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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «Approved by a Plenary Session of CSES Collaborators Mexico City, Mexico and the CSES Module 4 Planning Committee On Sunday, June 12, 2011 Page 1    ...»
  2. «Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Reducing excessive variability in banks’ regulatory capital ratios A report to the G20 November 2014 This ...»
  3. «MATTHEW J. MOORE Cal Poly State University The article reports the results of a 2008 national survey of political theorists concerning what and how they ...»
  4. «Building Democratic Institutions in Developing Countries: Poverty, Clientalism, Neopatrimonialism & Political Party Institutionalisation in Nigeria ...»
  5. «P. A. Danaher Central Queensland University, Australia. Abstract This paper responds to one aspect of Abdurrahman Umar’s review (1999) of Beyond the ...»
  7. «Margaret Thatcher, Dress and the Politics of Fashion Abstract This article explores and conceptualises the roles of dress in Margaret Thatcher’s ...»
  8. «THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE: The Future is [1601-1700]Organised Part 2 Reclaiming Self-Organisation Part one of our text, ‘There is No Alternative: THE FUTURE ...»
  9. «What is the relation between the idea of the public sphere and computer-mediated interaction? I argue that the notion of the public sphere is not only ...»
  11. «An Introductory Note: Methodological Assumptions To research any phenomenon one has to find empirical indicators of it. If the research is to be thorough, ...»
  12. «Contract No. VC/2004/0139 Coordinated by the Institute for Regional Innovation and Social Research (IRIS), Tübingen Final Report Volume 2 – Annexes ...»
  13. «United States Senate Committee on Rules & Administration Statement for the Record at the Hearing: “The DISCLOSE Act (S. 2516) and the Need for Expanded ...»
  14. «Physical Security and Antiterrorism Design Guide For DoDEA Educational Facilities TABLE OF CONTENTS Acronyms References 1.0 Purpose 2.0 General 3.0 Policy ...»
  15. «JOE FRANCIS DOERR “Rock” of SageS cleft foR thee: SongS & SonnetS fRom Paul muldoon and coRneliuS eady Paul Muldoon. Word on the Street. New York: ...»
  16. «The information security policy unpacked: A critical study of the content of university policies This item was submitted to Loughborough University's ...»
  17. «Carlo F. Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics DONDENA WORKING PAPERS Legal status and the criminal activity of immigrants Giovanni Mastrobuoni ...»
  18. «And Then There Were Four. How Many (and Which) Measures of Active Labor Market Policy Do We Still Need? Finding a Balance after the Evaluation of the ...»
  19. «DEVELOPMENT POLICY FORUM The global debate on development FINANCING FOR DEVELOPMENT The challenge of implementing SDGs Spring 2015 Media partner With the ...»
  20. «CURRICULUM VITAE ANDREW RASUGU OTACHI RIECHI, PHD (Economics of Education), P.O Box: 8311 - 00100, Nairobi-Kenya, Cell phone: +254-720-849 887, Email: ...»
  21. «Drivers of Thermal Retrofit Decisions – A Survey of German Single- and Two-Family Houses CPI Report Aleksandra Novikova Ferdinand Vieider Karsten ...»
  22. «Case Study Personal and Policy Implications of Whistle-Blowing The Case of Corcoran State Prison MARTINELLA MCDONALD DRYBURGH Abstract Studies that ...»
  23. «ii iii iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The following study was funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) and was undertaken to ...»
  24. «Policy Issues Facing the Market for Credit Derivatives Darrell Duffie 1 Stanford University The financial crisis has prompted calls for revamping the ...»
  25. «This electronic thesis or dissertation has been downloaded from Explore Bristol Research, http://research-information.bristol.ac.uk Author: Adams, ...»
  26. «Date:_ Approved: _ Stanley Hauerwas, Supervisor _ Reinhard Hütter _ Amy Laura Hall _ Paul Griffiths _ James Wetzel Dissertation submitted in partial ...»
  27. «e-Brief C.D. HOWE Institut In stitute Essential Policy Intelligence | Conseils indispensables sur les politiques August 20, 2015 FINANCIAL SERVICES How to ...»
  28. «Why Neuroscience Matters for a Rational Drug Policy, 11.1 MINN. J.L. SCI. & TECH. (forthcoming 2010) WHY NEUROSCIENCE MATTERS FOR RATIONAL DRUG POLICY ...»
  29. «This is an official Northern Trust policy and should not be edited in any way Ear Irrigation Guidelines for Community Nursing Reference Number: ...»
  30. «Vandalism on College Campuses: The Need for More Security May 2010 Author: Victoria Rafferty When a student takes their first steps as a freshman on a ...»
  31. «Fiscal Decentralization and Municipal Governance in Mexico The Case of Chihuahua Prepared for delivery at the 1997 meeting of the Latin American Studies ...»
  32. «Political issues Massoud Barzani says I will meet with parties to resolve region’s issues All Kurdish news agencies nd 2 of January Erbil: In his New ...»
  33. «ABOUT THE AUTHOR Now writing under the pen-name of HARUN YAHYA, Adnan Oktar was born in Ankara in 1956. Having completed his primary and secondary ...»
  34. «Policy Paper The Rahovec-Brussels Express November 25, 2009 This policy paper has been produced with the generous support and initiation of the Kosovar ...»
  35. «Final Report November 2014 Final Report of the Thematic Working Group on Entrepreneurship Education Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction The ...»
  36. «This paper presents analytical, Monte Carlo, and empirical evidence on models for event count data. Event counts are dependent variables that measure the ...»
  37. «Briefing September 2015 An overview of the Trans-European Transport Network SUMMARY Since 2013, the European Union's transport infrastructure policy has ...»
  38. «EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR HYPERTHERMIC ONCOLOGY (ESHO) www.ESHO.info COUNCIL: G.C. van Rhoon (The Netherlands), GJ van Tienhoven (The Netherlands), O. Ott ...»
  39. «Final Report of the Thematic Working Group on Early School Leaving November 2013 This report draws on the work of the Thematic Working Group on 'Early ...»
  40. «Religion in Global Politics1 The world has witnessed a global resurgence of religion. Although there are places in the world in which religious belief and ...»
  41. «ELECTRICITY AND GAS THEFT Martin Fitch and Cosmo Graham Centre for Utility Consumer Law University of Leicester Summary This report draws attention to ...»
  42. «Ethics & Global Politics CRITICAL DEBATE ARTICLE David Miller’s theory of redress and the complexity of colonial injustice Sara Amighetti1 and Alasia ...»
  43. «The Stability and Growth Pact – Theorising a Case in European Integration By Martin Heipertz (European Central Bank) and Amy Verdun (presenter) ...»
  44. «EVALUATION REPORT EV669 August 2006 report DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT DFID, the Department for International Development: leading the ...»
  45. «Advance Access publication March 13, 2006 Political Analysis (2006) 14:268–290 doi:10.1093/pan/mpj009 Explaining Variance; Or, Stuck in a Moment We ...»
  47. «Fabio Fossati (Department of Social and Political Sciences, Dispes, University of Trieste) Models of non democratic regimes after 1989 28th August 2012 ...»
  48. «GEAUGA C OUNTY AGRICULTURAL SO CIETY BUDGET POLICY Purpose: The purpose of the Budget Policy is to provide adequate financial planning to ensure the ...»
  49. «The Problem of Agency in the Sociology of Youth: Conceptual Problems and Normative Commitments Authors: David Farrugia and Julia Coffey Affiliations: ...»
  50. «Edinburgh Research Explorer Fathers, Sons, Loss, and the Search for the Question Citation for published version: Wyatt, J 2012, 'Fathers, Sons, Loss, and ...»
  52. «Feminist Social Work Theory and Practice Lena Dominelli 0333_771540_preiv.qxd 12/27/01 12:10 PM Page i Feminist Social Work Theory and Practice ...»
  53. «Predicting the impact of central bank communications on financial market investors’ interest rate expectations Andy Moniz1 and Franciska de Jong2,3 ...»
  54. «1. Description Feral Cats Defined A continuum of lifestyles exists between socialized house cats, free roaming, previously socialized or loosely owned ...»
  55. «UNRISD UNITED NATIONS RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Can women act as agents of a democratization of theocracy in Iran? Homa Hoodfar Department ...»
  56. «Financial Regulation Outlook SPECIAL EDITION JANUARY 2016 | REGULATION AND PUBLIC POLICY UNIT From Basel III to The end of the zero Ethics, culture & ...»
  57. «Financial Aid: Policy and Procedures Manual 2014-2015 Last updated by Misty Brindle on 6/21/2013 Sanford School of Public Policy: Financial Aid Policies & ...»
  59. «The World Bank Group Oil, Gas and Mining Policy Division GUIDANCE NOTES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF FINANCIAL SURETY FOR MINE CLOSURE Table of Contents ...»
  60. «POLITICAL CORRUPTION AND CAMPAIGN FINANCING: Brazil's Slow Shift Towards Anti-Corruption Laws David Fleischer Dept. of Political Science University of ...»
  61. « Signing of Adoption and Safe Families Legislation, 1997  CFSR Accountability Systems, 2001  Signing of Chaffee Legislation, 1999  Focus on ...»
  62. «Executive Programme in International Sports Law and Justice III edition - Ravello (Amalfi Coast - Italy) – 19/21 July 2016 Keep Up To Date With The ...»
  63. «Contents INTRODUCTION: How’d He Do That? 1. Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not) 2. Nice to Eat with You: Acts of Communion 3. Nice to Eat ...»
  64. «1 Integrated Planning & Public Works STAFF REPORT Growth Management Title: Flood Plain Mapping Updates for the Laurel/Clair Special Policy Area Report ...»
  65. «Original Article Between bodies and collectivities: Articulating the action of emotion in obesity epidemic discourse Suzanne Frasera,*, JaneMaree Mahera ...»
  66. «93- 116A.02 Separating Variability and Uncertainty in Exposure Assessment: Motivations and Method H. Christopher Frey Center for Energy and Environmental ...»
  67. «LANDMINE POLICY WHITE PAPER On Friday, February 27, 2004, the Administration announced a new United States policy on landmines. This policy is a ...»
  68. «State Neutrality and Controversial Values in On Liberty Gerald F. Gaus I MILL: A “COMPREHENSIVE” DEFENSE OF LIBERAL NEUTRALITY? In an important essay ...»
  69. «The Governance of Clean Development Working Paper Series Governing Clean Development in LDCs: do CDM rules promote renewable energy in Ethiopia? Stephan ...»
  70. «How Autocrats Defend Themselves against Armed Rivals Barbara Geddes Department of Political Science UCLA Los Angeles, California 90095-1472 ...»
  71. «1 IEHC 2006 Helsinki Session 101 Irish neutrality and East-West trade, 1945-55 Till Geiger 1 University of Manchester Introduction Ireland emerged as one ...»
  72. «Gender mainstreaming: Productive tensions in theory and practice Sylvia Walby University of Leeds S.Walby@leeds.ac.uk Contribution to ESRC Gender ...»
  73. «Available online at www.sciencedirect.com Policy and Society 28 (2009) 341–355 www.elsevier.com/locate/polsoc A Lab of Their Own: Genomic sovereignty as ...»
  74. «Abstract: This paper argues that the idea of the kingdom of God in the Hebrew Bible refers to theocracy – the political system in which authority is ...»
  75. «Abstract This study evaluated the extent godfather politics has contributed to instability in Nigeria with a view to preferring solution to the problems ...»
  76. «The views expressed in this paper are those of the author(s) only, and the presence of them, or of links to them, on the IMF website does not imply that ...»
  77. «The Emergent Political: Affective Social Transformation in Two-Spirit, Queer and Trans People of Colour Media Anabel Khoo Power can be invisible, it can ...»
  78. «Globalization, Theocracy and the New Fascism: Taking the Right's Rise to Power Seriously By Carl Davidson www.solidarityeconomy.net Since George W. Bush's ...»
  79. «Barnard College - Diana Center Glicker-Milstein Black Box Theatre Policy and Procedure Guidelines Mission – The Glicker-Milstein Theatre shall function ...»
  80. «ATR/93:1 Same-Sex Marriage and Anglican Theology: A View from the Traditionalists John E. Goldingay, Grant R. LeMarquand, George R. Sumner, Daniel A. ...»
  81. «Theories of Political Development Government 778 Professor Daniel Brumberg Time: T: 6:15-8:30 ICC 212 My Number: 7-2274; My e-mail: ...»
  82. «Chapter 11 of Derek Gregory and Allan Pred (eds), Violent Geographies: fear, terror and political violence (New York: Routledge, in press) Vanishing ...»
  83. «CURRENT POSITION 2011-present Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Education Assistant Professor of Political Science (by courtesy) Peabody College ...»
  84. «Alcoholics Anonymous Preamble Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that ...»
  85. «Cities and public policy: a review paper Future of cities: working paper Foresight, Government Office for Science Cities and public policy: a review paper ...»
  86. «FAO IN EMERGENCIES GUIDANCE NOTE AccountAbility to Affected PoPulAtions kEy MESSAGES FAO is committed to placing accountability to people affected by ...»
  87. «I. OVERVIEW On May 20, 1988, The Regents of the University of California adopted a University of California Policy on Undergraduate Admissions. The Policy ...»
  88. «Curriculum Vitae Personal Born: 1980, Austria Married: 2002, Siripanth Nippita, M.D. Children: 2011, Annan Nippita; 2013, Sonja Nippita Citizenship: ...»
  89. «Climate Change and International Relations Theory: Northeast Asia as a Case Study Dr Benjamin Habib Lecturer in Politics and International Relations La ...»
  90. «Hack and Frack North Korea How Information Campaigns can Liberate the Hermit Kingdom Jieun Baek April 2015 Hack and Frack North Korea How Information ...»
  91. «Public Choice DOI 10.1007/s11127-008-9301-2 Fiscal institutions, fiscal policy and sovereign risk premia in EMU Mark Hallerberg · Guntram B. Wolff ...»
  92. «Channel Four and the rediscovery of old movies on television HALL, Sheldon Available from Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive (SHURA) at: ...»
  93. «Demand Offsets: Water Neutral Development in California Jennifer L. Harder* TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. WATER NEUTRAL: AN OVERVIEW III. A ...»
  94. «Paul Calluzzo* G. Nathan Dong† Rutgers University Columbia University Feburary 28, 2013 ABSTRACT Five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the ...»
  95. «EnterText 1.3 HEATHER NUNN Running Wild: Fictions of Gender and Childhood in Thatcher’s Britain It is eleven years since Margaret Thatcher resigned her ...»
  96. «HELCOM Core Indicator of Biodiversity Red-listed benthic biotopes Red-listed benthic biotopes Authors Johan Näslund, Alexander Darr, Nicklas Wijkmark, ...»
  97. «Political Theologies Political Theologies PUBLIC RELIGIONS IN A POST-SECULAR WORLD Edited by H E N T D E V R I E S and L AW R E N C E E . S U L L I VA N ...»
  98. «Democratization in the Arab World? EMIRS AND PARLIAMENTS IN THE GULF Michael Herb Michael Herb is assistant professor of political science at Georgia ...»
  99. «Nathan Sheets Under Secretary for International Affairs, United States Department of the Treasury Testimony before the House Committee on Financial ...»
  100. «1 Hezbollah's Growing Threat against U.S. National Security Interests in the Middle East Dr. Matthew Levitt Fromer-Wexler Fellow and Director, Stein ...»
  101. «Glacier scientists says he knew data had not been verified | Mail Online Page 1 of 8 Glacier scientist: I knew data hadn't been verified By David Rose ...»
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