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Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library

    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library.

  1. «Daniel R. Woods Rereading the Classics, an Ecofeminist interpretation AMERICAN@ ISSN:1695-7814 Vol. I. Issue 1 Rereading the classics, an Ecofeminist ...»
  2. «Heading Toward An EMP Catastrophe* Ambassador R. James Woolsey Chairman, Foundation for Defense of Democracies Former Director of Central Intelligence ...»
  4. «Workforce reshaping operations handbook A Guide for Agency Management and Human Resource Offices July 2009 Table of Contents Purpose of the Workforce ...»
  5. «Third Sector Research Centre Working Paper 110 Putting evaluations to use: from measuring to endorsing social value Malin Arvidson and Helen Kara October ...»
  6. «                  Mortgage Reform under the Dodd-Frank Act Mark A. Calabria January 27, 2014 Cato Institute, 1000 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., ...»
  7. «Stewart West February 2012 Copyright © Stewart West, February 2012 Disclaimer: The author and editor have made all reasonable efforts to trace copyright ...»
  8. «An upbringing to violence? Identifying the likelihood of violent crime among the 1966 birth cohort in Denmark Mogens Nygaard Christoffersen Brian Francis ...»
  9. «Working Paper Series No 2 Report Completion: September 2007 STATE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN BANGLADESH Analysis of Public Limited CompaniesFinancial, ...»
  10. «What we talk about when we talk about saving: Concepts and measures of household saving and their application to South Africa Anna Orthofer ERSA working ...»
  11. «Explaining Variations in Client Extra Costs between Software Projects Offshored to India Jens Dibbern, Jessica Winkler, Armin Heinzl Please cite as: ...»
  12. «Proceedings of the Workshop on Mini-grid development for livelihood generation OASYS SOUTH ASIA Workshop January 3, 2014 Proceedings of the Workshop on ...»
  13. «The Impact of Rewards Programs on Employee Engagement research Dow Scott, Ph.D., Loyola University Tom McMullen, Hay Group WorldatWork June 2010 Media ...»
  14. «Wowza Streaming Engine™ User's Guide Wowza Streaming Engine: User's Guide Version: 4.6 www.wowza.com Copyright © 2007–2016 Wowza Media Systems™, ...»
  15. «WP-2014-027 User right as a mezzanine capital investment: innovations in infrastructure debt financing Manish K Singh and S. Ramann Indira Gandhi ...»
  16. «WP-2015-017 Reassessing Exchange Rate Overshooting in a Monetary Framework Soumya Suvra Bhadury, Taniya Ghosh Indira Gandhi Institute of Development ...»
  17. «89 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor New York, NY 10003 www.TheEdison.com @EdisonGroupInc 212.367.7400 White Paper Trading Smarter: How GPUs Improve Data Analytics ...»
  18. «WP/03/243 Evolution and Performance of Exchange Rate Regimes Kenneth S. Rogoff, Aasim M. Husain, Ashoka Mody, Robin Brooks, and Nienke Oomes © 2003 ...»
  19. «AN ESTIMATE OF THE MEASUREMENT BIAS IN THE HICP Mark A. Wynne Research Department Working Paper 0509 October 2005 FEDERAL RESERVE BANK DALLAS OF An ...»
  20. «WORKING PAPER NO. 06-7 THE CPI FOR RENTS: A CASE OF UNDERSTATED INFLATION Theodore M. Crone Leonard I. Nakamura Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia ...»
  21. «WP/09/177 Towards a Principal-Agent Based Typology of Risks in Public-Private Partnerships André de Palma, Luc Leruth and Guillaume Prunier © 2009 ...»
  22. «Leonard Nakamura Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia June 23, 2010 Durable Financial Regulation: Monitoring Financial Instruments as a Counterpart to ...»
  23. «Leonard Nakamura Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia October 19, 2010 Durable Financial Regulation: Monitoring Financial Instruments as a Counterpart to ...»
  24. «WP/13/128 The Fiscal and Welfare Impacts of Reforming Fuel Subsidies in India Rahul Anand, David Coady, Adil Mohommad, Vimal Thakoor, and James P. Walsh ...»
  25. «The effect of awareness and November 2013 incentives on tax evasion WP 13/14 Annette Alstadsæter Martin Jacob, WHU – Otto University of Oslo Beisheim ...»
  26. «Wor King Papers Economics Working Papers 2015-25 Liberalization of Birth Control and the Unmarried Share of Births Evidence from Single Mothers in the ...»
  27. «Racial Differences in Transitions to Marriage for Unmarried Mothers November 2016 Gerald Eric Daniels Jr. Howard University Venoo Kakar Anoshua Chaudhuri ...»
  28. «Organizing Venture Capital: The Rise and Demise of American Research & Development Corporation, 1946-1973* by David H. Hsu The Wharton School University ...»
  29. «On Selection Biases in Book-to-Market Based Tests of Asset Pricing Models William J. Breen and Robert A. Korajczyk Northwestern University Revised: July ...»
  30. «Jan Hanousek, Randall K. Filer* December 2002 Abstract The rapidly changing environment of the transition may create special problems for calculation of ...»
  31. «and the Long-Run Size of the Financial Sector: Evidence from Free-Banking America Benjamin Chabot and Charles C. Moul Winter 2013 WP 2013-03 Bank Panics, ...»
  32. «  Working paper  2016‐23  Complexity and the Economics of Climate Change: a Survey and a Look Forward T. Balint ...»
  33. «ISSN 1560-9197 Off-farm and Non-farm Employment: A Perspective on Job Creation in Cambodia Working Paper 26 Sarthi Acharya, Kim Sedara, Chap Sotharith and ...»
  34. «CRESC Working Paper Series Working Paper No. 59 Financial Innovation: Frame, Conjuncture and Bricolage Ewald Engelen, Ismail Erturk, Julie Froud, Adam ...»
  35. «Keywords: Financial crisis, sovereign debt crisis, credit default swaps, investment, employment Corresponding author, Boston College, Carroll School of ...»
  36. «CRESC Working Paper Series Working Paper No.94 Misrule of experts? The financial crisis as elite debacle Ewald Engelen, Ismail Erturk, Julie Froud, ...»
  37. «ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 WESTERN PROVINCE CRICKET CLUB 146 Campground Road, Newlands, 7700, Cape Town, South Africa Newlands Office: +27 (0)21 657 3300 • ...»
  38. «Understood Objects in Functional Grammar Daniel García Velasco, University of Oviedo, Spain Carmen Portero Muñoz, University of Córdoba, Spain ...»
  39. «    Drawing about images: textual and non-textual interpretation Daniela Büchler & Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima University of Hertfordshire, UK Mackenzie ...»
  40. «Working Papers www.mmg.mpg.de/workingpapers MMG Working Paper 14-05 ● ISSN 2192-2357 Paul SPoonley, Carina MeareS, robin PeaCe and Trudie Cain The ...»
  41. «PENSION PARTICIPATION, WEALTH, AND INCOME: 1992-2010 Alicia H. Munnell, Wenliang Hou, Anthony Webb, and Yinji Li CRR WP 2016-3 July 2016 Center for ...»
  42. «The classic graphic adventure game Wrath of the Gods is available at www.mythweb.com ISBN 978-0-9821333-0-9 M © 2009 mythweb Introduction By Kim Goeller ...»
  44. «t One Day in the Life of Betani Denisovich t (with apologies to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn) Bethany Allen The sun streamed through the trees of the small ...»
  45. «PREPARING EFFECTIVE ESSAY QUESTIONS A Self-directed Workbook for Educators by Christian M. Reiner Timothy W. Bothell Richard R. Sudweeks Bud Wood ...»
  46. «VTS: Visual Thinking Strategies Writing for Adult Museum Visitors By Philip Yenawine Contents Background Research A Guide to Writing Appendices A. ...»
  47. «Writing up your PhD (Qualitative Research) Independent Study version Tony Lynch English Language Teaching Centre University of Edinburgh © 2014 Contents ...»
  48. «IN ACCORDANCE WITH 2011 WISCONSIN ACT 32 Submitted by the Department of Administration, the Department of Employee Trust Funds, and the Office of State ...»
  49. «Turkish Monosyllabism Revisited Jorge Hankamer, UC Santa Cruz Constraints imposing minimal word sizes (in terms of feet, syllables, or sometimes morae) ...»
  50. «David Irving CHURCHILL’S WAR – The Struggle for Power i Part  of  Chapters – F FOCAL POINT Copyright ©  Parforce (UK) ...»
  51. «APRIL 2014 Focus: Grit This edition of the WSSDA Research Blast covers grit’s role in education and student success. The overview looks at the impact ...»
  52. «Southern Nevada Water Authority Clark, Lincoln, and White Pine Counties Groundwater Development Project Conceptual Plan of Development November 2012 ...»
  53. «God Understands Do you ever feel alone and as if no one in the whole world understands how you feel? Hello, I’m Phil Sanders, and this is a Bible study ...»
  54. «Jesus Understands Have you ever felt misunderstood, believed that no one knows what you’re going through? Hello, I’m Phil Sanders, and this is a Bible ...»
  55. «GINTC Winter Texan Activities 2016 January 2016 Beach Combing 101 Every Saturday in January, 10am – 11:15am, $5 (Galveston Island State Park entry fee) ...»
  56. «Whatcom Weavers Guild Newsletter Weaving in Whatcom since 1971 December Newsletter What a blessed Thanksgiving weekend it was—bright, sunny and cold, ...»
  57. «How To Count To Two: What “Two Factor Authentication” Misses Eugene Shablygin, Sergey Bratus February 9, 2015 . Double, Double Toil and Trouble The ...»
  58. «KAYSERĐ HABER ARŞĐVĐ TEMMUZ 2010 MYO'da büyük heyecan ERÜ'nün en fazla öğrenci kapasitesine sahip okullarından olan Meslek Yüksekokullarının ...»
  59. « Musikstunde mit Katharina Eickhoff Montag, 4. Februar 2013 Das Zeitalter der Angst – Wystan Hugh Auden, Dichter des 20. Jahrhunderts Teil I: Der Ozean ...»
  60. «STILL HOOD: A HOODRAT NOVEL BY K'WAN DOWNLOAD EBOOK : STILL HOOD: A HOODRAT NOVEL BY K'WAN PDF Click link below and free register to download ebook: STILL ...»
  61. «Introduction to Hypothesis Testing I. Terms, Concepts. A. In general, we do not know the true value of population parameters - they must be estimated. ...»
  62. «The Second Home Phenomenon in Haikou, China by Xiaoxiao Wang A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfillment of the thesis requirement for ...»
  64. «URURKA WARBAAHINTA NABADDA & HORUMARINTA SOOMAALIYEED XEERKA ANSHAXA SAXAAFADDA Drafted by: SOMEPED Dec, 2010 Xeerkan Anshaxa Saxaafaddu waa qoraal qabyo ...»
  65. «X-Frame-Options: All about Clickjacking? “How else do X-Frame-Options protect my website” A poem by Frederik Braun (Mozilla) and Mario Heiderich ...»
  66. «Essays on Credit Default Swap Inauguraldissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines Doktors der Wirschaftswissenschaften der Universität ...»
  67. «Example: %xlsx2sas( infilename = /home/alex45/test/demo.xlsx , outdata = work.demo , sheetnumber = 1 , xlsxrows = ALL , xlsxcols = ALL , xlsxlabels = DATA ...»
  68. «RNA NGS Data Analysis Report Project: Differential expression analysis of hoxa1 Customer: Test Company/Institute: Test Date: Monday, January 18, 2016 ...»
  69. «Robert E. Dinnebier & Karen Friese, Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart. FRG Keywords Powder diffraction, single crystal diffraction, ...»
  70. «Testing a Website: Best Practices by Glenn A. Stout Senior Functional Specialist The Revere Group www.reveregroup.com gstout@reveregroup.com August, 2001 ...»
  71. «Youth Accommodation Association Annual Report 2007  The Annual Report of the Youth Accommodation Association Inc for 2006-2007 ABN 20 512 756 029 YOUTH ...»
  72. «Abstract. We offer efficient and practical solutions of Yao’s millionaires’ problem without using any one-way functions. Some of the solutions ...»
  73. «Details of students selected for minority scholarship in Maharashtra for the year 2012-13 DISTRICT NAME YAVATMAL Taluka Name School Name Student Name ARNI ...»
  74. «A SHORT ACCOUNT OF THE MALIGNANT FEVER Lately Prevalent in PHILADELPHIA With a Statement of the PROCEEDINGS That took place on the subject, in different ...»
  75. «CRISIS OVERSTATED? KNOWLEDGE GAPS AND THE AGING WATER WORKFORCE By Steve Yessie A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfilment of the ...»
  76. «In some of the most cynical commentaries on the banality of human passions, Jonathan Swift, utilizing the narrative proxies of Lemuel Gulliver, the ...»
  77. «Copyright by Joshua Seokhyun Yoon ABSTRACT In Luke’s two volumes, Luke is not interested only in Gentiles and those with high social status but also in ...»
  78. «By John Assaraf Your Guide To Becoming A Millionaire How would you like to be a millionaire? It’s really not out of your reach. You may feel like it is. ...»
  79. «Dear Friends and Fellow Seekers, We have to talk. I'm feeling the need something fierce because the problem at hand is critical to us all. I want to talk ...»
  80. «Center for Mark Twain Studies Quarry Farm Weekend Symposium October 7 - 9, 2016 1. Hamilton Hall* 2. Fassett Commons* 3. Cowles Hall* 4. Mark Twain Study* ...»
  81. «Pooka’s Page for Grownups The holidays are such a busy time! So this year, I decided to give our Team the option of taking a break this issue while I ...»
  82. «The Study of Language THIRD EDITION GEORGE YULE 20 Language and culture The Quakers rejected the use of you as a polite form of address, and preferred ...»
  83. «Yaps & Yelps Journal of Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club Inc August September 2008 No 4 Website www.nsdogtraining.org.au Members only page can be ...»
  84. «Ústav jazykové a odborné přípravy Univerzity Karlovy v Praze Dvousemestrální zdokonalovací kurz k výuce češtiny jako cizího jazyka 2010/2011 ...»
  85. «Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, Vol 19 No 3 (2015): 550 - 556 PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS CONTAINING GUAVA SCRUB ...»
  86. «ZAMBIA COUNTRY ACTIVITY REPORT APRIL 2012 For Stakeholders: Country Director, UNDP Country Director, IFC Country Director, AfDB Chief of Protocol, ...»
  87. «South Africa | Taxation Services | 31 March 2015 Tax Alert To the point. Issue 3/2015 Latest tax developments in South Africa and 31 March 2015 beyond ...»
  88. «The Kyoto Protocol: A Review and Perspectives Christoph Böhringer Discussion Paper No. 03-61 The Kyoto Protocol: A Review and Perspectives Christoph ...»
  89. «Discussion Paper No. 04-09 The Birth of German Biotechnology Industry: Did Venture Capital run the Show? Claire Champenois, Dirk Engel and Oliver Heneric ...»
  90. «PRESENTLY: Professor, UGC Centre of Advanced Study, Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia  Islamia since 2006 Director, Centre for Early Childhood ...»
  91. «Movements and Mortality of American White Pelicans Fledged in Three Montana Colonies Prepared for: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Benton Lake National ...»
  92. «Education: 1989-1992: Ph.D. in mathematics, supervised by Prof. Longan Ying, Department of Mathematics, Peking University, Beijing, China. 1988-1989: ...»
  93. «ISSN 1175-5326 (print edition) Zootaxa 1668: 41–46 (2007) ZOOTAXA www.mapress.com/zootaxa/ Copyright © 2007 · Magnolia Press ISSN 1175-5334 (online ...»
  94. «ZoomText Quick Reference Guide version Contents Welcome to ZoomText 10 Focus Enhancements System Requirements Font Enhancements Installing ZoomText ...»
  95. «Duale Ausbildung als betriebliche Strategie der Fachkräftesicherung – Fallstudien zu Motivation und Organisation im internationalen Vergleich ...»
  96. «FORMER SECOND SECTION CASE OF SELAHATTİN DEMİRTAŞ v. TURKEY (Application no. 15028/09) JUDGMENT STRASBOURG 23 June 2015 FINAL 23/09/2015 This judgment ...»
  98. «Johan Galtung P Pluto Press in association with TRANSCEND First published 2004 by Pluto Press 345 Archway Road, London N6 5AA www.plutobooks.com Copyright ...»
  99. «In the early part of the sixteenth century, print culture in England was dominated by the publication of religious texts. In 1588, however, after the ...»
  101. «SAKSDOKUMENTER UTDANNINGSFORBUNDET HEDMARK Her finnes alle saksdokumentene til Årsmøte i Utdanningsforbundet Hedmark. I tillegg er det 15 vedlegg med ...»
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