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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «ABSTRACT Aesthetic value, often viewed as subjective and even trivial compared to other environmental values, is commonly given low priority in policy ...»
  2. «Breakfast on the Hill Parliament Hill, Ottawa Dr. Paul Bramadat Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society University of Victoria 12 March 2009 ...»
  3. «PENITENTIARY POLICY AND SYSTEM IN THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA The report explores to what extent Bulgaria has introduced the European standards in the legal ...»
  4. «Internet Journal of Criminology © 2013 ISSN 2045-6743 (Online) Neoliberalism, Social Harm and The Financial Crisis By Rachel Burton1 Abstract This ...»
  5. «A Theological Approach to Social Reform, Advocacy and Engagement chapter three A Theological Approach to Social Reform, Advocacy and Engagement Andrew ...»
  6. «WP/04/226 Central Bank Governance: A Survey of Boards and Management Tonny Lybek and JoAnne Morris © 2004 International Monetary Fund WP/04/226 IMF ...»
  7. «COAL MINE METHANE IN RUSSIA Capturing the safety and environmental benefits INFORMATION PAPER 2009 December INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY The International ...»
  8. «Dear Customer, Thank you for insuring your home with us. At County Insurance Services, we are determined to provide you with outstanding customer service ...»
  9. «COMPARATIVE POLITICAL STUDIES / May 2000 Walsh / THE SUCCESSES AND FAILURES OF THATCHERITE IDEAS The field of comparative politics has begun to take ...»
  10. «Muthoot Capital ServicesLimited CIN: L67120KL 1994PLC007726 CSR Policy (In compliance of Section 134 and 135 of Companies Act, 2013 and Companies ...»
  11. «“Greek-Gypsy identity and the relationship between GreekGypsies and the state.” The aim of this paper is to explore from an anthropological ...»
  12. «Research Report DFE-RR043 Improving the outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils: final report Anne Wilkin, Chris Derrington, Richard White, Kerry ...»
  13. «n 1896 Moses Thatcher, a highly capable member of the secondI highest ruling body of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was relieved of his ...»
  14. «The National Audit Office’s Value-for-Money Assessment of Transport Investments Discussion Paper 2014 • 12 Geraldine Barker, Grace Beardsley, Annie ...»
  15. «DRAFT REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE POLICY FOR LISTED BUILDINGS WITH THATCH Drafted May 2014 Adopted March 2015 Review date? 1 | Page Draft NSMT Repair and ...»
  16. «Dunleavy, Patrick The state is a multi-system: understanding the oneness and diversity of government Paper Original citation: Dunleavy, Patrick (2014) The ...»
  17. «Greece and Turkey – Thanos Dokos – – Fatih Tayfur EuroMeSCo Papers EuroMeSCo Paper - 28 Greece and Turkey Thanos Dokos Hellenic Foundation for ...»
  18. «Foreign Policy Briefing 47 April 1, 1998 Subtract Unneeded Nuclear Attack Submarines from the Fleet by Ivan Eland Ivan Eland is director of Defense Policy ...»
  19. «The independence of regulatory authorities∗ Fabrizio Gilardi† Martino Maggetti‡ November 29, 2010 Abstract This chapter offers a theoretical and ...»
  20. «Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such material. UWE ...»
  21. «Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Reading Content, process and power: towards an analytical framework for public policy and ...»
  22. «Vol. 5, No. 1, Fall 2007, 108-134 www.ncsu.edu/project/acontracorriente ‘The Eye that Cries’: The Politics of Representing Victims in Contemporary ...»
  23. «                                         ! ∀#  ∃∃ ! % &∋()∗    +  ...»
  24. «Title: Housing strategy for South Australia : green paper / South Australia. Dept. for Families and Communities and South Australia. Dept. of the Premier ...»
  25. «CHAPTER 1 Constitutional Provisions CHAPTER 2 Executive Order 163 CHAPTER 3 Other Laws That Elaborate on CHRP Mandate CHAPTER 4 Supreme Court Decisions ...»
  26. «Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Vol. 31, No. 2, pp. 119–137, 1998 © 1998 The Regents of the University of California. Published by Elsevier ...»
  27. «Penn’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has adopted the following policy to define the responsibilities of the institution, ...»
  28. «Transport Disadvantage in the Australian Metropolis: Towards new concepts and methods Jago Dodson Brendan Gleeson Rick Evans Neil Sipe Urban Research ...»
  29. «International Studies Program Working Paper 07-26 December 2007 Vertical and horizontal reciprocity in a theory of taxpayer compliance Jan Schnellenbach ...»
  30. «Marine Update September 2011 George C Knies IS NAVAL AVIATION CULTURE DEAD? John Lehman, U.S. aval Institute Procedings September 2011 The ...»
  31. «Visiting a loved one inside? A handbook for people visiting a prisoner at an adult correctional facility in Ontario This edition of the handbook was ...»
  32. «Valuing Transit Service Quality Improvements Valuing Transit Service Quality Improvements Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute Abstract This ...»
  33. «POLITICAL SCIENCE 4920: POLITICS IN FILM AND TELEVISION Mondays, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Gateway Film Center House 2 Fall 2014 Professor Vladimir Kogan Office: ...»
  34. «Promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education Overview of education policy developments in ...»
  35. «SOLVING THE SECURITY PUZZLE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AND THE BROADER MIDDLE EAST A conference organized by: The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign ...»
  36. «Two Paths to Politicization Editor's Note: A pair of articles in the Spring 1992 Academic Questions received considerable attention. Printed under the ...»
  37. «Meeting of the OECD Council Réunion du Conseil de l’OCDE at Ministerial Level au niveau des Ministres Paris, 6-7 mai 2014 Paris, 6-7 May 2014 Heads of ...»
  38. «Diaspora Engagement and Policy in Ethiopia Katie Kuschminder, PhD Candidate Maastricht Graduate School of Governance ...»
  39. «Franz Kafka and Libertarian Socialism Michael Löwy Clearly, the work of Franz Kafka cannot be reduced to a political doctrine of any kind. Kafka did not ...»
  40. «Mining 1. Policy and Regulations 1.1 General Information Korea’s domestic natural mineral resources amount to 13.2 billion tons (100 million tons of 13 ...»
  41. «Minutes from the Meeting of the Policy and Planning Board July 28, 1999 CALL TO ORDER Mr. Aubrey Temple, Chairman, called the monthly meeting of the Board ...»
  42. «Chapter One INTRODUCTION This report assesses innovative technologies for detecting antipersonnel mines at close range. The Office of Science and ...»
  43. «Information Resource (http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/youth/nag.pdf) A Series of Information Resources on Youth Subcultures: Understanding Subgroups to ...»
  44. «www.vtpi.org Info@vtpi.org 250-360-1560 Evaluating Active Transport Benefits and Costs Guide to Valuing Walking and Cycling Improvements and Encouragement ...»
  45. «Although Ottoman studies have revolutionized our understanding of the political, legal, and social underpinnings of this sophisticated and long-lasting ...»
  46. «HANDLING POLICY 2 December 2013 Complaint Handling Policy Office of the Valuer General Complaint Handling Policy Contents Document control Document ...»
  47. «Edited by David Palfreyman With contributions from: James Clark, Richard Dawkins, Robin Lane Fox, Richard Mash, Peter Mirfield, James Panton, Roger ...»
  48. «ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common ...»
  49. «Constructivism and the Crisis: Questioning Theory and Rhetorical Distanciation Gabriel Siles-Brügge & Nick Turnbull Politics School of Social Sciences ...»
  50. «Shopper’s Protection for your Myer Card Everything you need to know about Credit Card Insurance Combined Financial Services Guide, Product Disclosure ...»
  51. «Valuing a pandemic: Exploring trade-offs in rational risk reduction* Jamison Pike, David Aadland, Peter Daszak, Jason F. Shogren, and W. Kip Viscusi** 22 ...»
  52. «Communities in the Platinum Minefields POLICY GAP 6 A Review of Platinum Mining in the Bojanala District of the North West Province: A Participatory ...»
  53. «Macroeconomic Policy Reforms, Poverty, - and Nutrition: Analytical Methodologies Per Pinstrup-Andersen editor CORNELL FOOD AND NUTRITION POLICY PROGRAM ...»
  54. «1 (FINAL VERSION) Directorate of Distance Education M.A. Political Science Syllabus, w.e.f. 2014 Following courses of study are prescribed for M.A ...»
  55. «343 NISPAcee The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe PUBLIC POLICY IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE: ...»
  56. «GREEK SECURITY POLICY IN GREEK SECURITY POLICY IN THE 21sstt CENTURY st THE 21 CENTURY Thanos Dokos (ed .) Thanos Dok os (ed ) ELIAMEP Policy Paper No. 9 ...»
  58. «Constructivism and the Crisis: Questioning Theory and Rhetorical Distanciation Gabriel Siles-Brügge & Nick Turnbull Politics School of Social Sciences ...»
  59. «Raccomandazioni GAFI-FATF Standard internazionali per il contrasto del riciclaggio di denaro e del finanziamento del terrorismo e della proliferazione ...»
  60. «People, Place and Policy (2014): 8/1, pp. 65-85. DOI: 10.3351/ppp.0008.0001.0006 Recycled (mis)representations: Gypsies, Travellers or Roma treated as ...»
  61. «FANRPAN POLICIES AND PRACTICES FOR CLIMATE-SMART AGRICULTURE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA A Comparative Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities across 15 ...»
  62. «RELATED PARTY TRANSACTION POLICY MAJESCO LIMITED (Formerly Known As Minefields Computers Limited) (the “Company” or “MCL”), has formulated this ...»
  63. «The purpose of the Marion Control Unit is to control revolutionary attitudes in the prison system and in the society at large. — Ralph Aron, Marion ...»
  64. «ANALYSIS OF THE CAPACITY OF THE HUNGARIAN AVIATION INDUSTRY INTRODUCTORY NOTES With the end of the cold war the ’enemy’ has changed, which was a ...»
  65. «Negotiating the Single European Act: national interests and conventional statecraft in the European Community Andrew Moravcsik The European Community (EC) ...»
  66. «CSU ICSUAM Section 5000 Contracts and Procurement Table of Contents 5000.00 | Contracts and Procurement Policy Introduction 5100.00 | Responsibility and ...»
  67. «Speciale Contents 1. Introduction 2. Introduction to Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan . 5 2.1 Introduction to Margaret Thatcher 2.1.1. Personal ...»
  68. «Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum City Lecture, London Wednesday 25 May 2016 For their help in preparing these remarks I am indebted to ...»
  69. «Social Housing in the UK and US: Evolution, Issues and Prospects Michael E. Stone, Ph.D. Atlantic Fellow in Public Policy Visiting Associate, Centre for ...»
  70. «(FINAL VERSION) Directorate of Distance Education M.A. Political Science Syllabus, w.e.f. 2014 Following courses of study are prescribed for M.A Programme ...»
  71. «Facts In 1995, Transurban successfully bid for the City Link Project to extend Melbourne’s freeway network. The $2 billion City Link Project was the ...»
  72. «Lady Margaret Thatcher: Mr. Ueyama, and all kind friends and members of the Hello Academy. I’m very much aware from my previous visits that you are ...»
  73. «Thatcher’s civilising offensive: The Ridley Plan to decivilise the working class Matt.clement@winchester.ac.uk Introduction The starting point for this ...»
  74. «Thatcher Papers Catalogue of material open for research (March 2004) Andrew Riley Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge 2. © Churchill Archives Centre, ...»
  75. «For guidance on citations see FAQs. c 2010 BECTA Version: Version of Record Link(s) to article on publisher’s website: ...»
  76. «Oxford UnitedHealthcare® Oxford Clinical Policy TRANSCATHETER HEART VALVE PROCEDURES Policy Number: CARDIOLOGY 024.11 T2 Effective Date: January 1, 2017 ...»
  77. «In association with Environmental Futures Limited Valuing Our Natural Environment Final Report NR0103 For Department for Environment, Food and Rural ...»
  78. «PRIVATIZATION AND RENATIONALIZATION IN MALAYSIA: A SURVEY1 Jomo K. S. and Tan Wooi Syn Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s 1983 announcement of ...»
  79. «Forthcoming JOURNAL OF LEGAL ANALYSIS (2009) Many-Minds Arguments in Legal Theory Adrian Vermeule* Many-minds arguments are flooding into legal theory.1 ...»
  80. «Regulatory Impact Statement Valuers Regulation 2010 A Regulation under the Valuers Act 2003 July 2010 Send submissions to: E-mail (preferred): ...»
  81. «Forthcoming in Philosophical Issues The Ordinary Concept of Valuing Joshua Knobe Erica Roedder UNC- Chapel Hill New York University The concept of valuing ...»
  82. «Review of Methodology for Valuing Impacts of New Housing Development Background The Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF) provides, inter alia, investment ...»
  83. «County Thatch Insurance County Policy i Welcome to County Dear Customer, Thank you for insuring your property with us. At County Insurance Services ...»
  84. «County Thatch Insurance County Policy Welcome to County Dear Customer, Thank you for insuring your property with us. At County Insurance Services Limited, ...»
  85. «Accountability as a bureaucratic minefield: lessons from a comparative study1. Abstract The large and growing literature on accountability highlights a ...»
  86. «Executive Summary Value Added Assessment (VAA) has become increasingly popular in the current context of accountability-based educational policy. Because ...»
  87. «WP/06/286 Managing and Controlling Extrabudgetary Funds Richard Allen and Dimitar Radev © 2006 International Monetary Fund WP/06/286 IMF Working Paper ...»
  88. «WP/07/183 The Value-Added Tax: Its Causes and Consequences Michael Keen and Ben Lockwood © 2007 International Monetary Fund WP/07/183 IMF Working Paper ...»
  89. «WP/08/160 A Review of Capital Budgeting Practices Davina F. Jacobs © 2008 International Monetary Fund WP/08/160 IMF Working Paper Fiscal Affairs ...»
  90. «Interim Management Policy for Lands Under Wilderness Review NOTICE OF ACTION Wilderness Study Area (WSA) Name: Bluebell NV-010-027 and Goshute Peak ...»
  91. «Wyoming State Penitentiary Inmate Rule Book INDEX PAGE TOPIC WDOC Policy 3 Inmate Communication Request 3 Prison Rape Elimination Act 3 Code oflnmate ...»
  92. «YOUR FIRST LITTER A CRASH COURSE IN WHELPING by Linda Hazen Lewin So, you've had your bitch bred and the expected puppies constitute your first attempt at ...»
  93. «Yiannis Kitromilides and Thanos Skouras Abstract This paper argues that the critical test whether phenomena of market failure require a separate ...»
  94. «INVOLVING THE PRIVATE SECTOR in the RESOLUTION OF FINANCIAL CRISES—CORPORATE WORKOUTS Prepared by the Policy Development and Review and Legal ...»
  95. «Digital analysis of Van Gogh’s complementary colours Berezhnoy, Igor; Postma, Eric; Herik, Jaap van den IMPORTANT NOTE: You are advised to consult the ...»
  96. «Equitisation and stock-market development Loc, T.D. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are advised to consult the publisher's version (publisher's PDF) if you wish to ...»
  97. «1. The adoption of the 2007 Decision on Bilateral Surveillance was a landmark for the Fund. Unlike its predecessor, which was focused exclusively on ...»
  98. «Research Division, Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau POLICY AND PROGRAM REPORT Financial Institutions and Mortgage Lending April 2016 (Rev. December 2016) ...»
  99. «Executive Summary and Recommendations Nigeria’s Criminal Crude: International Options to Combat the Export of Stolen Oil Christina Katsouris and Aaron ...»
  100. «Evidence From Mexico Stephen D. Morris1 and Joseph L. Klesner2 Abstract The growing empirical literature on political corruption shows trust ...»
  101. «Title IV Federal Financial Assistance: Satisfactory Academic TITLE: Progress Standards EFFECTIVE DATE: August 2014 LAST REVISION: May 2014 Policy No. ...»
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