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    Abstracts, books, theses. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «J. Expt. Theor. Artif. Intell. 13(2001)42 1 ±429 Why co-occurrence information alone is not su cient to answer subcognitive questions ROBERT M. FRENCH ...»
  2. «Psychology Science, Volume 46, 2004 (4), p. 477 - 513 Formal Modeling in Research on Episodic Memory and Aging JULIA SPANIOL , UTE J. BAYEN Abstract For ...»
  3. «UNCITRAL UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions Supplement on Security Rights in ...»
  4. «Approved Arrangement for 10.3 - Deep burial treatments Requirements Version 3.0 AA for deep burial treatments © Commonwealth of Australia Ownership of ...»
  5. «Examining Psychosocial Challenges Arising in Strata Titled Housing Structured Abstract Purpose The objective of the study is to examine the nature and ...»
  6. «Abstract: Our best universities have forgotten that the reason they exist is to make minds, not careers. It discloses that elite education begets ...»
  7. «01-Hesse-Biber2-4844.qxd 1/5/2006 2:32 PM Page 1 Skirting a Pleated Text De-Disciplining an Academic Life Laurel Richardson F ields of Play: Constructing ...»
  8. «Yes, Georges, I do regard your paper as a gift, and I thank you a lot! But before engaging in a philosophical conversation, with a lot of agreement this ...»
  9. «In “The Don Quixote of Pierre Menard,” Borges uses his technique of reviewing non-existent books to explain Pierre Menard’s fantastic project of ...»
  10. «Brad J. Bushman The Ohio State University & VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Craig A. Anderson Iowa State University Author Notes Brad J. ...»
  11. «Jatin G. Jayswal / International Journal for Research in Vol. 3, Issue:3, May- June 2014 Education (IJRE) ISSN: (P) 2347-5412 ISSN: (O) 2320-091X NAAC: ...»
  12. «Perception of early mother and father behavior in adolescence. A study of age and gender differences in groups of normal and antisocial adolescents Helene ...»
  13. «1. *Dr. Fozia Hameed: (Deferred on 09-05-2016) Will the Minister for Human Rights be pleased to state the steps being taken by the Ministry for developing ...»
  14. «INSTITUTIONEN FÖR PSYKOLOGI Olfactory Memory and Verbal Overshadowing: Experts, Novices and the Effect of Objective Descriptions Kristin Nordin ...»
  16. «by GWENDOLINE P VINGOE SMITH A thesis submitted to The University of Birmingham for the degree of MASTER OF LETTERS Department of English School of ...»
  17. «The International Journal of Indian Psychology ISSN 2348-5396 (e) | ISSN: 2349-3429 (p) Volume 3, Issue 4, No. 65, DIP: 18.01.150/20160304 ISBN: ...»
  18. «In my previous talk I spoke about William Hogarth. Sir Joshua Reynolds was not friendly towards Hogarth. It is true that when he was sixty-five he was ...»
  19. «From: Annals of Theoretical Psychology, Vol. 1,205-223. Edited by Joseph R. Royce and Leendert P. Mos. Plenum Publishing Corporation, 1984. Dispositions ...»
  20. «Love is a Fallacy by Max Shulman http://www.accd.edu/sac/english/gburton/love%20is%20a%20fallacy.htm The writer is noted for his many humorous plays and ...»
  21. «59, 7–49 (1997) BRAIN AND LANGUAGE BL971812 ARTICLE NO. Neuropragmatics: Neuropsychological Constraints on Formal Theories of Dialogue Bruno G. Bara,* ...»
  22. «Approved Arrangement for 2.2 - Agricultural products Requirements Version 4.0 AA for agricultural products © Commonwealth of Australia Ownership of ...»
  23. «The Crouchbank Legend Revisted T.P.J. EDLIN With great interest I read John Ashdown-Hill’s stimulating article on the Lancastrian claim to the throne ...»
  24. «Cognitive Science 29 (2005) 1007–1028 Copyright © 2005 Cognitive Science Society, Inc. All rights reserved. Uncovering the Richness of the Stimulus: ...»
  25. «Satchwell, Candice and Ivanič, Roz Available at http://clok.uclan.ac.uk/7261/ ...»
  26. «An Exploratory Tester’s Notebook Michael Bolton, DevelopSense mb@developsense.com Biography Michael Bolton is the co-author (with senior author James ...»
  27. «UNESCO has designated 2011 as the year of Tagore Nobel prize-winning poet Visionary Indian philosopher. and relevant to the 21st Century A vision of ...»
  28. «H Camp Dance/Kick Series/Pep Rally/ Marching Line Camp Dance – “Release Me” by: Various Artist – Time: 1:59 – The line camp dance is a fun but ...»
  29. «Page 1 of 9 PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES psy?S2°*? OTHER ARTICLES | December 01, 2003 Recent Advances in Telepsychiatry: An Updated Review Jeannine Monnier, ...»
  30. «Children’s Brand Symbolism Understanding: Links to Theory of Mind and Executive Functioning Anna R. McAlister University of Wisconsin–Madison T. ...»
  31. «Learning and Motivation 34 (2003) 1–31 www.elsevier.com/locate/l&m Cue competition as a retrieval deficitq James C. Denniston,a,* Hernan I. Savastano,b ...»
  32. «Towards Systems That Care: A Conceptual Framework based on Motivation, Metacognition and Affect Benedict du Boulay, Human Centred Technology Research ...»
  33. «Psychiatria Polska 2013, tom XLVII, numer 2 strony 213–223 Skuteczność rehabilitacji neuropsychologicznej z wykorzystaniem programów RehaCom u ...»
  34. «Psychology A Level Psychology Unit G543 Exemplar Candidate Work from June 2014 April 2015 www.ocr.org.uk/psychology A LEVEL PSYCHOLOGY G543 EXEMPLAR ...»
  35. «8-1-2002 Leadership and Teamwork in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities Zeynep Aycan Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, zaycan@ku.edu.tr ...»
  36. «Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest Hungary Erschütternd ist der Untergang des Geschlechts. (Shocking is the decline of mankind. Georg Trakl: Heliari) ...»
  39. «1. Introduction The debate between empiricism and nativism goes back to the very beginning of philosophy. More recently, the nature of linguistic ...»
  40. «Sam Houston State University WRITING THE FORENSIC REPORT Numerous psychiatrists and psychologists have contributed to the literature regarding the ...»
  41. «Dragos Roua for a millionaire mindset Miracles are simple. Whenever life gets complicated, that’s a pretty good sign you’re refusing a miracle. 30 ...»
  42. «Christian HEATH*, Paul LUFF*, Gillian NICHOLLS**, Dirk vom LEHN* Textuality and interaction: the collaborative production of news stories The fact is that ...»
  43. «The problem group? Psychological wellbeing of unmarried people living alone in the Republic of Korea Jeong-Hwo Ho This publication is part of the Special ...»
  44. «Journal of Modern Science tom 3/26/2015, s. 323–334 Ethical analysis of the right of persons with intellectual disabilities to sexuality education in ...»
  45. «147 The third language: a recurrent textual. THE THIRD LANGUAGE: A RECURRENT TEXTUAL RESTRICTION IN AUDIOVISUAL TRANSLATION Montse Corrius Gimbert ...»
  46. «The Salvia Divinorum Grower’s Guide by Sociedad para la Preservatiòn de las Plantas del Misterio Spectral Mindustries Box 73401 Davis, CA 95617-3401 ...»
  47. «International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy ISSN: 1577-7057 riptp@ual.es Universidad de Almería España Gómez, Ángel; Morales, J. ...»
  48. «Bond University ePublications@bond Humanities & Social Sciences papers Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 5-1-2010 Selective attention for masked ...»
  49. «The Relationship between Empathy in Children and their Parents A Senior Project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of ...»
  50. «Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Origins of Risk 3. Risk: An Issue for Society, Policy, and the Social Sciences Alike 4. Risk Perception 5. ...»
  51. «Testimony of Darlie Lynn Routier THE COURT: Mrs. Routier, would you 19 mind raising you right hand, please. 21 (Whereupon, the witness 22 was duly sworn ...»
  52. «Approved Arrangement for 7.3 – Biosecurity insectary containment level 3 Requirements Version 3.0 AA for biosecurity insectary containment level 3 © ...»
  53. «Processing polarity items 1 Running head: HOW THE UNGRAMMATICAL INTRUDES ON THE GRAMMATICAL Processing Polarity: How the ungrammatical intrudes on the ...»
  54. «International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology 2012 June, Volume 1 Number 2, 73-80 Emotional intelligence through the Bhagavad-Gita Gayathri, N. ...»
  55. «Born Witne ss 1 Eric Da rto n 85t h Insta ll me nt, 8 /7 /09 9/3 Mis palabras ardientes. I gave at the cradle. Disturbed atmosphere. Mackerel clouds ...»
  56. «Central, epenthetic, unmarked vowels and schwas: A brief outline of some essential differences 193 Central, epenthetic, unmarked vowels and schwas: A ...»
  57. «Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses Adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 21 May 1997. ...»
  58. «Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such material. UWE ...»
  59. «Chapter 2 Measurement as Communication In order to set the stage for understanding communimetrics as a theory of measurement it is important to set the ...»
  60. «FULL TITLE Using Needs Assessments to Understand Continuing Disability in Patients with Enduring Mental Illness. Implications for Considerations of ...»
  61. «TWENTIETH-CENTURY DEFINITIONS OF MENTAL RETARDATION As formal definitions of mental retardation were developed during the first half of the 20th century, ...»
  62. «Education PhD. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010. Minor in Quantitative Psychology. Advisor: ...»
  63. «Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations Done at Vienna on 18 April 1961. Entered into force on 24 April 1964. United Nations, Treaty Series, vol. 500, ...»
  64. «University of Iowa Iowa Research Online Theses and Dissertations A funny thing happened on the way to the maze: incidental learning of irrelevant ...»
  65. «U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet Internet of Things Hearing ...»
  66. «Administrator’s Guide Disclaimer This guide has been validated and reviewed for accuracy. The instructions and descriptions it contains are accurate for ...»
  67. «1 SUBMITTED PAPERS ABSTRACTS (Keynote and Invited Symposia abstracts can be found in the ‘Programme Booklet’) European Society for Philosophy and ...»
  68. «Ways To Be An Ally to Nonmonosexual / Bi People The ideas in this pamphlet were generated during a discussion at a UC Davis Bi Visibility Project group ...»
  69. «Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developing Fusion Web Applications with Oracle Application Development Framework 12c ( E67042-03 August 2016 ...»
  70. «1 Alcohol, Individual, and Environment In the 1970s and 80s when Harvard professor Norman Zinberg MD was doing research on the effects of recreational ...»
  71. «1 Chapter Foreward In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful To praise Hazrat Adeebe Azam Maulana Sayyid Zafar Hasan Sahab Qibla or to write ...»
  72. «True Grit - Association for Psychological Science http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/publications/observer/20. True Grit By Angela Lee ...»
  73. «Why Unguided Learning Does Not Work 1 Running head: WHY UNGUIDED LEARNING DOES NOT WORK Why Unguided Learning Does Not Work: An Analysis of the Failure of ...»
  74. «Full paper for: The 4th International Critical Management Studies Conference Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge July 4-6, 2005 PAPER F ...»
  75. «Introduction Readers of Apuleius have long recognized the influence of Plato’s Phaedrus (along with other Platonic works) on his Metamorphoses, ...»
  76. «Professor Renos K Papadopoulos Renos K Papadopoulos, PhD, is professor at the University of Essex, consultant clinical psychologist at the Tavistock ...»
  77. «Popcorn and Circus: Gladiator and the Spectacle of Virtue AMELIA ARENAS Like many people of my generation, I owe my classical education to CinemaScope. I ...»
  78. «Abstract It is becoming feasible and practical to monitor the generic computer usage of students for extended periods, recording low level actions such as ...»
  79. «As a Man Thinketh by James Allen Foreword This little volume (the result of meditation and experience) is not intended as an exhaustive treatise on the ...»
  80. «The Presentation of Avatars in Second Life: Self and Interaction in Social Virtual Spaces Simon Gottschalk University of Nevada, Las Vegas What do ...»
  81. «Chapter Seven Psychic Greeting A lot has been written about psychic attack. I prefer to call it psychic greeting, since the shift in attitude is the key ...»
  82. «The Purposeful Primitive By Marty Gallagher Epilogue EPILOGUE The Purposefully Primitive Manifesto Doing Fewer Things Better Primitive Tools and ...»
  83. «Children as Witnesses in the Family Court Anne Banning Child and Family Psychiatrist New South Wales lthough the author has assessed many children ...»
  84. «Smashwords Edition Copyright 1958 Barbara O’Brien Contents Introduction, by Michael Maccoby Prefatory Note, by L. J. Reyna Schizophrenia: The Demon in ...»
  85. «Jean Barr: Dumbing down intellectual culture Viewpoint Readers who feel that they have something they would like to say, which is not strictly a research ...»
  86. «Women who sexually offend against children: the role of care and compassion in their experiences and their treatment   Amanda Barton 2011 1    ...»
  87. «Fire and Ice Sermon Series http://www.puritansermons.com/ THE MUTUAL DUTIES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES TOWARDS EACH OTHER By Richard Baxter, 1615-1691 ...»
  88. «1 General Remarks The latter stages of the examination were overshadowed by the death of Peter Birks, the first Chairman for the 2004 Examination. His ...»
  89. «1 General Remarks This report begins by paying tribute to the dedication, good-humour and sheer hard graft of those who ensure that the examinations ...»
  90. «I. How concepts are learned We address the question “How do people learn new concepts?” from the perspective of Unified Cognitive Science. By Unified ...»
  91. «CONTENTS The Secret Life of Manic Depression: Everything you need to know about Bipolar Disorder Preface 2 by Stephen Fry Introduction 3 by Richard ...»
  92. «1 in: Derrick de Kerckhove, Kerstin Schmidt, Martina Leeker (Hg.): McLuhan neu lesen. Kritische Analysen zu Medien und Kultur im 21. Jahrhundert. ...»
  93. «Clergy Effectiveness National Survey Results Richard P. DeShon, Ph.D. Michigan State University December 27, 2010 General Board of Higher Education and ...»
  94. «CURRICULUM VITA Rev. Christopher J. Adams, MSMFT, MAT, PhD Identifying Information Address 464 Mariposa Ave. Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Phone (626) 355-4195 ...»
  95. «I had book clubs in mind when I wrote The Possibility of You. Exploring timeless issues that affect women – women of my generation, of my daughter’s ...»
  96. «COGNITION Cognition 75 (2000) 1±28 www.elsevier.com/locate/cognit Metaphoric structuring: understanding time through spatial metaphors Lera Boroditsky* ...»
  97. «A lista még nem végleges, reméljük rövidesen új témákkal bővül Szabadon választható téma. 1. Témavezető: A tanszék bármelyik oktatója. A ...»
  98. «Bringing the World Wide Web into Third World Countries: Integrating Technology Across the Globe Mindy A. Sipe-Haesemeyer Central Missouri State University ...»
  100. «Language Attitudes and Identity in Taiwan by Brian Lee Brubaker Psychology B.A., Goshen College, 1995 Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of Linguistics in ...»
  101. «I. What are we then but fishermen and taxidermists? What do we not receive that isn’t sent by fate in a bulrush basket? It would be a mistake to ...»
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