseph Ciarrochi2,3 1. School of ...»
  74. « WHO Library Cataloguing in Publication Data People at the Centre of Health Care: Harmonizing mind and body, people and systems. 1. Patient-centred care. ...»
  75. «The Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Research Foundation The PEP Program: Prevent injury and Enhance Performance This prevention program ...»
  76. «AgnesiAn HeAltHCAre is sponsored by tHe CongregAtion of sisters of st. Agnes Table of Contents Important Message My Information What is Anticoagulation ...»
  77. «Acknowledgements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Overview and Objectives . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...»
  79. «The Validation of Visual Analogue Scales as Ratio Scale Measures for Chronic and Experimental Pain Donald D. Price, Patricia A. McGrath *,I, Amir Rafii ...»
  80. «REPORT OF THE December 2015 PRIMARY HEALTH CARE ADVISORY GROUP Primary Health Care Advisory Group Final Report Better Outcomes for People with Chronic and ...»
  81. «SCHO0307BMKQ-E-P The Environment Agency is the leading public body protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. It’s our job to make ...»
  82. «SCHO0307BMKT-E-P The Environment Agency is the leading public body protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. It’s our job to make ...»
  83. «-1National recovery plan for the “Semi-evergreen vine thickets of the Brigalow Belt (North and South) and Nandewar Bioregions” ecological community ...»
  84. «Supporting people with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition Service ...»
  85. «Sjögren’s Syndrome National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) National Institutes of Health Public Health Service ...»
  86. «SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES (in alphabetical order) Michael Billig Chief Executive Officer Experien Group, LLC Mike co-founded Experien Group in 2003 with his ...»
  87. «c Copyright 2009 University of Adelaide, Faculty of Health Sciences Notice: Changes introduced as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing ...»
  88. «Dwaine C. Douglas * Island Publishing House Tavernier, Florida TABLE OF CONTENTS ...»
  89. «MANAGEMENT OF RETURNED ASSETS: POLICY CONSIDERATIONS Stolen Asset Recovery Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR) Initiative Stolen Asset Recovery Management of ...»
  90. «Authors Judith Hibbard Helen Gilburt May 2014 Supporting people to manage their health Contents 1 Key messages 3 2 Introduction 5 3 An overview of patient ...»
  91. «Figure 1. Location of the pharynx, esophagus, and stomach in the body. Clinical Specialties A large (and somewhat bewildering) number of clinical ...»
  92. «Legal Authorities In 1992, amendments to the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA) authorized the establishment of TECs to serve each Indian Health ...»
  93. «The Mystery Of Causticum John Morgan M.R.Pharm.S John Morgan has been a homoeopathic pharmacist for 18 years and founded Helios Pharmacy in 1986. He has ...»
  94. «Photo by Jim Rorabaugh Including the English translation of the PACE, published by Mexico’s National Commission of Protected Areas (CONANP) 2009 U.S. ...»
  95. «Instructions for use 博 士 論 文 Fatigue resistance to experimental contraction in human craniofacial muscle groups ...»
  96. «An advanced thickener for people suffering from dysphagia The Power of Nutrition The Power of Nutrition Solutions to help manage your dysphagia. Mealtime ...»
  97. «Title Unplug – Don’t Drug: An alternative approach to child behavior disorder assessment and treatment Running Head Reviewing the impact of technology ...»
  98. «Voices of the Marginalized: Persons with Disabilities, Older People, People with Mental Health Issues Emma Cain, Consultant emma.g.cain@gmail.com Editors: ...»
  99. «Recent Research Opportunities in the General Surgery Residency Program See the Surgery department’s research websites: Trauma Research Website ...»
  100. «For more information on Radiation Therapy, please watch our patient education videos at www.whattoexpectrt.theprincessmargaret.ca. These videos offer a ...»
  101. «Read this pamphlet to learn about: • The main steps in planning radiation treatment • How to manage common side effects • ...»
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